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1 World War II World War II

The only war that had nuclear bombings in it. The war with the most casualties in human history. The war involving the most countries in history (All of the Americas, all African states at the time (Liberia and Ethiopia), All countries in the Middle East (except Yemen), all countries in Asia (except Tibet, Bhutan, and Afghanistan), all Oceania countries, and almost all of Europe (exception being the Baltic states, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican, Andorra, Spain, Portugal, Liechtenstein (even though the Japanese invaded their Timor colony))). The most casualties were in the Soviet Union and China. Multiple atrocities were committed during the war, my great grandmothers house was bombed during the Battle of Britain, etc. This war shaped the Cold War, and most of the modern day world.

Roughly 75 million died to kill one man. It broke Europe's economy, even today, and caused China's civil war to end in communism, had two and the only two nuclear strikes, on civilians, and led to a massive tense cold war between the U.S.S. R and the U. S where both opponents could have easily killed everyone on earth and then some, or many. This war broke the world and left deep scars of the bloody past.

I put a lot of research in this war, it's a very iconic war both in history and movie, and media alike. With a lot of civilians death and many men who sacrifice their life to defend their homeland from the Genesis of the Nazi and The Japanese Imperial.

The war that brought both East and West together to fight against Fascism with millions of lives dead only to turn their backs on each other in another conflict (Cold War).

2 World War I World War I

Not sure about death toll, but for sheer horror WWI is definitely worse than WWII. A sampling of the horrors: poison gas, trenches, mortars, bombs, machine guns, tanks, etc. , most of them seen for the first time.

WWII was bad for sure, but it really shaped the way the world is today, further elevating the US, the next generation, and the women's movement, to name a few.

World war one was the deadliest conflict ever it killed 17 million people and it was thought that war to end all wars because the deadly conflict on country's and the allies won.

This war caused Germany's economy to collapse which led to the rise of Hitler and ultimately caused ww2.

It left more than 40 million dead. Germany used poison gas to kill troops. In my opinion that's TORTURE

3 Napoleonic Wars Napoleonic Wars

You mean " invasion of the little corporal".

4 Vietnam War Vietnam War

Everybody was divided in those times. College students everywhere tried protesting, but the coppers stopped them dead in their tracks. Then, the US government began conscripting, and a few of the lucky ones emigrated to the Great White North. If we could turn back time, this war would have never happened. (Also, we would have been more optimistic, and Annie would've been on Broadway - sooner).

A hard-fought war that turn out to be pointless. Sure, the US mission there was to contain communism but the very nation they're backing was corrupt and popular among the people. Fast forward, they lost with a lot of American blood wasted and today "communist" Vietnam is in good terms with the US.

A Pointless war! We shouldn't have been involved!

At the end 'MURICA threw a huge hissy fit because they backedI'm American but this war was stupid.

5 American Civil War American Civil War

This war was bloody but it wasn't bad. I mean, I would prefer not to have any wars but if it's to remove slavery one of the worst things of all time then so be it.

Yes it was! didn't matter how inaccurate muskets were! people had new weapons to mow down the enemy in brutal nasty ways!

"not deadly" yet it's called the bloodiest war in american history and had the most american deaths, a lot of them from diseases, and family members killing each other, and it lead up to the death of abraham lincoln as well. I wouldn't say this is the worst war in world history, but definitely in american history.

Slavery is bad! Get over it!

6 Thirty Years War Thirty Years War

Thirty years of hell and starvation. Completely depopulating huge areas in Germany.
The reasons for the war are complex and alliances shifted constantly.
Started as an internal conflict but soon foreign powers intervened for various reasons. Mostly to expand their own wealth, influence and power.
With Cardinal Richelieu (the bad guy from the three musketeers) being the biggest influence behind the reason why that war escalated that badly and lasted that long.
In the end the only ones that really profitted from the war were France and Sweden.
Sweden became a great power for a while after getting rich from war booty after plundering major German cities.
France became the undisputed hegemon of Europe for the next 200 years since there was no real opposition left on the continent. It would take 150 years until the population of he German states was on the same level as before the war and any centralized institutions de facto stopped existing.

7 Russian Civil War Russian Civil War

The worst European War after WW1&2, Millions were killed, the war had more than 10 Teams, And it happened in 20 Million Kilometers. Can't Find a worse European war (excluding the world wars)

8 Chinese Civil War Chinese Civil War

This war is what turned democratic China into a communism.

9 Iran-Iraq War Iran-Iraq War
10 Hundred Years' War

How could they have a war for a hundred of years? The idiots in the world should've realised that they should've stopped wars after this.

Hundred years of war!

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11 English Civil War
12 War In Afghanistan War In Afghanistan

So, Bush the Tush, you think it's good to blame an entire country for a terrorist attack.

13 American Revolutionary War
14 Trojan War
15 Spanish Civil War
16 Korean War

Any civil war is terrible. Brother on brother should not happen. What makes this the worst is that we are still divided.

17 Emu War

I am Australian and I say that emus are relly deadly they can kill people and can take a few bullets before the die.

18 War in Iraq

When will the human race learn that war is stupid, pointless, barbaric and killing the innocent. I mean look at The Arauco War 1536 to 1818 the longest 282 years.
That hundred years war and the thirty years war.

19 Croatian War for Independence
20 Syrian Civil War Syrian Civil War
21 The Pig War

Worst war ever

22 Bosnian War for Independence
23 Chinese Three Kingdoms war
24 First Chechen War
25 Irish Rebellion of 1798
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