Hardest Two-Player Turn-Based Strategy Board Games to Master

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1 Go

5 minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. It might not be as well known in the western world as the other games on this list but it is far and above in its own realm of complexity and depth. Most people think Chess is the king of board games but Go has been around much, much longer and is more wide spread. At one point it was considered a game of chance because the true depth of this wonderful and beautiful game couldn't be comprehended.

Originated in China, spreads to Japan and Korean, and the rest of the world. Simple to play; extremely hard to master. A person can simply win in as few moves as 7 or last as long as 8 hours to finish.

The rules seem simple. But I've played this game many times over, done a good amount of research, and I'm still struggling. Extremely difficult.

There's no way a chess player will be thinking more than a Go player and if the pro Go players learn to play chess, they will be the champions

2 Chess

With more possibilities in a single game than atoms in the universe, I believe chess to be the hardest game ever. Go playing computers have not reached the elite level of play because no serious work is being done on the game. Checkers has already been solved by computers.

There have been thousands of book written on how to be a great chess player, and, even today, we are still coming out with new aspects of strategy and tactical play that those before us never thought of. This is truly a very hard board game to "master."

Probably the most famous strategy game. Mass amounts of nerds; somewhat easy to understand, and hard to master.

In 3 moves nearly 200,000 different possible positions

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3 Checkers (English Draughts)

A simple to understand board game; how to master? Don't be the first to attack.

4 Chinese Chess

Tactical-style gameplay. Each piece have weird movements and their own sets of rules for offense, thus making it hard.

Xiangqi is very similar to the Western world's version of chess with few but noticeable differences. This is one that deserves to be third on this list.

5 Reversi

If you consume too many pieces; you lose. If you fail to race for the corners; you lose. Simple as that. Your opponents won't let you get the corners no matter what, deal with it.

6 Shogi

This is far more complex than chess, as pieces that are captured return to the game. Also, most pieces promote to completely different units.

Shogi is mathematically proven to be the most complex chess-like game in the world.

It's clear that it is not a easy game since every piece can promote except the king and gold general

7 Stratego

Gotta have a good memory, gotta be good with strategies and you're set.

A strategy game like chess but with vastly more pieces and worst of all, they all are cloaked until they attack! which one is bomb? which one is spy? how am I supposed to find the flag?!

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8 Risk

It's a board game. It takes long to complete (even with two players). Luck dependence makes it especially hard.

9 Tic-Tac-Toe

ZOMFG. Gotta be god to actually win a game against a true pro since both players can force a draw right away.

Who doesn't like Tic-Tac-Toe? Seriously, who doesn't? I DARE YOU TO NAME ONE PERSON WHO DOESN'T LIKE TIC-TAC-TOE!

10 Gomoku

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11 Backgammon

Challenging game yet really fun addicting

Gotta take advantage of probability.

12 Renju
13 Clue
14 Scrabble
15 Hasami Shogi

It is really easy to learn how to play, but good luck winning. I can tell you I have never won a game of this. One of the easiest games to learn, but it kicks in when you start to actually play.

16 Summoner Wars

Easy to learn with just the right amount of luck, but the better player will almost always win.

17 Connect Four
18 Arimaa

You can learn the rules in 5 minutes but take years to master. It has very simple rules that make very challenging games.Its rules are so easy a 4 yr old could learn it.It was made to show humans can still dominate computers. it has more moves in a game than chess, for example, chess has 1 with 123 zeroes games possible while arimaa has 1 with 402 zeroes games possible. if every game possible was an atom, we would need 6 universes for every game of arimaa.

19 KillerBunnies

Hard game to learn many rules

20 M, N, K Game

A whole world of games

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