Top Ten Worst Things the CIA Has Done

The CIA was created in the 1940s by the Truman administration. Truman would later regret creating the agency, and stated that it routinely abused its powers. Spot on, Harry. Spot on.
The Top Ten
1 Operation Northwoods

In the 1960s, the U.S. wanted a war with Cuba bad. I mean, really bad. So bad that the CIA actually had a plan to trick Americans into supporting a war against Cuba. The plan was, the federal government would carry out terrorist attacks against its own citizens, and then lay the blame on Cuba, thus gaining the much needed support for a war. Thankfully, President Kennedy, before being assassinated, rejected the proposal.

John F. Kennedy really was a good president.

2 MKUltra

MKUltra was a series of experiments conducted by the CIA in order to find out if it could successfully conduct mind control. You read that right. The CIA was trying to conduct mind control. They would give test subjects LSD, isolate them, psychology torture them, and even try to hypnotise them. Thankfully, the experiments failed, or so they say. When the public found out about this, the CIA defended itself by stating that mind control would only be used on terrorists or enemies of war. Yeah, like that makes it any better.

3 Overthrowing foreign governments

It's kind of funny how the American people were outraged when Russia interfered with our latest election. The irony is, the CIA has interfered in more country's affairs than any other agency on the world. It first helped overthrow the democraticly elected leader of Iran in 1953, and replaced him with the Shah, who was later overthrown hinself in a revolution in the 1970s. Later, the CIA would interfere and sometimes topple the governments of many countries, including Nicaragua, Guatemala, Congo, the Dominican Republic, South Vietnam (while it existed), Brazil, and Chile. And that's, of course, only the countries that we know about. There could be several more that haven't been confirmed yet.

4 Tortured unconvinced terrorists

The CIA tortured unconvicted terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. The torture included watrrboarding, extreme isolation, sexual humiliation, rape, electric shocks, and the good occasional beating. The CIA even threatened harm to some of the prisoners families, and one prisoner claimed that a CIA member threatened to rape his mother, and kill his children. A this torture lead to very little information being admitted, and most of the information that was admitted was fabricated. Once again, none of these prisoners were ever tried of a crime. While most probably deserve their punishment, it is a little frightening that the CIA could abduct you in the middle of the night and torture you and your family will never know what happened to you. Even if you are a convicted terrorist, the amount of torture that occurs at Guantanamo is a little extreme, don't you think?

5 Arming islamic extremists

In the 1970s, during the Cold War, the USSR invaded Afghanistan. In order to help repel the invasion, President Carter, and later President Reagan, gave the CIA the authorization to arm rebels in Afghanistan. This turned out to be a success...for the most part. The rebels that the CIA armed were victorious, but after the Soviets left, they didn't know what to do. So, instead of doing smart things such as investing in infrastructure, education, healthcare, etc., they split up and started fighting each other, causing chaos and destruction everywhere. Eventually, a new group was founded, promising order and stability. This group was the Taliban. That's right, the CIA inadvertently created the Taliban, and inadvertently caused 9/11.

6 Operation Mockingbird

During the heat of the Cold War, the CIA routinely bribed the largest news outlets to print stories that portrayed the U.S. in a positive light, and the USSR in a negative light. So, essentially, propaganda. The CIA bribed news outlets to spread propaganda. While it officially ended this practice in the 70s, many speculate that they continue to do it today. Former CIA director William Colby stated that, "The CIA owns anyone of any significance in the major media." Gives the phrase "fake news" a whole other meaning, doesn't it?

7 Phoenix Program

If I were an U.S president at that time, I would halt this!

8 Operation CHAOS

During the Vietnam War, a lot of Americans were upset. Many protested the war. This was a big no-no according to the CIA, while it was bribing news outlets to spread propaganda. We can't have people utilizing their first amendment rights. So, the CIA effectively spied on U.S. citizens who protested the war. Later, the operation expanded to spying on women's liberation groups and, for whatever reason, Jewish groups.

9 Operation Paperclip

The U.S. needed new technology badly. Like, really badly. So badly that the CIA hired Nazi scientists to help them create the much desired technology. You read that right, the U.S. government had Nazis on its payroll.

10 Operation Mongoose

During the Cold War, the CIA wanted Fidel Castro dead. So, they tried to assassinate him, and they were unsuccessful...many times. They tried outlandish assassinations such as planting bombs in his cigars, giving him a poisoned pen, etc. Obviously, all these attempts were failures and a huge waste of taxpayer money.

The Contenders
11 Take out Muammar Gaddafi
12 Take out Saddam Hussein

Saddam was indeed brutal but Iraq was stable and prosperous and the USA went in under false pretenses, and now Iraq is a mess and a Failed State

13 Destabilizing South Sudan for Oil
14 Gave citizenship and pardons to Japanese war criminals after WWII

Individuals that experimented on POWs and Chinese people. Japanese Unit 731

15 Destabilizing Venezuela for Oil
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