Top Ten Best Acts by U.S. Presidents

The Top Ten
1 Abolishing Slavery - Abraham Lincoln

I voted for this one because it is the best out of the things here by a billion percent. However, there should be other things not just a bunch of FDR, LBJ, and Obama programs. Add some G. Washington, T. Jefferson, more Lincoln, some Madison, perhaps Monroe and Tyler, definitely Harding, McKinley, Arthur, Cleveland, and Ford.

Involuntary servitude was finally deemed unconstitutional by the Lincoln administration. Congress passed the 13th amendment which made slavery illegal.

Now blacks have freedom to this day.

2 Entering the U.S. Into World War II - Franklin Roosevelt

While I understand why the Roosevelt administration wanted to remain neutral in the war, he made the right decision by involving the U.S. The allies eventually defeated the axis and prevented a Nazi takeover.

Took y'all long enough to get involved.

I'd say FDR really didn't have a choice on this one. The Lend-Lease program, however, was most helpful.

Without this the world would be a tiny bit different...

3 Signing The Civil Rights Act of 1964 Into Law - Lyndon Johnson

Because of this act, blacks now had access to the very basic services that used to be exclusively available to the white race.

4 Ending The Vietnam War - Richard Nixon

Gerald Ford ended the Vietnam War. Don't believe me? I was just at his museum in Grand Rapids, MI. I doubt the people who made that are wrong.

The Nixon administration finally ended possibly the most unpopular war in history.

5 Ending The Iraq War - Barack Obama

I wouldn't say it's ended. We are still involved in the area quite a bit. Same with Afghanistan. All we did was let Islamist militant groups have more room to gain territory and kill people.

The Obama administration ended possibly the second least popular war in history.

6 Creating Social Security - Franklin Roosevelt

The Roosevelt administration created Social Security, for seniors who were financially unstable or impoverished. Social Security has lifted millions out of poverty.

7 Creating Medicare and Medicaid - Lyndon Johnson

The Johnson administration helped deliver health insurance to the two groups that were having the hardest time affording it: the poor and the elderly.

8 Establishing a Minimum Wage - Franklin Roosevelt

The Roosevelt administration made it mandatory for most businesses to pay all of their employees a respectable wage.

9 Ending of the Cold War/Tearing Down Berlin Wall - Ronald Reagan

Reagan didn't single handedly end the Cold War or tear down the Berlin Wall. Lots of different factors contributed to it.

This is why Reagan is pretty good, only ruined the economy.

10 Mandating All Businesses Grant Their Employees Leave - Bill Clinton

The Clinton administration required all businesses to provide a few months of leave to all employees in the cases of the birth of a child or a sickness. Granted, paid leave is still optional, but this law was a step in the right direction.

The Contenders
11 Negotiating Out of the Cuban Missile Crisis - John F. Kennedy

The United States have been completely destroyed if it weren't for JFK. He negotiated the U.S. out of war numerous times including the Cuban Missile Crisis during his term. If he lived and served another term, the Vietnam War would have never happened.

12 Ending The War in Afghanistan - Barack Obama

The Obama administration helped end another unpopular war.

13 Dropping the Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Harry S Truman

Emperor Hirohima had no problem sending suicide bombers to kill thousands in an unprovoked attack, while US service men were sleeping, not to mention the loss of life that they were responsible for during wwII. The war could have dragged on forever had the US not dropped these bombs. Sure, the bomb affected a lot of people. However, it saved a lot more people from both sides of the "pond" by ending the war.

The "revisionist" history regarding these events is ridiculous. Terrible, yes, but absolutely necessary at the time. You cannot judge historic events through the lens of the current time.

14 Ending the Funding of Rebels in Syria - Donald Trump

Indeed. Hopefully will bring about the end of the ongoing civil war there.

15 New Deal Programs - Franklin Roosevelt
16 Returning to Normalcy - Warren G. Harding

President Harding took a country reeling from the Great War, an impending economic crisis, and unprecedented government intervention, and set it on the path to the incredibly prosperous Roaring 20's in less than one term.

17 Drafting the Declaration of Independence - Thomas Jefferson

How could you not include this?

18 Leading the Revolutionary War - George Washington
19 Starting War on Terrorism - George W. Bush
20 Signing the Americans With Disabilities Act - George H.W. Bush
21 Fighting AIDS in Africa - George W. Bush

Bush was one of the worst presidents ever, but give credit where it is due.

22 Getting People on the Moon - Richard Nixon

Although it was JFK's idea, Nixon was the president who got Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to land on the Moon.

23 Cutting Taxes - Donald Trump
24 Moving the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem - Donald Trump

A move in direct conflict with the rest of the world's stance that is only going to get more Palestinians killed as the years go by.

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