Most Mysterious Deaths and Murders That Will Probably Remain Unsolved

A list of some of the most brutal and unimaginable killings and murders that has left questions for decades.
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1 Death of Julia Wallace

On 19th of January in the year 1931, at a local cafe where William Wallace attended a chess club, a man called Wallace by phone, giving his name as R. M. Qualtrough. Although Wallace only attended the chess club occasionally, the caller seemed to know he would be there that night, as he left a message for him with the club's captain, requesting him to go to 25 Menlove Gardens East the following night at 7:30pm. Since Wallace worked as an insurance agent, such things weren't particularly unusual. When he got to the area the following evening and tried to find the road, he couldn't find the address. There was a North, a South, and a West Menlove Gardens, but no East. As time passed with no sign of his destination, he eventually gave up and returned home, where he found his wife violently battered to death in the living room.

2 Murder of Laetitia Toureaux

One evening in May 16, 1937, Laetitia Nourrissat Toureaux boarded a metro that left Porte de Charenton station in Paris, and was the only person in first class. Just a minute later, when it stopped at Porte Dorée, three people boarded through the doors on both ends of the carriage. She was still the only person there, but now she was fatally stabbed with a dagger protruding from her neck. Further investigation found that she was leading a double life. By day, she worked in a glue factory under her own name, and at night under another name, she frequented seedy nightclubs and worked as a surveillance and message-delivery specialist for a private detective agency. It was eventually revealed that she was a spy, infiltrating La Cagoule, who it is believed may have discovered this and killed her.

3 Death of Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia)

On 15th of January, in the year 1947, a naked woman was seen lying feet from the sidewalk, whose waist was sliced cleanly in half with not one drop of blood on her. According to FBI records, her body appeared professionally dissected, and one breast was cut off. The woman's name was Elizabeth Short, an aspiring actor who met such a grisly fate. Several dozens of people have claimed to have done the crime, but none of them appeared to be telling the truth, and the case has not been solved since.

4 Death of Isdal Woman

The Isdalen Velley in Norway is also called "Death Valley", for its long reputation of suicides and falling accidents. That name took on a new meaning when a man and his two daughters found a corpse hidden off a hiking trail. Oddly, her body was burned on the front but not at the back, and anything indicating her identity was removed or erased. They then found unclaimed suitcases at Bergen's luggage department, but suspiciously, all the labels on the items inside that could reveal her identity has also been removed. They found out that she used the name Fenella Lorch at a hotel, but learned that it wasn't her actual name. She had been using several names with several passports. Multiple investigators theorized that she may have been a spy, but there was little evidence to back it up. The official conclusion was that her death was a suicide, but many find that hard to believe.

5 Death of JonBenét Ramsey

On the day after Christmas in 1996, JonBenet Ramsey, a beauty pageant winner, was found dead in the basement of her family's Colorado home 8 hours after she was reported missing. She was discovered beaten and strangled, with duct tape placed on her mouth and throat. People have speculated that The Ramseys may have something to do with the crime, and that the whole thing was staged to cover it up, but no one was ever charged in connection with JonBenet's death.

An unusually lengthy ransom note was found at the crime scene, demanding a total of $118,000, which was almost the exact amount of the father's bonus that year, for the return of the six-year old. Not only is it odd that the author knew almost the exact amount of the father's bonus, it's also odd that JonBenet was inside the house despite the fact that the author specifically said that JonBenet's body will not be delivered if they are not paid.

In a twist, the ransom note was written on a notepad and with a pen that belonged to the Ramseys, which indicates it was written inside the house. But it was two and a half pages long, far longer than you would expect from a ransom note of any kind. All of this is really strange, not just because of how unusually long the ransom note is, but also because writing this would've taken a really long time. Considering this was written under the time pressure of actually being inside the house, why would you write such a lengthy note? And why would you stop to write a ransom note in the first place?

