Shane Filan - Westlife


Mr Scrumptious Shane Filan, started off as a Young and Very Attractive Member of the Latest Boyband back in 1998, at the start of Westlife on our Music Scene... However, In My Opinion He just seems to get hotter with age!... This could be due to the fact that not only is he pleasing on the eye but is Flawless and provides what I call 'Performance Perfection' in regards to Singing Live, Surpassing the Sounds of the Songs on the Album with Renditions Always ending up Sounding Even Better (if that's t all possible laugh out loud) when performed on tour versus recorded album versions! So, in Summary, Admiration and Adoration (Bordering on Obsession perhaps laugh out loud) for Mr Filan, may have started due to Liking his Looks BUT has Developed into True Amazement and Enjoyment and Respect of this 'Hottie' since I absolutely LOVE his Voice, no one can ever match his Vocal Talents and combine this with him actually appearing to be the Most Friendly, Funny and Lovely Guy who has EVEN MORE ...more

His smile is deadly. His Voice is Very Unique. He is so Buff. Now this is what you call "HOT"

He's amazing, beautiful, kind, sweet, so down to earth thou he's very very well known, his voice is warm it brings peace to whoever listen to him, he loves his fans so much more than any other celeb will do to their fans, he should be on top

Shane is one in million, his my inspiration in life has a heart of gold, he is everything to me. Last 14years I grow up listening to his outstanding voice... I will never forget what he did for me.. He has the one smile that everyone loves, Shane Filan you inspire me so much it unbelievable. Can't wait to hear what your album is gonna be like.. So proud of you x

Shane is WOW! His voice is very brilliant. Every time he sings, I always forget where I am. I just don't even know what to say about him cause he is really GREAT.

Shane Filan is very perfect man in this world. He is very talented person that I ever known. He has an amazing vocal and his smile makes every girl in this world falling in love with him. He aspires everyone to enjoy our lives although we are from poor or rich family. He is a wonderful man! Nobody can replaced Shane Filan because he is a very SPECIAL MAN IN THIS WORLD! Everyone love him so mucch! May God bless him

From the most radiant smile to the most gigantic talent... Who wouldn't love such a person... He has done tremendously well in Westlife as one of the greatest boy bands of all time, and I KNOW he'll be just awesome in his solo career...

Shane filan is so sexy, he has a lovely smile and lovely brown eyes. Shane filan should win because he is the most handsome man in the world

I love Shane Filan very much! He is the best singer in the world! He is so handsome and he has a beautiful voice. When I hear his voice, I lose my soul. I love his smile so much! His smile will make me happy. He is so awesome. He raises me up to more than I can be

Shane Filan's smile can brighten anyone's mood, his smile like himself is absolutely gorgeous! Not only is he extremely talented but he is gorgeous too and after all of westlife's success. He is still down to earth and friendly x

Shane is the Hottest man Alive! We Westlifers just love SHANE! He should WIN WIN WIN! Shane will always be the best looking man out there! GO SHANE

He is the hottest boy band member of all of time. I think not just Shane. Westlife are! They are sexy. Sexy in body, voice. I choose Westlife as the best boyband of all time and the hottest boy band. Love from Indonesia xX

No one else deserves this title except shane filan. He has the best voice out there-the most soulful voice I've heard. He has never ever got out of tune. Once you hear him sing, you can't help but listen with your heart. He gives emotion to every time he sings. He is just perfect. His looks, his attitude and his talent.

He's one of the lead vocalists in the best band ever, Westlife have won ' the ultimate band and best band ever'... He has the most beautiful voice that touches everyone's heart, he's also very very handsome, and that smile of his gives me hope in life.. Vote for Shane Filan from the world's best band Westlife

Shane is one gorgeous, he's got a beautiful smile a lovely voice, he is fantastic with all is fans, he can sing, I'm so looking forward to hearing is new album and hopefully we will all be seeing him do a tour, I will be there just like I was at every gig he and Westlife did in Manchester... Bring it on Shane we are all behind you %110, love you to bit...

Shane Filan SHOULD BE A THE TOP SPOT... Westlife is one of my favorite boy band... They sang soulfully and can make you inlove over and over again once you listen to their songs. My Mom is an avid fan of Westlife, She got a cd of them, the Coast To Coast Album.. And they played it in our dvd player all of their songs and also my little brother really love the version of their song uptown girl.. That is why I vote for shane filan and the rest of Weatlife.. Not nick carter..

He has the best voice in the world, he is always smiling and loved for his fans. He is also very sexy, he can sing beautifully, dance sexy and he is awfully sweet. His wife is so lucky, his family, friends and the whole country is proud of him, and I am most proud that I'm his fan. I wish him success in his solo career!

Shane Filan has always been my idol ever since they came out of the market. I Love every member of westlife but Shane has always been my favorite. The smile on his face and the sweetness of his voice is so amazing. WESTLIFE songs, rock or pop, the voices of the boys esp. Shane is soothing :D He deserves this.

No need to look for a perfect man shane is the one perfect voice perfect body perfect looks perfect everything he is hot no man ever has or ever will compare to him he's perfect and deserves to be number 1

I vote Shane Filan because his voice was so amazing and beautiful... And I love the way his smile and dancing.. Like the way he do in concert of Manila. I've never forgot the boyband. Your still number one guys!

Shane is number 1! He's so wonderful, lovely, cute with a shinning smile. If I can see his smile, I can happy all day! I love Shane ty all my heart! Vote for Shane, my best man, our best idol, wonderful man of all time!

.. I just can't put to words why I love shane filan very much... Love just hit me the first time I hear him sing and that was it! ! With he very soul full voice, beautiful face every woman would be drawn to him! He's a complete package! !

He brightens up my life with his songs and thanks to his second single about you, boosted my confidence so much. He melts my heart every time he sings. No one can compete with him in anyway, such a handsome and gorgeous guy. Every guy wants to be him and every girl like me wants to be with him. Perfection is what he is!

... Do I even have to SAY WHY? This man is too COMPLEX to put in WORDS, he has the body, he has the VOICE, he has it all! 8) All this MAN has to do is give that BEAUTIFUL smile and all the girls will die from his magic! His vocals... That's a whole new different thing! If you want goosebumps at the back of your neck and drool coming from your mouth, AND TO BE MINDBLOWN... THIS IS THE MAN.

Yeah I can't find a word to describe him, he's the best singer in my heart all over the world forever.He's friendly, kind, lovely, and, really handsome! He makes me feel always happy when I'm in the darkest days.He makes me surprised when he sings one and one new song.I love his voice, the most pretty I've ever heard.