Most Important Events of the 2000s

A list of the most important events from 2000-2009.

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1 September 11, 2001

This effected the world on a huge scale, look at what would not have happened if this didn't happen, this was a huge deal.

The tragic events on that day forever changed the way we look at terrorism. - ghmaster1354

Terrorism is bad for the world because it can wreck buildings famous places and they can kill many people now everbody knows that

This is one of the most horrible tragedies in America. It shocked the entire nation and even the entire world. 19 Terrorists hijacked 4 planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. 3,000 people died in it all. - JoeBoi

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2 Michael Jackson dies

he's awesome and a lot of people looked up to him

He was such an inspiration

Which year did Michael Jackson die and by the way this is 5 ratings out of ten

I like turtles I don't like Michael jackson

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3 7 July 2005 London Bombings

Worst attack in Britain that ever happened! This should be at 2! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

It's on a scale like America's 9/11 for Britain.

Should be higher on the list


4 2008 Mumbai Attacks

This event was truly sad. So many lives were lost that day.

India has never face any terrosism since 30 years. This mumbia attack suprsied indians that a scale of such an attack could really happen

HAHAAHA *sarcasm*

5 Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina? more like hurricane Tortilla

My brothers teacher left new Orleans when it hit, sad to know she saw her home place get destroyed

Well, I wouldn't exactly call it a major event, although, it did leave a huge impact on the world. It changed our way of resources and showed an ability of working together. I'm sure in some ways it can be a major event. It led the help of many people to work together to help the community.

One of the deadliest hurricanes in history. Thousands died because of it and was very costly. - JoeBoi

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6 Election of Barack Obama

He was the first African American president! Huge event that should be recognized more.

This should be higher than Michael Jackson dies... I think Michael Jackson dies should definitely be high up but this should be higher.

I think we choose the right guy to be our president :) also I am a donkey so I look up to president Obama

This should be higher than Michael Jackson's death. This changed the face of America (for the better).

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7 The Economy Collapses

Why isn't it higher on the list?

economy in America is dying

Because economy decides all our lives, if our economy falls we fall too.

This was important

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8 2009 Iran Protests


9 Burger King Creates Chicken Fries

Bless this great nation there has never been a finer invention in all of time God bless America praise Jesus Hallelujah good day too all enjoy the chicken fries

I still remember the day that I first tasted one. It seemed that they were discontinued for a few years, so they became a faint, but pleasant memory for me. Then, one day, I saw a billboard announcement that chicken fries were back. Nearly in tears, I called my father and told him the news. He began sobbing as he recalled the deep love that my mother had had for the fries.
I had a similar experience when I heard the announcement on early-morning radio that McDonald's would from then on be serving breakfast 24/7 at select locations. These are the events that I want to relive when I get to heaven.

Without this I have no idea what we'd do

My dad created Burger King

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10 Boston Marathon Bombing

2013 is NOT in the 2000's. we're in a new decade now people, and half way through it.

I love how this is after Burger King Chicken Fries, and Youtube Forms. - Sky_Koutarou

I love how this is after Burger King Fried Chicken.

The Boston Bombing was in 2013, which is NOT in the 2000s. - JoeBoi

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11 Green River Killer Captured

Really important moment not compared to the Unabomber or other serial killers

got hem


This is a fudging T.V. series how is this important? lmao

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12 Africa's Population Reaches 1 Billion

1 billion infected with ebola - jwg_2002


13 BTK Captured

Who is BTK? You mean bin laden?

BTK was a serial killer, Dennis Rader.

14 Michael Jackson Molestation Trial

He was daddy wym

He didn't do it

Had a good outcome

Id let him molest me

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15 Pluto.No longer a planet.

SAD. Pluto is a GREAT little guy who doesn't deSERVE this DISCRIMINATION from those IDIOt SCIENTISTS over at WHO KNOWS WHERE. But we ALL know that Pluto is the BEST little guy you could EVER meet but! NO he is all ALONE thanks to those dudes over at NASA or wherever cause! PLUTO! My baby boy he just deserves more! #justiceforpluto! Who deserves to be a planet more than Pluto he's the BEST! DISSATISFIED, DISAPPOINTED, DISGUSTED

No longer a planet to the human science. But something can't be denied from what it is, it is like you kick out somebody from the family.
Pluto is considered a dwarf planet from 2006 but it's still a planet... - MatrixGuy

I love Pluto how could they do this it's a round thing like all other planets so I think it is considered a planet don't you agree?!