Not only that, but another thing strange about all of this is that the kidnapper never called the Ramseys to arrange and get the ransom money. It's very strange for a kidnapper to forget such a thing.

There's a whole lot more unusual things about the case, but I'll end it with here.

6 Death of Natalie Wood

On the evening of Nov. 28, 1981, Natalie Wood was out on a weekend boat trip to Santa Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California, with Wagner and her co-star, Christopher Walken. The following morning, Wood's body was found floating in the water. It was never determined how she entered the water in the first place. The cause of death was ruled an accidental drowning, but an autopsy report revealed that the actress had bruises on her body and arms as well as an abrasion on her left cheek. Was it an accidental drowning or homicide?

7 Assassination of John F. Kennedy John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29th, 1917 - November 22, 1963) commonly referred to by his initials JFK, was an American politician who served as the 35th President of the United States from January 1961 until his assassination. The Cuban Missile Crisis, The Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Nuclear Test Ban... read more

To the general public, it is unsolved.

Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

8 Murder of Lorenzo González Cacho
9 Deaths of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon

The nighttime and missing photo, state of their belongings and remains point to a murder than just an accident.

10 Death in Tamam Shud Case

In December 1, 1948 at 6:40am, a man was found washed ashore on Somerton Beach in Adelaide, Australia. He had nothing to identify him and even the tags on his clothes were removed. Instead, police found bizarre items in the pocket of the man, including a piece of paper that reads "Tamám should", a phrase from an 11th -century book of Persian poems, meaning "The End." No suspects have been named, and it hasn't been solved since.

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11 Death of Günther Stoll (YOGTZE Case)

In the early hours of the morning in 1984, Gunther Stoll was found severely injured in his car. Since he'd been out drinking the previous night, it's possible that it's nothing more than a simple traffic accident. Unfortunately, before he could give an explanation for the accident, he died on the way to hospital. Authorities concluded that he'd been run over before being placed back in his vehicle.
On a scrap of paper, he had written "YOGTZE." It's not a word in any language. Nobody has cracked the code. The day before he died, Stoll declared to his wife, "Now I get it! " before he made the note and left the house.
The case has remained a mystery to this day.

12 Murder of Tupac Shakur
13 Death in Blazing Car Murder

In 1930, Alfred Rouse planned to fake his own death and get out of town. He bludgeoned a man over the head with a mallet and burned the body in his car. Eventually, he was caught and hanged for the crime. However, the identity of his victim was unknown. It was thought that the victim may have been William Thomas Briggs, because he had gone missing on his way to a doctor's appointment around the same time the murder took place. He was similar in appearance to Rouse and would've made an ideal victim for the hoax. But recent DNA evidence didn't match, which raises two questions. Who did Rouse murder and what actually happened to Briggs?

14 Death of Peg Entwistle

This was a suicide, nothing mysterious about it.

15 Death of Vincent Chin
16 Death of Elisa Lam
17 Death of Naya Rivera
18 Death of Kenneka Jenkins
19 Death of Katherine Korzilius

The song August 7, 4:15 is a kind of like tribute song avenging her mysterious death.

20 Death of Marsha P. Johnson
21 Death of Harry Oakes

On the morning of the July 8, 1943, the beaten and partially burnt body of the richest man in the Bahamas, Sir Harry Oakes, was found in his own mansion. He'd been bludgeoned and set afire.

Count Alfred de Marigny, his son-in-law, was arrested and charged shortly afterwards after two detectives brought in by the Duke of Windsor allegedly uncovered the case. Oakes never liked his father-in-law, and he stood to inherit a large fortune if Oakes died. Since it would make sense why he would've done such thing, considering this gave him two motives, and since his fingerprint was found at the crime scene, he was immediately put on trial. When the defense showed that the duke's private detectives had planted the fingerprint to bring an end to the situation as soon as possible, de Marigny was declared innocent. No one else has ever been tried.

22 Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa
23 Case of Rolando Salas Jusino
24 Hinterkaifeck Murders
25 Murder of Peter Ivers
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