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1 Zelda vs Peach

I think Peach should be able to have Empress Peach if Zelda has Phantom Zelda.
Also, compared to Peach Vs Amy, this was relatively accurate. - Qryzx

I agree, was the Empress Peach move really that necessary to include in a Death Battle? Screwattack should have a rematch and take out this move.

Phantom Zelda would own and all she has to do is die to use it plus she can heal from an arrow to the chest and phantom are invincible for that was how he made them.(unless you have a phantom sword) plus oot sheik jumped vast distance in dessert colossus and lake hylia!

Keyword here: Die.

If someone dies, they lose. Checkmate. Also, none of those feats compare to Peach's in the slightest. - Qryzx

This was correct. Zelda never in fought at all in canon, while Peach has.

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2 Sora vs Pit

Pit has fourth wall breaking skills that surpass deadpool in some aspects. like he has knowledge of many other video game characters that appeared on nintendo consoles. sora did do that, so there is a chance he knows who sora is and all of soras weaknesses.

They, didn't do enough research on pit, saying sora is faster, while pit is faster and not letting pit use his full potential.

3 Luigi vs Tails

They completely ignored Luigis Fist of Thunder which would have completely wrecked Tails and his Thunderphobia

They used Super Mario Bros 2 for Luigi's strength... WHICH IS A NON-CANON GAME AS IT TAKES PLACE IN MARIO'S HEAD - RandomUser

This one is accurate. Mario may be a better series overall, but the Sonic characters are stronger in nearly every way. - LarkwingFlight

Much like Mario vs Sonic, this battle had to many flaws. - nintendofan126

4 Mario vs Sonic

This Should Of Been a Tie, They're Basically On Equal Footing If You Use Their Composite Versions, For Canon However, Sonic Would Take This, Knowing How He Has Defeated Gods, Has Gone Faster Than Light, Tanked Black Holes, Etc;
Sure, Mario Has Defeated Gods But, They All Come From The Paper Mario Games, Which Is It's Own Seperate Universe.
Composite - Tie
Canon - Sonic

"Sonic can't use the Chaos Control"...SERIOUSLY?!?

Those Mario idiots are... well, idiots.

Uh no. Sonic definitely beats Mario. Why is this number 3? Realistically if Mario and Sonic fought, Sonic would win in less than a second. - RandomUser

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5 Starscream vs Rainbow Dash

This is the worst death battle, after Mario vs Sonic! Starscream, could have possess Rainbow Dash. - nintendofan126

Even though I don't hate mlp fim I think starscream should of won - VideoGamefan5

6 Thor vs Wonder Woman

They lowballed Thor just so Wonder Woman could win. - Baconshark

How is this not on here?

7 Yoshi vs Riptor

Yoshi couldn't even fight Toad. That's how weak he is. - kdoraisamy23

Yoshi is my favorite game character of all, but I seriously think they loved Yoshi too much and just wanted to keep him alive. Riptor is a brutal fighter who would have killed Yoshi right away. - LarkwingFlight

This is also right. Yoshi effortlessly kills everyone in Killer Instinct.

Worst Death Battle ever.

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8 Vegeta vs Shadow

They factored in that Solaris feat which makes the Super Hedgehogs low multiversal since Solaris is a being that exists in all 3 timelines and has been stated that he can destroy dimensions and other universes. Since it did take 3 Super Hedgehogs to beat him, low multiversal would be a level that would make more sense than automatically making all of them multiversal. Plus this fight came out in 2011 which means that it came out WAY before Battle of Gods and Resurrection F. In a real fight, Shadow would make "VEGETAble soup for dinner!

Nope, Vegeta deserved to win. Although maybe the explanation is inaccurate as seen by others.

Vegeta effortlessly defeats most of Sonic.

Shadow was heavily downplayed. DB claimed that the super form can only last a few minutes even though that’s false. Sonic was able to stay in his super form for days in Sonic Advance. They also left out Shadow’s feat in defeating the past version of Solaris who was a super dimensional deity that was going to devour all timelines in the Sonic multiverse. Even then, they had Vegeta win simply due to plot-induced stupidity. When Shadow was teleporting Vegeta, he could’ve just teleported him into the sun and the fight would be over.

9 Rogue vs Wonder Woman
10 Yang vs Tifa

This whole episode screamed bias while shoving the Rooster Teeth sponsor in your face.

