Synyster Gates

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Brian Elwin Haner, Jr., better known by his stage name Synyster Gates or simply Syn, is an American musician, best known for being the lead guitarist and backing vocalist of the band Avenged Sevenfold.


I think a lot of people who voted for bucket head explained stuff that would apply to syn, like that he play jazz rock and country, I do think buckethead is awesome, my top three are syn, Van Halen, then buckethead. See bucket head does a lot of guitaring by himself, and I find it easier to write solos without anybody else, so really bucket has the easiest job. Eddie is one of the greatest guitarists ever, everything that bucket does was most likely invented by eddie. So, finally we come back to syn, the best. I picked syn because of how any solo he does has so much feel that it makes me want to play just like him. He also knows his strengths and a lot of people say that he plays to fast, sweeps to much, or bends to much. Well the only reason he does those three so much is because they are the three things that make him extremely unique and talented, even he can tap and do plenty of other things, he prefers to use the three things that he can put into a song and still keep it true to ...more - syngatesfan

This is Great. Avenged Sevenfold is Great, Synyster Gates is Great, and so is Zacky :) those two are great together. It should definitely be "Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance". Anyways, these guys will always be the best band in every planet. Avenged Sevenfold will live foREVer!

In a few years he will have to be crowned the greatest of all time surely, he's already better than slash in my opinion and once he gets his legendary status that he deserves he will overpass Jimi Hendrix.
His technical ability is insane and the feel he puts into the solos are breath taking.

Obviously this is a tough thing to compare. I am pretty much a fan of every guitarist here. However synyster gates will be the best guitarist of this era! He has blistering fast and amazing solos, perfect accuracy and he also sings pretty damn good. Also he is still pretty young so I'm hoping he will growing into something magnificent!

I think synyster gates is incredible. Basically he is the best metal guitarist that the genre has to offer in the past 10 years. I wouldn't say the best ever, but in the past 10 years he has shown how he can write great riffs, write great lyrics and also show off and shred amazingly too. I've seen comments that speed isn't everything and they are write, but it is what they can do with their guitar and their music personality that can draw us in. Heavily influenced by Dimebag Darrell (who should be higher), it's good to see him go crazy at solos. He'll never replace Dimebag and that's coming from an Avenged Sevenfold fan, but no one will try and be like him, they are just influenced by him like many other guitarists unsurprisingly, but SG has shown the metal world what he can do in such a short amount of time

Synyster Gates... He's actually a really great musician not as good as Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai and more but I think of his generation that he is the best of all. He has done a great work as the lead guitarist of Avenged Sevenfold, his awesome solos make you lose control, his spectacular riffs that you can hear clean every single note he plays. Many people say that he can't be even called a musician because he does better work than the guitarist of the bands they listen to... His accuracy in music is fantastic, Synyster Gates is my idol, Synyster Gates is my hero, Synyster Gates is my God!

I love Slash, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Hendrix. They are all amazing. But I'm a huge Sevenfold fan so I've listened to Sevenfold and Syn a lot more than the other guitarists. I love syn mostly because of his solos, they are so quick and precise and his solos just make every song even more amazing. For example the solo from "Scream". Its amazing how he can play each individual note that quickly. I can tell its bloody hard because he always looks so calm and relaxed on stage when he's playing solos but his really focused and standing still when playing the solo from "Scream". Thanks for the great music Syn!

Well, when I heard first heard him play, I was like, "who is this guy? "
The way he plays caught my attention, and soon after, I became a fan of Synyster Gates. He inspired me to pick up the guitar, and from there on, I kept looking up to him.
He is really good. He plays at such a quick speed, and yet every note of it is clear. He is simply amazing.
And without the doubt, I think he should deserve to be placed as amongst the greatest guitarist of all times.

I've been playing guitar for 27 years now and this kid is absolutely amazing. His style is unique, he manages to write very complex, new, and great sounding solos and licks in every song. Pure talent right here. This is THE perfect example of a guitarist.

Synyster gates' jazz influence is what separates him from many of today's guitarists as well as his predecessors. A good number of past and present guitarists excel in the blues roots of the genre, but his "metalized" take on the jazz form is what gives him his flare. He maintains in being both economical and precise with his notes and retains every bit of feel to really pull of his solos as well as the background harmonies and melodies. The musicality of his caliber is truly a testament to his understanding of music as a complete art form.

While Gates' incredible speed is phenomenal and his solos are unforgettable, I wouldn't say he is number one. Certainly no lower than three though, and certainly better than Slash or Halen. He's barely 30 years old and already an award winning, talented and influential guitar player of modern metal. All this being said, he is by far my favorite guitar player. His music is more touching and emotionally gripping and impressive to me than any other. But being realistic is important and due to that I must say he's number two or three on my list of the greatest of all time.

Synyster gates is an absolute amazing guitarist. He can shred with the best of them. He is evolving with every album. His best aspect is the fact that he does what best accentuates the song. He doesn't just play fast to show his skills. He will play melodic and smooth if need be, on songs like So Far Away and Seize The Day. But then again he is one of the best shredders ever. Songs like Afterlife and Welcome To The Family demonstrate the dizzying dexterity of his hands. His style of playing is very vesitile, he plays slide, country, jazz, fusion, metal, rock, and others. Truly one of the best

Synyster gates is one of the greatest guitarists ever! His solos are amazing... and he makes every one sound so beautiful... have you heard the solos from seize the day? And all things will end? I wont see you tonight? They have so much feel to them... not only is his stuff beautiful... he is an amazing shredder... probably one of the best... his range is amazing... he can play pretty much ever kind of music on guitar... and make each one sound magnificent... he is defiantly one of the greatest guitarists ever!

