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21 Morgan - SM*SH

Cayoo MORGAN SM*SH Always The best!

Smashblast will always sopport smash and all member,
One or all stil smash..
Morgan is smash
Smash is morgan..

Keep spirit morgan
I am a morganous
always support you

I Love You.
I Am Morganous
Aleays Support You.
I Heart You Morgan

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22 Justin Timberlake - N*SYNC Justin Timberlake - N*SYNC

Why isn't he #1 he is so hot! - idolangelx13

Looking at the list it's not clear why this completion is on.J. T is clearly the winner. End of

Curly hair. Makes justin timberlake a cutie duh Aledwin Mugwangi has spoken

What? He is sooo hot. Below someone from 1D! Inexcusable

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23 Liam Payne - One Direction

Liam has the prettiest face I've ever seen, girl or guy! Luckily he has great abs and does look a bit manly! I think I would faint if I met him. Also, though I personally think one direction is extremely talented, not putting them all close to the top of this list is just silly. They are much more beautiful than the other current boy band members.

He is hot and sweet and nice to people that's why I think he should win this award. Mr. Liam James Payne is amazingly good and kind person with the hottest body ever existed

LIAM! He is just the sweetest cutest thing ever. Plus, he's talented and has a lot of heart. - Lissie19999

Liam is hot and sexy! He has the best voice in 1D. I'm a gay and I would like to date him someday.

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24 Nathan Sykes - The Wanted

He's just an all round babe. He's so talented and he started in the band when he was 16. He's got such a unique voice. He's got the cutest face, and he says the sweetest things. Lets get him to the top.

He's TO CUTE and Funny! If you really get to know him you would see how amazing and sweet he is! And he has the best voice in the band. He's really adorable

He's so adorable and he's just so sexy and cute at the same time. HOT

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25 Ronan Keating - Boyzone

He's really handsome and he's got an incredible voice!
He sings like an angel!

Not only is he good looking but also hard working and talented in so many ways - singing, now acting... He has got some charm you cannot resist

He is simply awesome and he gets better with age! That voice and looks! Good on you, Ro!

Ronan is the man most beautiful of the world, a wonderful voice!

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26 Ignazio Boschetto - Il Volo

Ignazio has a smile that lights up the stage along with his beautiful voice. He loves to make people happy and he is always finding creative ways to do just that! It's easy to feel his warm heart as he interacts with his singing "brothers, " Gianluca and Piero, and while he pours his emotions into what he sings.

His personality really just lights up the room. He is so sweet and caring. Not to mention his voice is amazing!

What can I say? I just love this guy. He's funny, cute, a great singer, and he's so hot! His smile is so amazing, his face is gorgeus at all.. His body is so amazing too.. There's no reason for not loving this guy. He's my life!

Just shocking that someone so talented, handsome & sexy could be so low on the list. He can sing anything from pop to opera. In fact, he has the ability to be an opera star.

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27 Brian McFadden - Westlife

Brian McFadden I always support you, No matter what people say to you. You are the legend, bloody, kindly to all your fans. Smart, sexy, amazing voice.. Love you always. _Love Molly Ansarie _


I LOVE BRIAN MCFADDEN, The first time I saw him, he's amazing, cute, funny, always smiling and He is the tallest among the group of 5 westlife. Now that he's gone solo, he's a total performer, he can play the guitar, piano and any music instrument. He's got a nice voice with a very cute face... He's cool... He composed his own songs and he got a very strong personality... I love him today, tomorrow and beyond...

Talking 'bout HOT.,Brian should be on the list..He is so hands0me! He gOT It all,the v0ice,the l0oks the height and HOTNESS

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28 Josh Cuthbert - Union J
29 Ashton Irwin - 5 Seconds of Summer Ashton Irwin - 5 Seconds of Summer

He is not technically in a boy band, just a band. His personality and looks are beautiful and full of life from him sparkling eyes to his little 7 year old girl giggle. I wish I could go back in time to 2014 when it was just these 4 boys of 5sos being themselves and having fun. Now there is far too much drama with their bad taste in women who are rude overprotective and cause nothing but havoc and frustration to the the band and their fans. Time may go on, Ashton, but my love for u will never change. You r beautiful inside and out.