Hmm, screwattack is part of roosterteeth, RWBY is part of roosterteeth, Yang is a character in RWBY. Do I even need to explain any further... - Qryzx

This is easily the episode I despite the most, not just because of the inaccurate outcome but because how Yang is portrayed in the fight. She behaves like a violent sociopathic during the fight and kills Tifa for doing her job. Worse still instead of punching Tifa in to oblivion ( which would have been a much better KO) Yang snaps Tifa's neck. Straight up murdering her. DB got everything wrong here. The math, the lore and the characters. Plus looking at the music that played, stuff in the background it's obvious the we're favoring Yang and promoting Rwby.

Somone on Screwattack actually did the math and PROVED this wrong. Look up "Yang vs. Tifa: filling in the blanks"

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11 Naruto vs Ichigo

I agree naruto couldn’t even win agains ichigo alone he barely fights alone ichigo has taken many more wonds and is faster then naruto hands down death battle just never learns full story

They admitted to doing little research on Bleach. Ichigo got downplayed so hard in that battle. They said he was hypersonic speed in the fight yet they never showed his speed in the actual battle. Mugetsu also defeated a FOURTH DIMENSIONAL BEING (Aizen).
Naruto needed all of his chakra for the moon attack while Ichigo with ALL his forms (they left out the Vasto Lordes form) would BLOW HIS CHAKRA OUT OF THE WATER.
Ichigo is faster and can tank nuke attacks like breaking a toothpick.

Of course Narutards will say all of this is wrong without actually providing sources, like they always do.

Well it all depends on which version you go with. As a fan of both series I think they are both on par with one another, at their strongest. Naruto with all the tailed beast chakra and ichigo in his epic god mode form are both in a sense the gods of their own universe at the time. The difference I think here is that naruto would probably never have to face ichigo alone as in the series he rarely fights alone. Even in the final battle with madara/kaguya he has help from Sasuke.. which if you consider the two of them one character they make the sage of six paths (god basically) I wouldn’t have matched these two for a fight in the first place.. naruto would most likely fight ichigo until they are both nearly dead and then still try to talk ichigo down and with some plot armor they’d be best friends eating ramen in the end..

12 Ben 10 vs. Green Lantern

They literally contradict themselves when they try to explain the results. Not to mention that they compare green lantern to aliens that didn't even appear in the fight; making this entire episode feel like it was either rushed, cut, or possibly even altered last minute.

There was so much wrong with this fight. - Baconshark

This battle is horrible. They contradicted them selfs. The way Ben 10 losses is because of scissors.

They got some things wrong with this episode
#1 Alien X could have just followed green lantern when he went back in time to keep the fight going.
#2 Alien X recreated the universe not because he can't stop the destruction,but because he didn't know what was happening in the first place.
I know this is all about Alien X but still,Ben 10 should have won.

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13 Pikachu vs Blanka

This should be number one

In my opinion, it was the most unfair battle. Seriously, why would you put Pikachu against a guy resistant to electricity

God, I hate this Battle, Not only was it Unfair, Unfunny, and a terrible Matchup. But Pikachu Should of Stomped, He defeated Legendary Pokemon and when he was trained by Ash, Who was Blanka trained by? DAN HIBIKI!

Beating Legendary Pokemon is Nothing When Your Trained by DAN - s646451

Generally hated the match-up in general. Not much correlation other than electricity, decent animation, and a flatout illogical death. Wasn't funny, either. Still better than Yang vs Tifa in my humble opinion.

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14 Ivy Valentine vs B. Orchid
15 Hulk vs Doomsday

Just blatantly wrong research on this fight.

- They used Savage Hulk (the common "HULK SMASH" one) despite that being his weakest incarnation. If they were including World Breaker, then they should've given him the intelligence that Hulk had in that storyline
- Hulk never fought Sentry as World Breaker, he only went WB after the fight was over. He fought Marvel's equivalent of Superman to a stalemate while not even in his strongest form
- Also in the Sentry fight, Hulk didn't revert to Banner because his anger just ran itself out, it was because Sentry's aura has an innate calming effect, which is why he was brought to fight Hulk in the first place. Banner even Hulked out again not 10 minutes after the fight was over
- His healing is not tired to his anger, nowhere is that ever stated
- Hulk's strength was stated to be limitless by an omniscient being, so his anger's not just gonna "run out"
- For Doomsday, he isn't flat out immune to brute force as he's been ...more

16 Kratos vs Spawn

This was also right, Spawn destroys Kratos.

