Top 10 Worst Decades In History

What do you think is the absolute worst decade of all time?
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1 1930s

This was the worst decade ever. The Great Depression was occurring, Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany, the Holocaust began, and at the end of that decade, WWII began. But for each decade, a lot of good things actually happened. Like this one: Jazz was high in its popularity, and there were some good movies.

I'd say this decade is the worst. Even though the 2010s are a bad decade culturally, this decade is known mostly for the wars and the Great Depression, when suicide rates were really high, and the economy was intensely bad. Overall, this is when the world suffered most.

2 2010s

This decade is awful! Here's why...

2010 - We were still recovering from The Great Recession, and many small businesses ended.
2011 - Most of the entertainment world was recycled stuff, especially in movies. Then we had Occupy Wall Street!
2012 - This was probably the pinnacle of the 2010s because 2012 was supposedly the end of the world (I wish)!
2013 - The Great Recession ended, but we had to rebuild the damage it left us!
2014 - The riots in Ferguson, Missouri separated people more than ever. Also, Robin Williams died that year.
2015 - The escalation of shootings and movements.
2016 - Donald Trump became our president, and a lot of celebrities died in one year!
2017 - Hurricanes destroyed America, probably even more so than Hurricane Katrina!
2018 - That year was basically a celebrity witch hunt and the Me Too Movement!
2019 - You couldn't go anywhere without offending someone!

And from my perspective, the 2010s were terrible for me. Here's why...

2010 - I had to give my parents money because they were broke all the time.
2011 - This was a better year for me, despite losing my aunt.
2012 - This year was okay as well, except for my brother's girlfriend at the time!
2013 - My ex-pastor was caught doing something wrong, and my grandfather's house was taken over by the bank!
2014 - I was recovering from the year before, but going to a trade school helped.
2015 - I had no summer adventure, and my brother and his girlfriend took over the place I was living at!
2016 - Though I saw the Cavaliers win it all, my mom died suddenly!
2017 - My new pastor changed everything at the church I work at, and my brother went on probation!
2018 - This was another okay year, but nothing stayed the same.
2019 - My hours at my job were cut, I was pressured to move back home, and my father wasn't doing well!

Three okay years, seven bad years... The 2010s were hell on earth for me, for many, and for the... more

3 1910s

World War I was bad because it killed millions of people.

Come on, seriously, how is this not number one?

The sinking of the Titanic happened, and there was World War I.

4 1940s

World War 2, Nagasaki bombing, continuation of the Great Depression, Korea dividing. One of the worst decades in history. Bring the 2010s all the way down! What a horrible and bloody decade. Oh, and I forgot to vote for the 1910s too.

A little Austrian man with a mustache killed a bunch of people in Europe. His Russian counterpart also massacred a ton of innocent civilians.

Germany in those times. Why the hell did they vote for Hitler?

Hitler and the Nazis ruined the world in World War 2.

People vote for the 2010s because the music is not to their taste or because 2016 had famous people dying.

The only thing you'd like about being a 1940s kid is that you finish school when you are twelve years old!

5 1860s

This was the beginning of lawyers taking over the government, the decade of "the ends justify the means," and the true beginning of "myself before anyone else." The decay of civility, personal responsibility, and the few deciding for the many begins with the 60s.

Gold rushes happened. It was all a struggle to become rich. This occurred in many developing countries, such as America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. It was also extremely pointless.

The Civil War and the KKK formed. I hate nostalgia elitists so much. You think the Civil War is better than pop music? If so, get help please.

6 1340s

Are you kidding? You vote the 21st century over technology, music, TV, movies, cars, and other things. Grow up, people, and stop acting like babies!

This should be #1, especially when it comes to Europe being devastated.

No year has been this deadly besides any year of war.

The height of the bubonic plague was responsible for more deaths than any other event in human history. Pair that with religious persecution and the fact that it was the Dark Ages. Yeah, the 1340s were the worst!

A third of Europe was killed because of the plague. This should surpass the 2010s. You all better grow up.

7 2020s

I feel sorry for those who are growing up in this decade. Those born from 2012 onwards are 2020s children, stuck to glue with Skibidi Toilet and Poppy Playtime. This is probably the worst decade in modern history to be a child. Nothing is kid-friendly, and hotels are demolishing their family water parks and replacing them with adult-only pools. Thank God my nephew was born in 2011. If he was born later, he would have had a bad childhood.

