Greatest Robot Wars Robots Of All Time

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21 Typhoon

People here really seem to underestimate Typhoon, sure their victory against Storm II was close, but I still think they deserved it. This machine is clearly better than Road Block.

One of the most dangerous robots in RW and it destroyed the arena twice

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22 Matilda

Excellent robot which was unlucky when razer destroyed her

It's really sad that razer crushed her.

The first robot I was introduced to.

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23 Dead Metal
24 Gemini

This robot is awesome!

Amazing design

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25 101

An unsung hero of series 3, getting all the way to the semis and holding its own against Hypno-Disc despite overwhelming odds.

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26 Growler
27 Wild Thing

The driving skill of Nick Adam's at the control was pure brilliance. I remember back in the battle with X-Terminator 2 in series 4, Wild Thing got in underneath, did a little twirl to get X-Terminaotr on properly before ramming them against the arena wall, tipping them over and breaking the srimech. That was pure skill. Let's not forget also the amazing battles Wild Thing has given us, namely against Hypno Disc, Prizephita, Chaos 2 (who close were they to putting Chals 2 in that pit? ) the losers Melee with S3 and Spawn Again, just to name a few. Not only that, but the battle with 259 among others showd that simply put, Wild Thing refused to die. Even the underwhelming series 6 incarnation just kept going and in the end, endurance won it. I find Wild Thign so underrated, mainly because it relied more on the control than the weaponry, with the weaponry being rather weak. Either way, Wild Thing was a brilliant machine, and did I mention that it always looked beautiful?

28 Mr. Psycho

He is a house robot but he is huge look at him compard to chaos 2 massive he is I would love to see him fight againts razor

My favorite house robot by far and he was invicible until he was flipped oer by firestorm

29 Sgt. Bash
30 G.B.H. 2

I thought they should've gone through in their heat!

31 Diotoir

Diotoir is obviously the best bot.

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33 Mortis

The father of the axe/lifter robots. Mortis was a very advanced robot in its time (Sr3 and 4 period). Allegedly the most expensive robot ever participated in Robot Wars at one point.

Best armour best weapons! Don't think razer would of penetrated the armour of mortis! The only flaw was the driver rob knight

34 Pitbull Pitbull
35 Kat 3
36 Shunt
37 S3

S3 definitely deserves a spot in this list. Stunned us in series 5 with its awesome vertical spinning disc and unorthodox design. Its sheer destructive power caused several robots in Sr5 and 6 all sorts of problems. Shame that it had a weak armour though.

38 King Buxton Powerworks
39 Bulldog Breed
40 Spawn Again

Spawn again is an amazing flipper and just suffered technical difficulties at unfortunate times I mean it can lift a car

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