Heaviest Metallica Albums


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1 Kill 'Em All

Seek N' Destroy
The Four Horsemen
Jump In The Fire
What is else heavier Metallica has done? - nooreldeen

And you forget to mention the 2 heaviest songs off this album: Metal Militia & Hit the Lights - somekindofaguy

2 ...And Justice For All

It seems people are voting their favorite instead of what they think are the heaviest. Master of Puppets is number one on this list, but it's nowhere near as heavy as...And Justice For All, Ride the Lightning, or Kill 'Em All... and LOAD is above...And Justice For All? Oh, dear.

I have to say I think this their heaviest. The others may have been more raw in the recording and that's why they sound really heavy but this one is the heaviest by far.

Why is this below Load?

Finally above Load!

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3 Ride the Lightning

Master of Puppets? Heavier than Ride the Lightning? That's a joke.

4 Master of Puppets
5 Load
6 St. Anger

This album is heavy as hell - Sabbath

7 Death Magnetic
8 Metallica
9 Reload
10 Garage Inc.

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11 Hardwired... to Self-Destruct
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1. Kill 'Em All
2. Ride the Lightning
3. ...And Justice For All
1. ...And Justice For All
2. Kill 'Em All
3. Master of Puppets
1. Kill 'Em All
2. Master of Puppets
3. Ride the Lightning


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