Top 10 Humorous Reasons to Hate Mars Bars

I have to seriously warn you the dangers of Mars Bars and give all the 10 reasons I need for you to hate Mars Bars
Note: This list is made to make fun of hating lists with absurd reasons for hating a show/music/artist

The Top Ten

1 Martians find it offensive

Of course it's offensive because it contains the word Mars! The one who made this offensive chocolate bar should deserve a 10 years of political correctness school! - RedAce66

*Emotionally triggered because admin changed the word "good" to humorous on the title* - RedAce66

This is the greatest list on this website. - Not_A_Weeaboo

2 The package is colored black

Oh my god! That is so racist! The person who made it must be a Ku Klux Klan member! - RedAce66

3 Only Scottish guys with health problems eat it

Ever since I sat next to some obese guy with a absurd sounding accent made me believe that Mars Bars are specifically made for obese Scottish people only - RedAce66

4 It's chocolate

The person who made it must be a chocolate supremacist! To the person who made it... Check your privilige! - RedAce66

5 Their milk comes from cows

I can't believe the person who made it use milk from cows. We all know that hippo milk are much better than cow milk - RedAce66

6 Everybody loves it

Because I'm a hipster and the fact that everyone loves it makes me automatically hate it because everyone loves it! - RedAce66

7 Mars Bars killed my parents

At my 7th birthday, the Mars Bars suddenly came to life and killed my parents, burned down the house and stole my bike. That is the day where I hated Mars Bars ever since - RedAce66

8 To get IHE to make a video about how much he hates them

If you hate everything,does that mean that you hate Mars Bars?

9 Eating Mars Bars in public is the same as waiting for death to strike

Of course! Taking one bite from that bar can have some guy kill you for that one bar! Spread the awareness people! - RedAce66

10 Because the fact that it exist

Because it exist and that is a valid reason to hate something - RedAce66

The Contenders

11 The person who made it is white

We all know that white people are the worst in the world because they're white and that makes them automatically racist! Don't worry illegal Mexicans, you'll be fine with all your 27 childrens and your cocaine! *Sarcasm* - RedAce66

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