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1 The Amazing World Of Gumball or Early Spongebob

I kinda like Gumball (but only as a guilty pleasure), but Early SpongeBob is better. New SpongeBob is worse though.

Probably Early SpongeBob because the episodes were really funny. - Catacorn

I like both shows, but SpongeBob is more clever in my opinion. - Garythesnail


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2 South Park or Family Guy

I love both shows. But I choose South Park as I find myself laughing more at that show. The way they walk... - cosmo

I hate both of them, but I hate South Park more. It's racist, anti-Semitic, and overrated as hell! Pretty much all these questions are dumb though, the only shows on here I KNOW I like are Liv and Maddie and Early SpongeBob. Hence THAT should be a question. In fact, I'm going to add it!

Probably South Park, I like them both, but South Park had more good - Martinglez

South park

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3 Gravity Falls or Regular Show

I know I'll get hate for this, but while I like Gravity Falls, I like Regular Show more. It's one of the few shows that's starred 2 immature idiots as main characters, but still felt hilarious and unique. The recent movie was a breath of fresh air. - Garythesnail

I kinda like Regular Show but it's a TOTAL guilty pleasure. But it still wins. I don't feel like I should like either of them though because they BOTH have reasons to be hated.

I love both of these shows but I'd probably choose regular show because It has more season so I could watch more of it...not that the later seasons are very good but whatever...the list is right this is a tough decision

Gravlity falls

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4 iCarly or Bizaardvark

Even though I don't like either iCarly is way better than Bizdumbvark - cartoonfan101

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5 Lizzie McGuire or Unfabulous
6 The Simpsons or Family Guy

The Simpsons, more family friendly. - PrincessKiana

It depends what mood I'm in. - RalphBob

Simpsons is better on literally every level. - Garythesnail

Family guy

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7 Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide or 100 Things To Do Before High School


8 Gravity Falls or TheFairly Odd Parents

At least I like The Fairly OddParents, although it's kind of a guilty pleasure. But maybe not as much of a guilty pleasure as some shows (like Regular Show or iCarly).

Gravity falls. It's like, better than anything else - AnonymousChick

Gravity Falls, but Fairly OddParents is a classic.

This is hard. (If you mean the newer FOP, then it's not. But if you mean the older episodes, then it I sreally hard.) - 906389

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9 The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy or Invader Zim V 1 Comment
10 Hannah Montana or Victorious V 1 Comment

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11 The Big Bang Theory or Liv And Madie

Oh God, this could not be easier. LIV AND MADDIE! I've never even seen The Big Bang Theory, but my brother Ryan claims it's worse than Sanjay and Craig, so there's NO WAY it can POSSIBLY be better than my FAVORITE SHOW EVER! No matter what show is on here, yes even Early SpongeBob, Liv and Maddie still wins.

Apparently, everybody says I'm exactly like Sheldon Cooper, the main character on The Big Bang Theory. I've never seen it, so I can't base my beliefs off your brother's, but the show can't be that bad. - RockFashionista

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is better than Liv and Maddie in my opinion.

The Big Bang Theory, I haven't watched an episode. I only chose it because I heard it's good and all of Disney Channel's shows that are running still execpt Gravity Falls is crap. - PrincessKiana

Big Bang By FAR! - VideoGamefan5

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12 Girl Meets World or Boy Meets World

Boy meets World 100 stars. Girl meets world 0 stars.

13 Adventure Time or Steven Universe

Adventure Time would win if it was the earlier episodes, but now it's gotten too dramatic and serious. There's not enough of the lighthearted comedy there was anymore, so I have to call it a tie. - Garythesnail

Steven Universe, don't get me wrong but Adventure Time is one of the few shows I can tolerate on Cartoon Network. - PrincessKiana

I really like them both (yes, I know everyone here hates these shows), but I pick adventure time - Martinglez


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14 Sonic X or Pokemon

Both are my childhood, but Pokemon was more important for me. - Martinglez

Pokemon, Sonic X Is Kinda Bland In My Opinion - VideoGamefan5

I choose Pokemon - Matt92647

My favorite video game franchises... But it really depends on which Pokemon.
If it's Black and White, Sonic X
If it's Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Kalos, Pokemon.

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15 Lizzie McGuire or Girl Meets World

It's a tie now. But Girl Meets World is super tolerable for a teenager like me! - Fandomstuck

16 Danny Phantom or American Dragon: Jake Long V 1 Comment
17 Lizzie McGuire or Braceface
18 Danny Phantom or Invader Zim

Danny Phantom. I don't like Invader Zim. At at. Although Danny Phantom is another guilty pleasure. But at least I like it.

My two favorite nick shows but no contest invader Zim is my favorite show of all time

I'd say invader Zim by a hair - Nateawesomeness

Invader Zim - VideoGamefan5

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19 Liv and Maddie or Early SpongeBob SquarePants

This isn't hard at all. SpongeBob. - RalphBob

OK, these are my absolute favorite shows, but Liv and Maddie is the best of them! It's a heartwarming show about best friends who are different. It's just like The Fox and the Hound in that it shows friendship knows no boundaries!

Spongebob, This Is Like Not Hard At All - VideoGamefan5

Early SpongeBob. No contest. - 906389

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20 Every Witch Way or Friends

What does Every Witch Way, a Nickelodeon kid's show, about magic, have to do with Friends, one of the greatest sitcoms, even shows of all time, about a group of friends, and very adultish situations? And by the way, Friends is much better - cbrann10

Friends will ALWAYS be better, Friends was the winner of sitcoms.

I guess probably Friends. - Catacorn

Friends,every witch way is just some crappy dating show - Nateawesomeness

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