He's not IN a boy band, so I'm not sure if he's actually qualified for this list... But Ashton is really damn adorable. His personality and looks.

How the hell is Ash on this list? Listen carefully. 5sos, is, not, a, boy, band. Okay? Good. Ashton is adorable.

5sos is not a boy band but ASHTONN

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30 Joe Jonas - Jonas Brothers Joe Jonas - Jonas Brothers

Go check his Instagram SEXY photos. Even his back can get all other guys.

He's an amazing person inside and out; charitable, fun, caring, talented, & good looking too.

Joe Jonas is the hottest cause he's the total package looks and talent! His body is AMAZING!

He is charming boy. He can sing and dance. His skills and features make many girls admire to him :o

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31 Logan Henderson - Big Time Rush Logan Henderson - Big Time Rush

He is so cute an dhand some

32 Duncan James - Blue

He's not only a body but a beautiful soul and I love him for that! Stop thinking that hot means great body! He's more!

He's the hottest man ever! Perfect body, perfect face, he's the PERFECTION! Hot and sexy!

He's just Simperly the Sexiest Male alive No one can beat him!

No need to compare... He can burn the world w his abs

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33 Luke Hemmings - 5 Seconds of Summer Luke Hemmings - 5 Seconds of Summer

I used to think he was really ugly. And I know it sounds cheesy but this guys got the biggest heart. He's the most beautiful person inside and out. He's the only beautiful male I've ever known. His personality really shines through. He's gorgeous and just has something about him. I will forgive everyone as they can not see real beauty and this is a new person. But defiantly should be number one for his soul at least.

I know 5SOS isn't a boy band but come on. Luke is just perfect. Blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and he's just a really sweet person. Why isn't he in the top ten? He's tall and talented and just perfect.

NOT A BOY BAND... But he is quite hot if I do say so myself.

Too god damn adorable if you ask me

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34 Lee Ryan - Blue

He is just the most perfect man ever! His voice is the 8th wonder in the world!

Such a genuinely awesome guy and MUCH better looking in person! Pictures really don't do him full justice!

Lee Ryan you are not only hot, sexy and gorgeous but you are also beautiful inside and outside.. You got the smile of an angel.. Hottest male EVER - emeyramadan

He is a smart looking guy

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35 Bisma Karisma - SM*SH


Bisma is charismatic, idealist, handsome, smart LOVE YOU BISMA

Bisma always think about you
By ; bismaniac forever

Go Bisma Karisma.
Mamang Cayo. :*
Go Bisma Go Bisma
Charismatic and handsome boy

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36 Carlos Pena - Big Time Rush
37 Jacob Underwood - O-Town
38 James Maslow - Big Time Rush James Maslow - Big Time Rush James David Maslow (born July 16, 1990) is an American actor, and singer, known for playing the role of James Diamond on Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush and is a member of the boy band with the same name. He also starred as Kevin Mohr on the Sony Crackle original series Sequestered. more.

He is so sweet I was talking with him this day. It was really great it had really made my day.

Can I ask something? Who's Dustin Belt from Big Time Rush?!

I'm a boy and I love big time rush and by the way dustin belt is their guitar playist

39 Jefri Gurusinga - S4
40 J.C. Chasez - N*SYNC

Heavenly 4 Octave Vocal Range? Check. Amazing body? Check. Cutest face EVER? Check. More adorable than puppies? Check. Any other argument ever made is INVALID. JC, baby come back to me!

He is definitely the hottest of *NSYNC and any other boyband! Amazing eyes, best voice in the group. Love him forever!

He most coolest person and unstated style will never go out of style and he smooth moves and songwriter member of nsync with their songs make up all of my pre teens through about sophomore year of high school. #coolestmeberofnsync


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