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1 Forrest Gump

Surely the best movie of Tom Hanks.
"Life is a box of chocolates.. you never know what u gona get" - redgedawson

I love his stupidity
like "u are my girl"
"he's got a daddy named forest too"

Run forrest run to the top of the list

Best movie ever. Funny and sad at the same. Just perfect. Tom Hanks my favorite actor of all time and he is the best. He can do any act you ask him and he will do it perfect. This movie is a masterpiece. Love everything about it. - awssteelers

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2 Saving Private Ryan

There is absolutely no other! His performance is pretty good but the movie is so much better than any Tom Hanks movie! It does rival Forrest Gump though

saw forrest gump ans thought it was great, saw saving private ryan and I was speechless - anthonybecerra831

so realistic. best war movie eva - doodie-dude25

Forrest Gump is great, but not as great as this masterpiece!

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3 The Green Mile

the standards of this film is MILES ahead of the rest. a very emotional story with fantastic acting

No other words to describe this movie other than 'simply stunning'. Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan provide an incredible double act that will almost certainly strike your emotions and reduce you to tears. Along with The Shawshank Redemption, it is the best film I've ever witnessed.

This is absolutely the most Powerfully driven movie of all time. It is devastating when John and Paul Edgecomb both know it wasn't him that killed the girls but John still has to die. Otherwise still an incredible movie. Second best only to Forrest Gump. - Beatlesboy9

Best Tom Hanks movie and best movie ever

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4 Cast Away

This is my favorite film! Let's talk about his acting. He blew me away in terms of his acting. The raw emotion and how he played his part was just amazing. When the plane crashes, it was so shocking and emotional. Also the story kept me interested. My eyes were glued to the screen watching this. Now let's talk about the character development. Tom Hanks was so developed in this movie. A man on a stranded island trying to survive for dear life. But to understand the character development, just watch the movie. It was also really balanced in terms of color. Cinematography means a lot to me. In this movie, there was lush greens, beautiful blues, and bright yellows. Yellow is REALLY prominent like his raft which you will see throughout the movie. If you want a beautiful movie in every way, check out this movie! PLEASE WATCH THIS MOVIE! Everything about it is just breathtaking! - cadencr22

I'm voting for this based on performance.. Still think private ryan is the best film he's ever been in.. But his acting in this film is SO good he's absolutely flawless he alone carries this film the last 30 minutes are so moving its hard to watch.. And what about the burbs not even cracking the top 25? That film is hilarious an underrated comedy in my opinion

I love this kind of things and Im big lost fan - remo333

Simply the best survival movie ever made

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5 Toy Story

This is the sixth best animated movie in my opinion, and Tom hanks nails woody.

Toy Story is a huge part of my childhood. - Ajkloth

Love this movie its awesome tom Hank's is the best actor ever! - steelers1979

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6 Big

It takes an impressive amount of skill to pull off a movie that, honestly, sounds like an awful idea at first, but then turns out to be as great as this, especially the amazing moral dilemma he is faced with at the end, because he loses something either way, if he chose to stay an adult, he'd be leaving his mother and best friend behind, but if he turned back into a kid he'd be leaving his girlfriend behind, what a great plot line, I have a lot of respect for this movie, it's a movie that, by all means, shouldn't have worked, but in the hands of great writers and a fantastic actor, it did

I saw this movie when I was 10 on cable Television. It inspired me then and I wanted to see it again but couldn't because I live in India and you can't just go to store and buy an American movie in those days. About a year ago, I downloaded it, found complete silence and then saw it again. It felt like the last piece of an incomplete puzzle.

I can watch this movie over and over again and never get enough. Its almost sad when he turns small again, he's impossible to let go. He's just spectacular in everything he does. The way he walks, talks, plays, run... His innocence brings out the charm in the movie.

Now this was though between Big and splash but this was funnier and more exciting.

