Top 10 Things That Revolutionized Transportation

In this list I will have the top 10 things that made a difference in the way transportation is used today.
The Top Ten
1 The Wheel and Axle

As most of you probably expected the wheel would be the number one thing that revolutionized transportation. The wheel is one of the simple machines that lets people do less work but have more outcome. The invention of the wheel lead to many more advancements such as the wagon which made travel easier.

2 The Steam Engine

The steam engine deserves this spot on number four. This was one of the first things that decreased the effort of traveling enormously. Not to mention that this system was improved and created the modern day engine that runs on gasoline.

3 Maps

Maps became widely available in the 15th century. These gave people an idea of where there were. Not many would've taken the risk of travelling if they didn't know where they were going.

4 Sea Travel

The Egyptians began to use sailboats in 2700 because. I wasn't sure whether to put this on number 4 or 3 but the outcomes of sea travel undoubtedly changed the world. The "discovery" of the Americas, sea trade, and lots of wealth were the results of sea travel.

5 Domesticated Animals

The horse was domesticated around 2000 because. People began to ride on animals and later on coupled them to carts or wagons. These lead to a need for an engine, one that you don't have to feed real food and give it rest.

6 Aircraft

Once people starting using airplanes to travel from place to place, people began to get to places faster. This made the world seem smaller. These days people can go around the whole world in a few days. But back in the time of exploration it took the first person nearly 3 years to make that trip.

7 Space Travel

After the first man landed on the moon, people began to think about how life would be if they were to stay and live in space. Would they make the moon a place to go for a vacation? There are many places to go in the vast universe, this is also something that depends on the future.

8 Electricity

I put electricity on the list because nowadays when many people are trying to lower greenhouse gases they are turning to electricity because it does not give out the harmful emissions gasoline does. Maybe one day in the future all cars might be electric..

9 The Bicycle

The bicycle was invented in the 19th century and became a method of transportation that was quicker than walking and easier to do. This lead to the invention of motorcycles and other faster methods of transportation

10 Walking

The most primitive method of travel. The reason I put this on the list is because this is the first method people used to move around. Once people started walking they got to places. That then got people thinking how they could go even faster.

The Contenders
11 Reciprocating Engine

The main kind of engine used in all of our automobiles today.

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