Best Ideas for Linkin Park's 7th Studio Album

It might be a long time away, but what would we love to see on the follow up to The Hunting Party? It will be a highly anticipated release, so let's discuss what us LP fans would like to see on their seventh studio album.

The Top Ten

1 Return to nu metal

Though The Hunting Party was much heavier than their last couple of albums, it still isn't nu metal. There is a difference between the nu metal sound of their first two studio albums (and the demos surrounding them) and simply being heavier. It would be a dream come true if they could make a true follow up to Meteora. - EvilAngel

2 Experimentation

Failing returning to their roots, experimentation would be the next best thing, to release something truly unique. However, what they could experiment with next is up for suggestion. - EvilAngel

3 More emotion
4 Even more atmosphere
5 Higher number of long songs
6 A concept album

Green Day did it and succeeded. Why not Linkin Park?

7 A much longer album than previous releases
8 More Mike
9 More guest vocalists / collaboration

€�One More Light” had quite a few guest vocalists. - 3DG20

10 More ballads
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