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1 Take Me to Church

In my opinion this song is the best Hozier ever made. I just fell in love with it. I don't really care about what people say about the fact that it talks about religion, homosexuality or these kinds of this which might be "offending", just appreciate this song as it is, just beautiful.

THis is the most popular song by Hozier. The video really made a point. THis song is one of the best songs of 2014 in my opinion.

Intensely Intense chorus with the wickedest possible video. Truly deserved Grammy it didn't get.

2 From Eden

Well for me, from eden is a beautiful song, more beautiful than take me to church, very heartouching video and beautifully sung, and ma favorite scene is the ending kiss, that was cute, almost make someone into tears... Keep up the good work

Hozier has the ability of transcending you into another world with his songs. From Eden is the best I have heard

Makes me want to travel to a paradise that doesn't exist.

3 Work Song

This is an undermined gem from Hozier. Take me to Church might have been more popular, but the lyrics of this one and the background choir along with the claps just transcends the listener to a different dimension. My favourite of the bunch. Tied with Movement.

First hozier song I ever heard. It was love at first sound.

4 Blood Upon the Snow
5 In a Week
6 Better Love

This is a stunning song, the way the lyrics entwine with the melody and the depth of the words coupled with hoziers story telling voice is nothing short of poetic. Utter beauty, as excpected!

Should've been in the Top 10 for sure! Monstrous song!

7 Cherry Wine

Makes me want to read by the fireplace.

It was between this, Movement and To be alone, but this one is bittersweet and makes me cry so yeah

I don't think there's a song in the world I love more than cherry wine

8 Like Real People Do

It's so soothing for me, and makes me want to sit in a field to stare at the sky in dim moonlight.

This song omg!
I literally put this on a playlist I made for my crush...sadly he didn't take the hint :)
But the song is AMAZING.

9 To Be Alone

From deeep inside to deep inside...
It's quite clear the music's naturally close to the authour, otherwise it would never been so explicit.
Gorgeous. Deep. Thought provoking.

It feels like a quick paced dance.

10 It Will Come Back
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11 Jackie and Wilson
12 Someone New

It's the brutal sarcastic truth of today's generation, somehow we feel like that if we "bind" ourselves to single person, we'll miss out things. While we are missing out life while jumping from one person to other. We have no ground, we think that we'll find someone better, someone new to replace. We don't need to replace people but we need to make ourselves better and compromise and adjust in relationships because at the end all that matter is how many people look up to you with love for you. Oh! Hozier, you wicked ass soul.

13 Arsonist's Lullabye

This is such a beautiful song. Maybe even better than take me to church.

Definitely deserves to be in the top ten.

14 Movement

Why's this on's worthy of top 10,at least

15 Sedated

One of my favorites in the self-titled along with Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene. Should be higher.

16 Foreigner's God
17 Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene

There's something really special about how Hozier sings about the person in this song. The sound almost makes it feel like a secular gospel, in the way it fills you with this unmistakable sensation.

This song deserves more recognition!

18 Run
19 Shrike

The strings, instrumentation, the thick irish accent, every thing mixes up so well and creates the perfect song for me. Also the metaphorical comparision between shrike(a predator bird) and his love is top tier.

I love this song. It's so pretty and relaxing.

20 In the Woods Somewhere

This song is literally poetry; depicting a very chilling scene in the woods where some one is struggling to survive. Though this is probably a metaphor for hard times and not giving up. The main reason this song isn't getting the recognition it deserves is because no one has heard it. please do check it out, it is beautiful in the most Sarrowful way.

21 Almost (Sweet Music)

This song is so beautiful, coupled with the fact that the lyrics are song titles.
Takes a genius to create the masterpiece

23 Dinner and Diatribes

One of my favorite songs from Wasteland, Baby!

24 Nina Cried Power
25 Wasteland, Baby!
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