Top Ten Best Things About the 2010s

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1 Technology

Well, for medical reasons, yes. In general, it's what's turning us into pseudo-humans.

It's everywhere and it's noticeable in a good way. Sure, there are rough things about it, but it's how the world lives now.

2 Better Education
3 We Are a Little More Accepting
4 Decent Pop Culture

You people need to grow up and calm down. There were still some decent things besides songs about drugs, sex, and partying. Complaining about it is not going to make it any better.

Most of it was decent. Not all popular songs were about drugs, sex, and partying.

Not all pop culture was godawful.

5 More Jobs
6 Memes

Eh, I'm mixed. Sure, there are some decent memes out there, but there are also some that are bland and try way too hard to be edgy. I don't mind edgy humor as long as it's smart and done right. Hopefully, this can all be turned around and we can get more funny memes.

With the rise of YouTube, many meme lords were created, such as Grandayy and PewdiePie. Not only that, but memes in videos, in my opinion, are a lot funnier. Just see any YTP and you'll see why.

Memes are amazing and help me relate to other people and not be depressed.

7 College
8 Samaritans
9 World Leaders Who Do Good
10 More Environmentally Aware
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11 Feminism

Don't you dare hate feminism. Whoever hates feminism is sexist.

12 More Atheists

This is one of the few reasons I agree with on this list. With more atheists, we can work towards a better society, in my opinion. Despite what a lot of Christians or people of other major religions would say to you, I think atheists are kinder people in general than religious people. This is not to say that there are no kind religious people.

One of the reasons I say that is because a lot of religions harbor hatred towards certain groups of people like homosexuals, transgenders, etc. Atheists most of the time don't engage in those same sorts of behaviors. Sadly, that may change because now it's becoming cool to be conservative among some young people, especially for kids born after the year 2000. Generation Z is sadly the most conservative generation since World War 2.

13 Small Acts of Kindness
14 Movies

Infinity War was the best movie of this decade (other than Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse). Fight me.

15 Less Racism
16 Sexier Women
17 Television Shows
18 Video Games

Everyone has to agree with this. It's the most creative and inspiring game of perhaps all time. No matter what you do or make, there is always something else to do or make. It only takes someone without a brain to get tired of it.

19 Anti-Trump Humor
20 Rise of Indie Gaming

Reasons this is good: Undertale, Untitled Goose Game, and Hollow Knight.

21 People are Getting Healthier

If they are getting healthier, that's good. If they're developing eating disorders, that's bad.

22 Surge And Hostess Makes A Comeback
23 Rise of Independent Platforms

Thanks to the internet, people can create music, art, video games, and more without relying on large, corrupt businesses to produce a product. They can create music on SoundCloud, make art on DeviantArt or similar platforms, and develop their own games to publish on Steam, etc.

24 Music Artists
25 Vinyl Records are More Popular
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