Top 10 Most Important Events of the 2000s

A list of the most important events from 2000-2009.
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1 September 11, 2001

9/11 killed millions of people (about 3,000 in the event itself and millions of others in the Middle East as an aftereffect), ruined relationships between several different countries and some of those countries becoming politically and socially destabilized as a result.

The event itself was a tragedy, but its long-term effects have certainly put a large stain on the world, which seems to be sadly overlooked for the most part.

This tragedy was irrefutably the cause of a change in the ideas of security among not just the American public, but the rest of the world as well, who were almost equally shocked and dismayed. It brought in an ongoing era of tension and conflict on a worldwide scale that we have yet to recover from.

This is one of the most horrible tragedies in America. It shocked the entire nation and even the entire world. 19 Terrorists hijacked 4 planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. 3,000 people died in it all.

9/11 was an absolute tragedy. And to think it had to happen in 2001. What a Hell of a way to kick off the new millenium. I envy everyone in the future, who's going to be born in the 22nd century, because nobody should have to live in a tragic time period, such as this.

2 7 July 2005 London Bombings

This should definitely be higher that on persons death. You wouldn't put 9/11 under his death then why would you put this under him. Completely unacceptable.

This should be higher because it is a major thing that many people died in

Worst attack in Britain that ever happened! This should be at 2!

It's on a scale like America's 9/11 for Britain.

3 Michael Jackson Dies

Here lies the body of hit singer, Michael Jackson. He was an inspiration to all young artist. Michael Jackson, born a black man and died a white woman. May he Rest In Peace.

He was a good man also he could really dance good he was a perfect man I loved his music all I can say is he is awesome.

Which year did Michael Jackson die and by the way this is 5 ratings out of ten

Michael Jackson was amazing and cute until he had plastic surgery for no reason

4 2008 Mumbai Attacks

It was when the same terrorist group that attacked in 2001 attacked Mumbai.

This should definitely be higher than michael molester up there

India has never face any terrosism since 30 years. This mumbia attack suprsied indians that a scale of such an attack could really happen

This event was truly sad. So many lives were lost that day.

5 Hurricane Katrina

Well, I wouldn't exactly call it a major event, although, it did leave a huge impact on the world. It changed our way of resources and showed an ability of working together. I'm sure in some ways it can be a major event. It led the help of many people to work together to help the community.

Think about it, think about the millons of dollers spent helping New Orleans and how much this effected our country! Hurricane Katarina changed everything, mainly our responce to how to react to a natural desaster.

Hurricane Katrina? more like hurricane Tortilla

My brothers teacher left new Orleans when it hit, sad to know she saw her home place get destroyed

6 Election of Barack Obama

Barack Obama elected as the president of the United States of America showed the whole world that minorities can also rule the world. It empowered, not the blacks themselves, but the soul of the African-Americans and other minority ethnic groups.

This should be higher than Michael Jackson dies... I think Michael Jackson dies should definitely be high up but this should be higher.

He was the first African American president! Huge event that should be recognized more.

Because he's the first ever Africa-American President of U.S. and I think no matter what is your color you have ability to lead the country!

7 2009 Iran Protests

Obama screwed up this one

They were fighting for what’s right but the bad people mad the bad choices.

That's interesting...

8 Burger King Creates Chicken Fries

I still remember the day that I first tasted one. It seemed that they were discontinued for a few years, so they became a faint, but pleasant memory for me. Then, one day, I saw a billboard announcement that chicken fries were back. Nearly in tears, I called my father and told him the news. He began sobbing as he recalled the deep love that my mother had had for the fries.
I had a similar experience when I heard the announcement on early-morning radio that McDonald's would from then on be serving breakfast 24/7 at select locations. These are the events that I want to relive when I get to heaven.

If you didn't vote Burger King Creates Chicken Fries, then you don't believe in fast food.
Honestly, if this wasn't on the list, I would vote Bin Laden's death.
But chicken fries are more important than killing the most nefarious and probably in the top 10 worst real life villains in the world.
Foot lettuce meme is dead though
So maybe this wasn't the best vote

We personally believe that the bringing back of the Chicken Fries was extremely necessary. This event brought our country together, and created world peace. It also brought up the chicken revolution.

Bless this great nation there has never been a finer invention in all of time God bless America praise Jesus Hallelujah good day too all enjoy the chicken fries

9 The Economy Collapses

Because economy decides all our lives, if our economy falls we fall too.

This was a big part of the world and had everyone scared.

Why isn't it higher on the list?

