Top 10 Most Shocking Moments in 2020

It's the new decade and it's been really shocking. There have been a lot of crazy things happening. The list details the most shocking moments and it will only continue to grow.
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1 The Rise of the Australian Bushfires

Australia's been on fire in the worst time this year & started last year. more than 1 billion animals & 34 people died. At least 2,779 homes & thousands of more buildings were destroyed & it was all proven that heatwaves from a combination of summer season & man made global warming did contribute, though false posts stated most of the bushfires were manmade, from arson. Yet it's truly horrible what we've done to the world, all affecting what's a beautiful country. It's a horrible day for Australia & the world.

Yes I have already added this to the list of worst events of 2019 I just want to add that even the heat wave that is partly responsible was also made more likely by global warming. After the fires it will no doubt take many years for Australia to recover.

2 Qasem Soleimani's Plans to Target America

The general of Iraq, Qasem Soleimani, planned to target America & kill innocent lives there, therefore causing trouble there & showed us hate's still going on in the world & this declared a battle that ultimately led to his death via airstrikes in Iraq.

3 Death of Qasem Soleimani

In Baghdad, Iraq, The U.S. fired missiles toward its top evil general Qasem Soleimani, ultimately killing him & making america safer. Good riddance to him.

Ironically, the killing of this major terrorist has caused American leftists to side with Iran, and against the United States.

This strengthened tensions between Iran and the USA.

4 Baghdad, Iraq Airstrikes

Killed Qasem Soleimani of Iran and another general from Iraq.

Baghdad was airstruck & dozens were killed including its top general Qasem Soleimani, who wanted to kill Americans

5 Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 Plane Crash in Iran

A Boeing 737 plane from the Ukraine crashed in Iran. It was originally stated to be due to technical difficulties & that the pilot was trying to hurry to the airport, though it was revealed to be shot down by Iran with a missile. An air strike. All 176 people are dead including Maxie, a FNAF YouTuber with 188k subscribers who was on the rise. R.I.P. to everyone there including Maxie.

Not an accidental crash. Now revealed that it was shot down by Iran with a surface to air missile. Nice bunch of guys.

A YouTuber I used to watch died on the plane. On Saturday, Iran admitted responsibility of shooting down the plane. RIP all 176 people.

6 Puerto Rico Earthquake

On January 7th, an earthquake hit Puerto Rico, waking everyone up & knocking out its power grid. It went through it's biggest electrical blackout since Hurricane Maria in 2017 & it took place after a series of tremors including 1 measuring 5.8 that destroyed a natural arch at Punta Ventana in Guayanilla. The magnitude was originally reported to be 6.6, but then downgraded to 6.5 & now is reported 6.4. It literally shocked Puerto Rico & was a wakeup call for the whole island. 1 person so far has died & 8 are wounded, many of those wounded have heart attacks & everyone there lost sleep for days following the earthquake. Yet many structures including at least 800 homes were damaged. This was the most shocking natural event for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

7 Jakarta Flooding

Torrential rainfall hit Jakarta causing flooding that damaged buildings & caused landslides, along with the deaths of 53 people. Hard to believe rain brought danger. R.I.P. to all those people.

8 Orange County FL Club Shooting

The 1st shooting of 2020. 2 were killed in a club in Orange County, Florida. A horrible example of human cruelty.

Why do their have to be so many shootings now?

9 Southwest Houston TX Apartment Shooting

See? Another shooting. Another decrease of hope the 2020s will be good.

1 dead at a shooting in Southwest Houston in Texas.

10 Coronavirus Outbreak

A virus from China had spread to the rest of the world. It's similar to pneumonia but is viral & spreads. So far, over 1,038,000 people have died. So far, it's the deadliest thing happening for people in 2020 & the 21st century. Heck, even China decided to ban group means from their place in the wake. Plus it was discovered the government there created this to postpone the election of Donald Trump. They're worse than Al Qaeda or ISIS combined.

I hate the coronavirus. It ruined the whole year

Out of all moments, why did it have to be now? Why?!

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11 Death of Kobe Bryant

The greatest member of the Lakers & one of the greatest basketball players of all time, was killed in a helicopter crash. Not even in the end of January. This has been the worst year for basketball in ages & a death like no other in YEARS or for sports in a LIFETIME. R.I.P. Kobe Bryant.

Not just Kobe but R.I.P to all the victims including his 13 year old daughter Gianna. Very sad day for all

I am just shocked by the death of an absolute legend.

12 Indiana Subway Shooting

A shooting took place at a Subway restaurant in Indiana, leaving 1 man in critical condition.

Like, shootings are terrible. Why do we need to have 3 in early 2020?

13 Death of Kirk Douglas

He was 103. It's still sad, but not really shocking.

14 George Floyd Murder

I'm gonna be honest, the discrimination and prejudice against Black People by the Police is so commonplace and publicized that Floyd's death isn't all that shocking (It is heavily tragic and my condolences regardless). However, what IS shocking is the protest, outcry and general disillusionment that's being displayed. Hardly have I seen a battle cry by the public due to someone's death.

15 Chuck E. Cheese's Goes Bankrupt

At least we have Dave and Buster's.

There's still some stores open.

16 Youtuber Cosmodore admitted to dating a 15-year old girl
17 Taal Volcano Eruption

On January 12th, the Taal volcano of White Island underwent an eruption, sending ash a whopping 9 miles in the sky, forcing thousands from their homes & grounding 500 flights, totaling 125,000 evacuations. 505,000 people were affected, 4 people died & 1 went missing. Many feared it would erupt more violently & possibly bury cities like Manila. So far Crater Lake was destroyed by the eruption. Volcanic activity decreased mid February, but never forget all of this. R.I.P. to the 4 who were touring.

18 The Suicide Video on TikTok
19 Death of Neil Peart

The king of drumming, the greatest rock 'n' roll drummer, lyricist & member of the band Rush passed away at 67 after a 3.5 year battle with brain cancer. R.I.P. Neil Peart.

I haven't listened to much Rush (Probably only know 3 or 4 songs by them) but they were still cool from the little I've heard. RIP Neil.

20 Death of Rocky Johnson

Longtime legendary pro wrestler & father of Dwayne Johnson passed away at 75. He had a heart attack from a blood clot to the leg. A truly horrible day for WWE wrestling, any kind of wrestling & especially Dwayne Johnson. He helped Dwayne take the steps into becoming a champion at wrestling. Poor Dwayne is suffering so badly from this loss. R.I.P. Rocky.

21 Nintendo releasing a trailer for Super Nintendo World with a Mario-Style song created by Galantis
22 Jamaica Earthquake

An earthquake hit Jamaica measuring 7.7! Yet it was reportedly felt in southern Florida too.

23 Death of Fred Silverman

The man who invented the idea of so many shows including Scooby Doo, the Waltons, All in the Family, Maude, Supertrain, M*A*S*H* & more. Yet he was president of NBC & arguably the greatest executive in television. He was nicknamed the man with the golden guy. He passed away from cancer at 82. R.I.P.

24 Death of Mr. Peanut

Me. Peanut, the famous mascot on television, sacrificed himself after 104 years. R.I.P.

25 Kansas City Chiefs win 2020 Super Bowl LIV

As a Raiders fan excited for NFL 2020-21 (which we are lucky if it even happens), I am like: Oh. No. AND we have to deal with Patrick Mahomes til 2031.

Hooray! Long Football Drought for Kansas City is over!

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