I love syn he is a great ass guitarist with a lot of talent! And
His solos are so amazing, his fingers move at the speed of lightning
And yet he sounds amazing and so smooth no one could ever match up
To him or be better than him, syn is a god I swear!

What? Slash at 1#? Synyster Gates should be first, listen to afterlife, listen to save me, listen to a little piece of heaven, listen to nightmare and you see that it's a thousand times better than guns and roses. Guns and roses WERE GOOD, they're not so good anymore. please! Listen to the solo and the introduction of aftelife and you will see what I'm talking about: REAL GUITAR!

In my opinion Gates still needs more time before he is considered anywhere higher than 10. With that said, he is one of the most complete guitar players there is. I once watched a video where he was sitting down with some kids who were playing rhythm for him. He played some of the bluesiest, sweetest, soulful, leads I've ever heard. He's not just fast. He is extremely talented and also very humble if you ever hear some of his interviews. Every body on this list makes a good case. But I do think some are only here cause they were ahead of their time.

I love Syn!.. He's been my inspiration to guitaring.. My first song that I listened to ( unholy confession).. After watching their live shows and other official videos I totally became inspired seeing him driving his guitar like a formula 1 racer.. With blistering speed.. I totally could'nt stop listening to their songs.. I would really thank A7X.. If I possibly could. For making me a guitarist.. I have seen and learn that in every song they use different techniques I mean.. Not literally all their songs but like "Bat country" alternate pick is mostly used.. "Nightmare" divebombs and many more.. And I would like to say that if one would listen to all their songs it would possibly mean that you would surely master all the guitar techniques one day. And I'm hopping that I will one day surely be like syn!..

Synsyter Gates is ana amazing guitar player. He definitely deserves #1 and I don't think slash does. Synsyter puts a whole bunch of effort and passion into his guitar playing. If you listen to his guitar playing in songs like Afterlife, Beast and the Harlot, and many others he's amazing even without playing a solo (which he does anyway). All in all, Syn definitely is the #1 best Guitarist

By the way, does anybody notice that two members of the same band were on this list of top ten best at their instrument?

Synyster is great buboast as great as people like Kirk hamett and Eddie Van Halen! However he still deserves top5... He shreds like lightning but his emotion in the other solos are amazing. But this list is... Awful. The great dimebag lower than 30 seconds to mars guitarist? Eddie Van Halen not in the top5? Slash number 2? He is good but there are at least ten better! And who's tariqh? And hide? And where's Santana!?!

Syn is the greatest for me. Probably cause he's my idol and one of the reasons why I started playing guitar. He's brilliant. Each solo he writes is out of this world. And each solo fits the song he plays it in perfectly. And it's not that all his guitar solos are just notes or scales played really fast, they're melodic and memorable. And being able to listen to each and every note he plays at amazing speeds, that's what Syn delivers.

For me he is the only shredder in a band that creates memorable solos. Just listen to afterlife which is 110bpm on 32nd notes and that is one of the best solos I've ever heard and loved which is weird since I'm not that much of a big fan of shredding but synyster gates just has something different. Maybe its his jazz heritage that sets him apart, listen to his solo in his master class its great. damn clean player as well, I love his tone although some people hate it. synyster is creative, technically good, very soulfull, believe it or not he is actually a very soulful player when you listen to some of his solos, especially in so far away, so sad, for the REV :( well anyways he's great.
But still why isn't David GILMOUR on the bloody top of the list! Out of all the guitarists he's the only one that can grab my soul and take me to an alien place where there is only me, his guitar and peace. their new album coming out!

Synyster gates is one of the best guitar player in heavy metal today he did some of the best solos in songs like after life, Almost Easy, Bat Country, Beast And The Harlot, so far away and more plus some of the best live solos and he wrote the song so far away for there fallen bother jimmy the rev the best drummer in heavy metal ever because jimmy was not just a drummer in the band he was there bother

He is a very amazing guitarist of the whole world, I am his big fan because he is my idol and inspiration of all best guitarist in the list because of his looks and on the way he plays the guitar that can make the girls easily fall in love with him. I prefer him to be at least at 2nd place or even 1st place on the list because of his achievements of being one of the best and greatest guitarists of the whole world at his young age, and I'm pretty sure when he reach the ages of 40's to 50's he would be a LEGEND next to Hendrix. Synyster Gates is the best guitarist for me at age of 30's.

A truly amazing guitar player, his metal solos are highly molded with gypsy jazz, the next album after waking the fallen remastered will hopefully be more like nightmare and waking the fallen in terms of style, but with the added soloing flare he had in hail to the king... he's not even at his peak in guitar and he's only 30, hell he's better then hammett slash, Van Halen and even dime however I believe it's a tie

Easily my favorite guitarist of all time. People like Slash and Kirk Hammett are highly overrated and even though they are legendary guitarists, I feel that Syn just owns them. He can play anything either of them could play, and I doubt either of them could play the solo to Afterlife. His divebombs are spectacular and his sweep picking is mastered.