Top 10 Items Mentioned In the Song the 12 Days of Christmas

So we have 12 days until Christmas, so why not count down the 12 Days of Christmas items:
The Top Ten
1 5 golden rings

The obvious number 1 choice, who wouldn't want 5 golden rings

Mrs. Piggy sings this in the Muppets song.

2 A partridge in a pear tree
3 Two turtle doves

My favourite. So romantic and sweet.

4 Twelve drummers drumming
5 Eleven pipers piping
6 Nine ladies dancing

Think about it, this ones a bit off.
Pole dancers dancing.

7 Three french hens

My sister always changes these words to "Three French men..."

8 Ten lords a'leaping

Who would want this? just imagine them leaping in your house. Unless you have a garden, don't buy this.

9 Seven swans a'swimming

Perry Como even pauses and says this item very gracefully in his version.

10 Four calling birds

I always loved this part of the song, and I would adore four calling birds! They'd be my lil' pets, haha.

The Contenders
11 Six geese a'layin
12 My true love
13 Eight maids a'milking
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