Yeah, because it’s too small to even be considered a planet. I can’t believe NASA had to brainwash people. - JoeBoi

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16 Saddam Hussein Captured

Yep, I agree. This was significant. - HezarioSeth

This is a pretty important event. Saddam was one of the most evil people of the 21st century so far. He gasses and commited genocide his own people. His capture helped bring justice to all the atrocities he committed as Iraq's dictator



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17 Cave of the Crystals First Discovered
18 Euro Comes to Europe

The Euro was introduced to Europe in the 2000s now days many European countries use the Euro as their national money (Europe has Euro in it)

Guys that's great

Big change for us europeans

Now the entire Europe should become a one nation country! 🙃

19 Tsunami in East Asia

We should go to war with the sea for that

Should be higher

9/11 was bad, but did it ruin the lives of millions no, therefore this is a more tragic event. But oh well what can you do against patriotic oh look at me being smart invading countries that didn't need invading cause they got oil Americans who think the world is about them. GET A GRIP, ITS NOT.


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20 Death of Bin Laden

Bin laden meets the navy seals.

He died in 2011 so it makes no sense to put his death on here.

Haha stoopid osama bin laden your dead

This was in 2011 so this shouldn’t even be on here. - JoeBoi

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21 War On Terror

War war war just terrible

Kill those terrorrist

22 Ronald Reagan dies

He was the best president this country ever had

I'm sorry for your loss

A truly great man. An even greater president.

Good, finally

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23 The Virginia Tech Mass Shooting

He was a senior, and it was at the end of the year. That means this was a pretty savage senior prank. - jwg_2002

Shows the advancement in the technology

24 YouTube Forms

So dope broseph

This is so important YouTube helped shape the world today!


So amazing I’m shook

25 Water Is Found On the Moon

That's really cool I didn't know that

That doesn't sound right

Wow! I did not know that?!?!?! (Shocked)

Actually Ice, and this leads people to believe that there could have been... are or could be life! (maybe there so small we can’t see them) so cool MOON ALIENS!

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26 Disney Bought Marvel Entertainment

Bad decision on their behalf to be honest


27 The 2000 Election in Florida
28 Johnny Cash Dies

My parents love him! I wish he was alive.

Rest in peace Johnny and watch and wait for redemption day

So sad, miss that guy. Met him once

dam son

29 Dick Cheney Shoots Friend

I have no idea what this is about I wanna learn more about this

What a dick

Why the Bush Administration (W. Bush) is horrible


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30 The Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy Was Released
31 Outbreak of Ebola (2014-2015)

Major issue.


Not in 2000s - MrCoolC

What? No, the Ebola Outbreak was in 2014, even the name shows the dates so it’s obvious. - JoeBoi

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32 Glee Premiere (2009)

Changed my life for the better, and the worst

Honestly the best thing ever

Changed my life completely

The only important event

33 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Its A big moment in history for all of those who have lost their children or siblings. Lets pray for all

It was a sad moment in life that we will all remember

This didn't happen in the 2000's. It happened in 2013.

Sandy Hook was in 2012, so I don’t get why this is even on here along with Bin Laden’s death and the Boston Bombing. - JoeBoi

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34 Lakers win their 15th championship
35 DC Comics Starts New 52

No, not important

Hey shut up its good


36 The beginning of Bionicle

Childhood at its finest, although I'm not sure that it should be above shootings and stuff. Bionicle was lit though

I give this an amen

Why is this not #1

Bionicle was sick

37 Plane Lands In Hudson River

Another plane crash... wow.. 2000s suck.. - TeamRocket747

38 November 26, 2008

Hey that's my birthday! LOL

It was when the same terrorist group that attacked in 2001 attacked Mumbai.

Happy birthday man!

ey peeps

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39 Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton

I wasted hours of my life for this. Not my decision. But many people did too.

Hey they spelt her name wrong! WITH A K PEOPLE

They are goals - n

That was in 2011, so this shouldn’t be on here along with Sandy Hook or the Boston Bombing. - JoeBoi

40 Lebron Wins a Ring

His 20th wedding ring - jwg_2002

41 Marvel NOW! Begins



42 Pope John Paul II Dies
43 Tool Released Lateralus

Probably the greatest album of all time!



Great album

44 Shaq Retires

He will be missed. love you SHAQ!

I wonder if this was when he became a flat earther...

45 Kony 2012
46 Celtics Win Their 17th Championship

For one reason they win
Because they

47 Eminem Releases the Marshall Mathers LP


One of his less liked eps

48 Titanic: The Legend Goes on Was Released

This is very important indeed.

I can not think of anything more important

Go into Poundland one day in the 2000s. Lol a cartoon Titanic movie.

49 New Movie 3 Stooges Released On Big Screen

Its actually a big thing for the movie makers

Not such a big thing!

50 Typhoon Yolanda
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