Kratos is a GOD, WHY HIS LOSE FOR A DEVIL? - Danoni

Did you just watch the Fight & Nothing Else not the Bio & Aftermath - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

17 Terminator vs Robocop
18 Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake
19 Batman vs Spider-Man

Nope, this one is right. Batman is just some rich dude with some fancy toys. Spider-Man on the other hand is not. He’s got superhuman strength and abilities. And two words: Spider Sense

20 Pokemon vs Digimon

Pokemon is better not Digimon - Goatworlds

Hey, does anyone have a link to Drax laughing from Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2? - Baconshark

I prefer Pokemon over Digimon but honestly I agree that Digimon wins. Wargreymon should've been way bigger in the actual fight making it near impossible for Charizard to even hurt him. - RandomUser

Absolutely right.

Whoa, at least Charizard put up a good fight against Agumon! This battle is legit. Even if Tai didn't interfere with Red, Charizard was RECHARGING from Blast Burn. That's why it lost. Pokemon is the better franchise, but Digimon are stronger than Pokemon. Sorry, Charizard. :( - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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21 Toph vs Gaara

It was just wrong in most ways.
I will say nothing else

Yup. A guy who can intercept amaterasu, catch a meteor, and block a city buster after it detonated loses to a girl much slower than sound who once held a sinking building, and once fell in a hole and could barely hold a couple tons of dirt and rocks from caving in. If they both tried to fight over the same grain of sand, Gara wouldn't even notice the amount of force she can apply...if she were fast enough to apply any before she died.

22 Leon Kennedy vs Frank West
23 Darth Vader vs Doctor Doom

Vader would instantly murder Doom, end of story.

24 Scout vs Tracer


While I do think Tracer rightfully won, there is so many problems with this, that it's down right disappointing.

1) They did a horrible job of explaining Scout. The facts they mentioned were inaccurate, for example, they said if you use the Force-A-Nature with the Bonk! Atomic Punch, you get more mid air jumps. Two problems here. One, The Force-A-Nature does not give you more jumps with Bonk. The gun they're talking about is the Soda Popper. Two the soda on the Soda Popper is the Crit-A-Cola, not Bonk.

2) The Tracer in the battle used two specials. I don't know too much about Overwatch, but from what I've heard, this isn't possible.

3) In the battle, Scout was able to attack under the use of Bonk. That isn't possible. Plus, Tracer survived a taunt kill.

4) The Tracer "dodged" a bullet feat was bull. Widowmaker was not aiming at Tracer to begin with.

5) They go on, and on about how Scout runs and is fast. It's true. So why the hell does ...more

I think this is honestly the worst. It should have been a stomp for Scout if they actually correctly researched him. There lies so many problems in the battle in reasearch.

1) They just keep going on and on about how fast Scout is. When it comes time for the battle though, he stands still most of the battle. The battle is more like Heavy vs Tracer. Even after saying how fast he is, fast enough to outrun automatic fire, they just lowball it and say he’s only 2mph faster than your average human.

2) They’ve got the concept of Bonk wrong. They say the Bonk makes Scout invulnerable from damage, which is correct and can’t use any guns which is also correct. The thing is, this also restricts the Bat, which Scout uses while under the effects in the battle. You can taunt kill though.

3) They mention that Scout has the Sandman which can stun enemies. Alright sweet, we know that Tracer is heavily walked by stuns. In the battle? Haha, nope. Scout doesn’t even use it. ...more

25 Boba Fett vs Samus Aran

Really, if Boba Fett got his ass owned by a blind Han Solo I'm pretty sure Samus Aran could beat him. Not to mention Samus has a wider arsenal than Boba. - RandomUser

Samus destroys Boba Fett in every way shape and form.

26 Justin Bieber vs Rebecca Black

You seriously have to put that old joke here?!?! - PositronWildhawk

27 Bomberman vs Dig Dug

Bomberman was criminally under-researched in my opinion.

Guys, we have a problem. No one, and I repeat, NO ONE has voted for this massive dud in Season 1, yet I see a vote for a nonexistent "SpongeBob vs Pikachu" on here. Why is this a problem? Because the research for this fight was a complete mess. First of all, just because Dig Dug has better mobility in the ground doesn't mean anything. Especially when Bomberman is stronger than Regulus, who smashed the Omni Cube so hard it destroyed galaxies. Strength isn't everything, sure, but that doesn't mean Bomberman doesn't destroy Dig Dug in other categories too.

Bomberman's taken a planet-sized explosion at the end of Bomberman Hero, and no it's not subtle unlike other feats of durability, it's right in front of your face. Not to mention, he's not as dumb as rocks as portrayed in the fight. He's taken out other, more experienced bombermen, especially Black Bomber. The only reason they considered him stupid is because he can get trapped with his own bomb, which is player error. ...more - nerffan8000

28 Batman vs Captain America
29 Goku vs Superman 2

They really should have waited until after Resurrection F came out. As of that movie, I feel like Goku would actually have a shot.

