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1 Pokemon: FireRed Version

Fire red is a piece of crap compared to emerald!

This game can keep you up for days love it!

Gen 1 has been improved upon a lot ut combine kanto with gen 3 and you get one of the best games gamefreak ahs eve rmade!

2 Metroid Fusion

It's a fantastic game for the GameBoy Advance. I've played through it several times.

The only reason I'm getting a GBA is because this game. Its amazing.

This and Zero Mission are reasons enough to get a GBA.

3 Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Can't believ eI'm voting agaisnt firered and emerald. I like a link to the past better but never played the game boy advanced version. Never even knew that their was one. This game is amazing the weakest of the Mario and Luigi games but pavedt the road for the rest to build upon it evvery time a new game comes out it combines something knew with the unique gameplay introduced here. THEY HAVE FURY!

This game is an underrated gem that all Mario fans should get. Good gameplay, unique and interesting controls a good enough storyline and a blast to play!

This game is amazing!

Really love this game so much I beat so many I love a lot because one favorite mario Luigi series

4 Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire

Ruby and Sapphire were amazing with the enhanced graphics, amazing storyline, and just generally addicting battles.

Ruby and Sapphire were great games, like all Pokémon games. Can't believe that double battles didn't exist before these games. Metroid Fusion is fun too.

5 The Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap
6 Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
7 Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

This game was a great boom to the Castlevania franchise, not only the gameplay and graphics, but also the soundtracks. Even IGN rated it the second best game on GBA.

Honestly I like this more than Symphony of the Night. That's a testament to this game's quality.

Deserves top 3 in the least. This game is amazing, I would be fine if it was number 1

8 Pokemon: Emerald Version

Way better than FireRed. This game has way more things to do postgame. Wait, you want evidence?
- Catch Mewtwo
- Battle Facility
- Sevii Islands
- Catch legendary dogs

-Catch Groudon
- Catch kyogre
- Catch Regis
-Battle Frontier
- Johto Starter
�" Catch Rayquaza

Side note, rayquaza can be caught just before E4 at level 70, but due to its level and how hard it is to Catch I added it anyway.

Emerald is the greatest Pokemon game barring perhaps ORAS. It should definitely be number 1. Emerald > The Rest.

It was such an addicting game. I have put thousands of hours into this game.

Emerald is the best Pokemon game ever in my opinion. It deserves #1.

9 Mother 3

I haven't played this game until recently and I wasn't the biggest fans of Earthbound Beginnings and Earthbound, but this game is one of the best jrpg experiences of my life.

This is an anazing game that should come world wide. It took me a month for this game to come in the mail but it was worth it. It had good music, good gameplay, and you can run in this game! Mother 3 and Pokémon R/S/E are my favorite GBA games.

Amazing game great visuals and sounds. Awesome cast of characters.

This deserves to be higher, if not the top spot.

10 Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway

Still waiting for sequel

Best racing game

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11 WarioWare: Twisted!
12 Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2
13 Advance Wars

After having it recommended to me for years, I finally gave in and played it. This is a fantastic turn based strategy, I was just a bit turned off by the cartoon visuals until I played it. It's so good it didn't need a sequel.

Crappy FireRed is #1? This should be #1! When I played this, I had no idea how they could fit so much content in a GameBoy Advance. The Field Training, Campaign, VS, Map Design, War Room, everything!

IGN placed it at #4. Its reasonable!

14 Wario Land 4

The game may just be pixels and the music is just beeps, this is the definition of my childhood and I have no idea why it's in the 14 spot.

This game is a legend.

15 Metroid: Zero Mission

Sadly, there's no shortage of easiness either.

The finest example of how to do a remake.

16 Super Mario Bros. 3

This should higher in this list, it is basically a 16 bit version of the one of the best Mario games, super Mario bros 3

17 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The best gba game

18 Sonic Advance
19 Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

The top favorite Nintendo game of me, Kieran Stark (aka The Ultimate Daredevil).

It has so many free spaces, very creative soundtrack, such powerful graphics, extremely badass characters and whatnot.

My favorite kirby game

20 Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
21 Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II
22 Astro Boy: Omega Factor
23 Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury
24 Golden Sun
25 Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
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