Saddest Events In United States History

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1 9/11

Whoever makes jokes about this event are cruel bastards who want to become psychopaths.

Well, Yeah. 3,000 lives were lost because of terrorists destroying the Twin Towers.

My god... this was the saddest. I practically cry even when I think about it.

2 Assassination of John F. Kennedy

JFK was a great President. If he wasn't assassinated, many terrible events would have been prevented.

3 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

He was just watching a play at a theater and then someone killed him because the Confederacy surrendered?

Him and Kennedy may be smart but they're some of the most brainless presidents out there

4 The Iraq War
5 The Great Depression

The roaring 20s is the reason this happened.

6 American Civil War
7 The Vietnam War
8 Slave Trade

It ruined the lives of countless Africans, gave us gruesome stories about the cruelty of the slave-masters, started a war that killed hundreds of thousands of people, made racism a staple of American culture even after it officially ended.

By far the saddest series of events in American history.

Very sad when compared to 9/11 or JFK assassination.

9 Pearl Harbour Bombing
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11 Oklahoma City Bombing

This was sadder than sandy hook sandy hook should not be in the top 10

12 Assassination of Martin Luther King

Martin Luther didn't deserve to die. He was just a person who wanted freedom

13 WWI
14 Sandy Hook Shooting

When I found out about this I was so furious that I destroyed the whole entire house and then burned it down out of anger and then I was grounded for an entire year. So if that shooting didn't even happen, I would have never been grounded for a year. (That story is made up)

Just looking at the pictures of the kids makes me want to cry considering they died being scared, all I can say is I hope they're in a better place now, I'm sad their life was cute short all of a sudden.

Poor kids... I would sacrifice my life to save them and make it out of the school on time.

15 Challenger Disaster (1986)
16 Coronavirus Pandemic (2020)

This should be top 5, the amount of deaths this has caused has been horrifying.

17 The War of 1812
18 The Acquisition of Native American Lands

How can the "Trail of Tears" not be in the top 5? And why on earth are assassinations considered sadder moments than the enslavement of an entire race of people and the death of a half million Americans in the Civil War?

19 Stock Market Crash - 1929

This lead to the start of the Great Depression.

20 2017 Las Vegas Strip Shooting

Can people not compare terrible events. One mass shooting is not "more sad" than others. They are all sad. I get that more people die in one and not the other, but they are all terrible in their own right. I find it kind of offensive to compare these events as if they are TV shows.

Should be higher than Sandy Hook. This was the deadliest shooting in US history.

21 Death of Michael Jackson
22 Hurricane Katrina

Okay that's it sandy hook is so damn overrated seriously how it worst than hurricane Katrina Orlando night club shooting and Virginia tech columbine is worst than sandy hook why you know what they say the original is always the best in this case the original is always the deadliest

23 Kobe Bryant’s Death (2020)
24 2021 Storming of the United States Capitol
25 Columbine Massacre

Why is Sandyhook higher than this? Is it solely because its little kids that makes it somehow sadder? Columbine walked so Sandyhook could run! Adam Lanza had an obsession with Columbine and probably wouldn't have done the Sandyhook shooting if Columbine and the likes of it were never a thing!

This is when two bullied teenagers chose to go on a rampage in their school and kill 13 people but also set bombs in the cafeteria to kill everyone inside the school.

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