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1 Ocean's Eleven

No doubt the best heist film...

2 Heat

This is the creme de la creme of heist movies. What Michael Mann crafted with the likes of "Thief", he perfected with "Heat". This movie has everything from top to bottom: an intricate story that has many layers, top tier acting from the lead actors as well as the supporting cast, style and beautiful cinematography, and a level of realism not often seen in this genre of movie.

Ocean's Eleven was crap. Why is it number one? And where is Reservoir Dogs on the list? I only chose this because it's close to being as good as Reservoir Dogs, but no quite.

I fell off my chair when I saw ocean's eleven at number one. It has a very commercial feel to it and has no class. Heat on the other hand is a masterpiece.

I can not believe that I am sitting here today, even as a young teenager, and I don't see this as number one this is michael manns masterpiece other than his reacent movie public enemies.. but I mean common people what are five year olds voting this is the hiest of a life time

3 Inception

Though I think Inception is the best movie of all time (and coming from a professional movie critic that's saying a lot), even if I liked other movies more like heat (which is good though nowhere near Inception), I would have to grudgingly admit that Inception is better. The team Cobb assembles is so amazing and interesting, the job itself is the hardest but so cool to see them try to pull off, and it isn't just a heist movie, where most of the other movies on here have no depth or other attributes that make them more interesting than the boring plot that is: Assemble team. Team pull off heist. The end. Inception is so much more than that, so of course it gets my vote for number one.

this is the best movie ever, not just the best heist movie. Also, to answer the "Awful movie with no plot line" comment, everything about it is wrong, and I think that you watched the wrong movie because inception is 2 hours and 28 minutes, not 3 and a half. Either you watched the wrong movie, you had too many pills, or you're a hypocrite

This is the best movie ever. I don't want to say what was so good about it, so that when you watch it you can be just as amazed as I and countless other fans were

bruh... how the hell are oceans eleven and heat ahead of this masterpiece? It has everything you need if you like heist films. Look at the best movies ever list, vote for inception, and read some of the comments for reasons why this is the best

4 Reservoir Dogs

This was the best damn good film I had ever seen at all...
I liked it because I thought this was described how the criminal ways of life actually and how their daily activities in gang... Laugh out loud

WHat is resevoir dogs doing at 11? An absolute MASTERPIECE. The the cinematography the screenwriting the actors.. And who can forget the ear scene.

5 The Real McCoy

A bit unrealistic but still my favorite Heist movie ever. Kim Basinger was gorgeous in it. I love the storyline and the acting was decent

6 The Usual Suspects
7 Heartbreakers

Funny and very entertaining. Sigourney Weaver's performance was fantastic but the whole cast did a great job!

God, I love this movie! Sad I dind't find it many genres but at least here and then it's #5, great! Watch it! It's funny and simply awesome!

Hilarious, especially Sigourney weaver as the Russian woman and the scene in the Russian restaurant was absolutely worth the watch

8 Dog Day Afternoon
9 The Town

This movie was really good and I enjoyed every second it.

It is funny in a way too

This is my second favorite heist film with firestorm and avenged in first and third place

10 The Thomas Crown Affair

Tight plot, superb camera work, excellent acting. A shoddy script begets a shoddy heist and shoddy this is not. Extra point for soundtrack.

Rene Russo and Pierce Brosnan have great chemistry and the hesit scene is really good.

I love this movie. My all time favorite

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11 The Sting
12 The Italian Job

Really A Worth watchable Heist Movie. I have seen it around 5 times so far. The way they plan to rob the place and the tactics they use there are really most awesome scenes in the movie.

Heist Lovers. Check it out yourselves

13 Drive
14 Confidence
15 Entrapment
16 Rififi
17 Snatch

Such a great cast of characters, cinematography, and some great plot twists.

18 Scorched
19 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
20 Ocean's Thirteen
21 Ocean's Twelve
22 Ronin
23 The Killing
24 Charade
25 Bonnie and Clyde
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