Top Ten Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Songs

The Top Ten

1 Money for Nothing
2 Losing My Religion
3 Cryin
4 Burn
5 Bohemian Rhapsody

I know how to sing and play this song

6 Bat Country
7 Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

Simply a metal masterpiece.

8 Love Gun
9 Sharp Dressed Man (Live)

Fell over rocking to this one ;) I rock hard!

10 2112

The Contenders

11 Uprising
12 Pour Some Sugar on Me (Live)
13 Psychosocial
14 Feels Like the First Time
15 Paranoid (Live)
16 Calling

I love this song! Why isn't it higher? - Servbot

17 Sudden Death
18 Fortunate Son
19 Aqualung
20 Savior
21 Black Widow of La Porte
22 Fury of the Storm

Who wouldn't love Dragonforce

23 Bleed It Out
24 Seven Nation Army
25 Fascination Street
26 Been Caught Stealing
27 Rockin In the Free World

Brilliant song. My granny is just getting used to it.

28 Chemical Warfare

Really hard but love this song

29 If You Want Peace... Prepare for War
30 The Beast
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