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7 Apollo 13

Not a false note in Hanks' acting... No overwrought response when he realises what the crew of Apollo 13 faces, the odds stacked pretty much against them. He is in complete control, knowing his crew depends on him.

I absolutely loved this movie. I also like how it relates to NASA too! - beatles5

AS good as the original event! You can' do better than that.

One of the best Tom Hanks movies was a a pleasure flying with you

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8 Toy Story 2 V 1 Comment
9 Toy Story 3

Why isn't Toy Story 3 NOT in the top ten? It's higher than The Green Mile and Big on the list for best movies of all time.

Woody never gets old. it should be next to terminal..

10 The Terminal

The thing that made me love his character was at the very end of the movie where, at this point, he's spent several months living in this terminal and gone through great lengths to get out into New York to supposedly fulfill a promise he made to his father, when he finally gets out of the terminal he goes to the location of a jazz band that his dad was a fan of, gets the singer to sign an autograph, and immediately after that, he says "I'm going home" which means he travelled all this way and went through all of that trouble just to do 1 small thing, and to me, dedication like that is something to be admired, and it really shows how much he cared for his father

He has shown acting can not only be done by great dialogues. Here, his innocence is his great power. He is really a versatile actor. Salute you Hanks.

The "Terminal" was something that was totally unexpected for me where Tom Hanks is concerned. This is what makes him such a GREAT actor. I loved every bit of it and could watch it time and time again.

That expression at the moment he sees on T.V. that his country has witnessed a coup, it's priceless. What an amazing amazing movie, Hanks never stops mesmerizing you. The innocence of his character is the prize winner here. He's adorable.

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11 Philadelphia

This should have been higher on the list, the acting is the best.

I just re-watched this movie.! Tom played the hell out of that role. Why the heck is this movie so far down on the list?

I'm on love with Andrew Beckett thanks for Tom Hanks's acting...


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12 Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks best film in recent times, absolutely incredible. He gives such a genuine and strong performance with great depth. Captain Phillips is a breathtaking film with tremendous performances and it's full of intensity and excitement. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Definitely deserves to be in the top 5. Great movie! Incredible acting by Tom Hanks. It's a must watch! Gripping story and suspense is there till the very end!

His acting in the last scene was amazing (when he was with the doctor). Tom Hanks is such a fantastic actor

Excelleng acting by Tom Hanks, one of his best.

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13 Catch Me If You Can

Ever loved film whoever once watch this film.
This film should be awarded Oscar.
Just shocked seeing this film on bottom of the list.
How can people forget this movie.

Great accent he have use in this movie

Two of the best actors out there in the same movie, how can't you love it

1. Catch me if You can
2. Road to Perdition
3. The Green Mile
4. Captain Philips
5. Toy Story 2

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14 Road to Perdition

An amazing film on the relation between a father and his son, based on a thrilling plot.

Before this movie I could never picture Tom Hanks as a criminal, or a mobster. But this is just another example of his great acting abilities.

How can this be 14th? An absolutely riveting film and performance. Understated and totally believable.

Just so memorable.

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15 The Polar Express

Polar express is one of my favorite christmas movies of all time
Tom hanks voices 6 characters in this movie - Ajkloth

16 A League of Their Own

Classic Tom Hanks in this movie. The long pissing scene is one that I will never forget.

One of the Best sports movie

The best supportting role of Tom Hanks

17 Bridge of Spies

Excellent adaption of a true story, riveting to watch.

Amazing performance for an amazing film

Hanks is outstanding. Oscar worthy, in my opinion.

This must be in the Top 10 and above The the Vinci Code - jack2244

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18 The Simpsons Movie

He plays a small part in this movie but still good - Ajkloth

19 Turner and Hooch

For me the best ever Tom hanks film

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20 Splash

This early Hanks movie should be a lot higher on the list! So many classic actors here... Eugene Levy, Darryl Hannah and of course John Candy (classic actor and really funny guy) helping to carry the show - it must go down as one of his best!

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