Also, people are weirder now. This decade is so awful that all the years in the 2020s (except 2021) can go to hell!

So, 2011-borns are the last ones to have many childhood memories from the 2010s, since 2017-2019 were great years for my nephew. I'm glad I got to raise my nephew before COVID-19. He was almost nine when COVID-19 came. He said 2019 was the best year for him because that was the core of his childhood. I wouldn't want him to be born in 2012-2013 due to his childhood being spent in a global pandemic that impacted the world in 2020.

Also, I am so glad I didn't graduate uni in 2020. Wow, this decade has been hell for me! Now, all of you must regret saying that you hate the 2010s. People are changing their minds and miss 2010-2019 these days. Me too. I was sick of the 2010s, and now I miss it.

8 1350s

A lot of people died from the Black Plague during that time period. This should be number one.

This decade had the bubonic plague, killing over 100-200 million people. This should be number one.

The Black Plague! Should be at the top.

9 530s AD

Worst decade in human history. Millions of people died. I feel so bad for them. I would never want a decade like that.

Am I seriously the only comment for this decade? The 530s are arguably known for being the worst decade of all time, specifically the year 536 being known for the 'worst year' in history. The Justinian Plague hit, which was more damaging than the Black Death. The Black Death may have lost more lives due to a larger population, but the Justinian Plague may have wiped us out as we lost at least half the world population.

10 2000s

Oh yeah, like that's all that happened in the 2000s.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone film came out.
Dial-up is dead.
The Sims video games started.
Video games: pick one - Mario is Missing (90s) or Luigi's Mansion (2000s).
Pokemon Gen 1 was the 90s.
Windows Pinball was still around, and the original Minesweeper.

..but I was entering the time of becoming a teenager.

The 'worst' by far, and I am astounded it is not near the 'top' where it should be. Then we had 'Big Brother - X Factor - Chavs - Boozing Heavily' and many more terrible things out then. I vow not to recall it.

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11 1970s

And there were also a handful of bad teen idols. Donny Osmond is basically the 70s version of pre-puberty Justin Bieber, and you can see the similarities. He has the same bowl cut, the same shrill, high-pitched girly voice, and the same annoying songs.

My mom and dad won't shut up about how great this decade was when it really wasn't.

Nothing to do here. Almost all these 1990-2000 things you love today never existed yet. Was never good. Never will be.

Rape culture was prevalent, women's rights only existed on paper, violent crime was abundant, and many serial killers thrived in this decade.

12 470s
13 1980s

Glamorized serial killers, ghetto wars, Miami drug cartels, and Cold War fears peaked like no other decade. The only real highlight came at the very, very end when the Berlin Wall came falling down.

I suppose it was the year before the most hated pop star of the 21st century was born. Most hated because of social media.

The biggest United States city was dangerous in the '80s and '70s, and Ronald was a bad president.

14 1990s

The Rwandan genocide happened, the worst genocide in modern history, and Osama bin Laden attacked Tanzania. Both the Oklahoma City bombing and Columbine occurred, along with the whole scandal with Clinton.

Wow. We had the Gulf War, LA riots, Waco siege, Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine, and a politician who got impeached for a sexual act.

The Gulf War, Rwandan genocide, LA riots, Columbine, Oklahoma bombings, etc. I don't like people who think the 90s were good just because Doom came out in '93 and "music was good."

15 1660s

The Black Death happened in 1665, then the Great Fire of London in 1666. THEN we had the dreadful hurricane of 1667! In conclusion, lots and LOTS of people got hurt.

16 1450s
17 1900s

The San Francisco Earthquake killed over 3000 people. This should be higher.

This should be either #1 or #2. An earthquake in San Francisco killed over 3000 people!

This should be #2 or #3 at the most!

That decade started with the San Francisco Earthquake.

18 1770s
19 1640s

This is when the Thirty Years' War was going on, eventually ending in 1648. It devastated Germany, killing half of its population. So much killing in this decade.

20 1020s
21 1800s
22 1780s
23 1950s

Do you know how much my grandparents suffered during the Korean War? This decade is worse than the 2010s. The Korean War is so forgettable to mention.

Not only were there too many parents impulsively having kids without much planning, but domestic abuse rates were through the roof! This decade has no right to be called better than the 2010s.

The '50s had decent music and fashion, but when it comes to living in the '50s, it was only good for a straight white man.

24 1850s
25 1240s
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