Best Guitar Hero: Metallica Songs


The Top Ten

1 One

This song totally rocks and is my best metallica song ever love this song. This song is the ground breaking and potraits the war - abintuladhar

2 Master of Puppets

Good song all the way through

3 For Whom the Bell Tolls
4 All Nightmare Long
5 Fade to Black
6 Enter Sandman
7 The Unforgiven
8 Ace of Spades
9 Fuel
10 Sad But True

Come on! This song is great!

The Contenders

11 Am I Evil?
12 Turn the Page (Bob Seger)
13 Hit the Lights
14 The Boys are Back In Town
15 Whiplash
16 Seek and Destroy
17 Fight Fire With Fire
18 Evil
19 Dyer's Eve
20 War Ensemble
21 Nothing Else Matters
22 Toxicity
23 The Black River
24 Orion
25 Mother of Mercy
26 No Excuses
27 Tuesday's Gone
28 Demon Cleaner
29 The Thing That Should Not Be
30 Beautiful Mourning
31 Battery
32 The Shortest Straw
33 Mercyful Fate
34 The Memory Remains
35 King Nothing
36 Creeping Death
37 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
38 Disposable Heroes
39 Wherever I May Roam
40 Frantic
41 Albatross
42 No Leaf Clover
43 Stacked Actors
44 War Inside My Head
45 Stone Cold Crazy
46 Mommy's Little Monster
47 Armed and Ready
48 Hell Bent for Leather
49 Blood and Thunder
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Top Remixes

1. One
2. Master of Puppets
3. All Nightmare Long
1. One
2. Ace of Spades
3. Fade to Black


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