Global impact, should be number 3 at least.

10 Boston Marathon Bombing

This was an attack that shocked the world because of how they caught everyone off guard.

I love how this is after Burger King Chicken Fries, and Youtube Forms.

2013 is NOT in the 2000's. we're in a new decade now people, and half way through it.

DUDE! it's the same millennium: the 2000s! when you say "the 2000s," it implies the whole millennium!

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? 2006 FIFA World Cup
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11 Africa's Population Reaches 1 Billion

1 billion infected with ebola

12 Green River Killer Captured

Really important moment not compared to the Unabomber or other serial killers

Ladys and gentlemen we got him

This is a fudging T.V. series how is this important? lmao


13 BTK Captured

It was a big capture that gave everyone a little relief.

This guy was not a nice guy.

BTK was a serial killer, Dennis Rader.

Who is BTK? You mean bin laden?

14 Cave of the Crystals First Discovered

Hey guys just found diamonds in minecraft, jealousss?

Thomas likes men

what how?

15 Michael Jackson Molestation Trial

This was at a time where harassment accusations are shocking. The Metoo Movement ruined all accusations.

No he was not a pedo, he was just stupid sleepovers with kids.

Id let him molest me

Had a good outcome

16 Pluto Demoted to Dwarf Planet

Pluto does not deSEREVE this. he IS a planet, not just in my heart but in everyone else's. This is so unessissary its sad (suck at spelling obviously) when I was a kid growing up pluto was my favorite planet, I always thought that it wouldn't leave me or make fun of me like the people I grew up with did and I would think of pluto as a friend. THis is complete DISCRIMINATION! I'm so dissapointed in thoes scientists.

No longer a planet to the human science. But something can't be denied from what it is, it is like you kick out somebody from the family.
Pluto is considered a dwarf planet from 2006 but it's still a planet...

Pluto deserves to be a planet it was my favorite and I don't care what you science geeks say in my heart it's a planet. It my be small but great things come in small packages and so does TNT go PLUTO

But it is a planet, it just isn't recognized as one by scientists (sorry I can't spell). It doesn't matter what size it is it is still a planet if they said it was a planet they should stick to that option.

17 Death of Bin Laden

So for those who think he is a great man you think its ok that he destroyed the twin towers and killed hundreds of Innocent people. you really think he is a good man knowing all of this

This gave everyone a piece of mind that they are a lot more safer with this man dead.

He died in 2011 so it makes no sense to put his death on here.

Haha stoopid osama bin laden your dead

18 Saddam Hussein Captured

This is a pretty important event. Saddam was one of the most evil people of the 21st century so far. He gasses and commited genocide his own people. His capture helped bring justice to all the atrocities he committed as Iraq's dictator

This was also a big capture in which is saving a lot of people from more terrorist attacks.

Yep, I agree. This was significant.


19 Euro Comes to Europe

Guys that's great

Big change for us europeans

Now the entire Europe should become a one nation country! 🙃

The Euro was introduced to Europe in the 2000s now days many European countries use the Euro as their national money (Europe has Euro in it)

20 Tsunami in East Asia

9/11 was bad, but did it ruin the lives of millions no, therefore this is a more tragic event. But oh well what can you do against patriotic oh look at me being smart invading countries that didn't need invading cause they got oil Americans who think the world is about them. GET A GRIP, ITS NOT.

That's right, Michael Jackson's death is far more important than a tsunami not only kills 230.000 innocents souls in 14 different countries but also becoming the deadliest tsunami in history. THIS SHOULD BE 1!

It's an huge tsunami and all the place that eat the tsunami has been changed for the good of the peaple so I think that the tsunami is a dangerous attak from the sea.

We should go to war with the sea for that

21 Disney Bought Marvel Entertainment

Marvel was amazing either way, long live iron man

Bad decision on their behalf to be honest

Cousin loves black panther

Best thing to ever happen

22 YouTube Forms

This is so important YouTube helped shape the world today!

23 Water Found On the Moon

Actually Ice, and this leads people to believe that there could have been... are or could be life! (maybe there so small we can’t see them) so cool MOON ALIENS!

That's really cool I didn't know that

Woah. There could be life in the moon?

Wow! I did not know that?!?!?! (Shocked)

24 War On Terror

War war war just terrible

The war on terror has been going on for ages and I don’t think it will stop anytime soon.

Kill those terrorrist

25 The Virginia Tech Mass Shooting

He was a senior, and it was at the end of the year. That means this was a pretty savage senior prank.

Shows the advancement in the technology

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