Goku Actually He Had A Better Advantage But Still No Matter How Powerful Goku Is He Will Never Defeat Superman - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

30 Bowser vs Ganondorf

They totally forgot about Giga Bowser

Than what was Bowser transforming into at the end of the fight. - RandomUser

They actually fell for the Holy weapons NLF. Seriously. Are they saying Ganondorf can tank hits from the likes of Galactus, Pre-Crisis Superman, Thanos, Emperor God Doom, Beerus, Dimentio, and Darkseid just because they don't have any "holy weapons"?

And the corruption they mentioned Ganondorf used on the Deku tree.. was a giant parasite. Not magic.

31 Carnage vs Lucy

I'd rather not talk about this one... - Baconshark

This fight just sucked badly. They hilariously nerfed Carnage while buffing Lucy acting like her best feats can be done with no effort.

32 Goomba vs Koopa

Koopa Troopa technically won because it can live as Dry Bones

This video is stupid

Seriously, Koopa Troopa could live as Dry Bones after falling in that lava

33 Kirby vs Majin Buu

I agree that Kirby would defeat Buu (assuming you don't powerscale Buu to ridiculous levels that are far superior to anything he's displayed, as the DBZ community loves to do), the explanation was weak at best. They mention Kirby is physically equal and, at points, superior to Buu. While this is likely true (he did punch a moon-sized meteor so hard it was sent flying away four thousand times faster than it arrived, defeated an omnipotent being in what was basically an arm wrestle, and threw a monster out of the galaxy) they showcased...none of these feats. In fact, the only two they mentioned were both of them surviving planet-explosions (and somehow thinking it meant for for Kirby than it did for Buu) and Kirby throwing a 3 ton monster at escape velocity, a feat Buu has already far surpassed. Love the animation, but the explanation could have used plenty of work. Heck, they didn't even mention that Buu was weak to positive energy, which Kirby is literally composed of. - LittleZbot

Sigh, The Episode that made The Death Battle Fanon Wiki think Kirby is the Strongest Character, And HE'S NOT!

Did you not watch the analysis? Have you ever played a Kirby game? This one is accurate, Kirby would win. - LarkwingFlight

Kirby effortlessly beats Buu.

34 Zitz vs Leonardo

Zitz can turn into ANYTHING.

35 Goku vs Superman

When I made this list, I did NOT say that it would include accurate ones. Superman would beat Goku.

Really should be #1.

How is this one so far down? Whether you think Superman should’ve won or not, this DB was fraught with poor research. Siting multiple canons, non-canons, and using feats from Saiyan Saga Goku and calling Superman “limitless” even though he’s not. Again, not necessarily implying that Goku should have won, just that they wanked Superman to the point of borderline omnipotence while using speed feats from early DBZ for Goku. If you are a DBZ fan, you have the right to be upset at this gross misrepresentation of the character you favoured. And if you are a Superman fan, you should be dissatisfied by the hollow victory presented in this Death Battle, because if Superman really is the better player, then you deserve a true victory.

36 Knuckles vs Donkey Kong

Knuckles can dig and punch the Emeralds out of Super Sonic. Super Sonic is invincible until he runs out rings. I prove the Master Emerald answer buy this.
In the same game, (Sonic 3 and Knuckles) Robotnic has this cannon hooked up to the Master Emerald. Super and Hyper Sonic are immune to it. How do you explain that? You can't.

If one of them can punch a Super Saiyan out of Super form and rob them, it's obvious who should've won.

Knuckles never displayed any kind of feat like this before or after, making it a serious outlier. Even if he was able to, it was probably due to his connection to the Master Emerald, which literally has the ability to nullify the Chaos Emeralds. - LittleZbot

37 Buttercup vs Rainbow Dash

Honestly,i think buttercup will win,she even went forward through time(with no help from her sisters),she'd speed blitz rainbow,

WAIT! this isin't a death battle!

38 Scrooge McDuck vs Shovel Knight

I have two problems with this fight:

1.) Why wasn't the Phase Locket used? It would've provided Shovel Knight a defense that Scrooge Mcduck wouldn't be able to counter, as he wouldn't have any way to hit Shovel Knight while it was active.

2.) The way they kill Shovel Knight wouldn't work, and that's Scrooge's fault. The Anti-Inertia and Neutro Friction guns would render the finishing blow that Scrooge used temporarily useless because the attack would either cause him to bounce on Shovel Knight with no damage, or just slide off of Shovel Knight. - Baconshark

39 Amy Rose vs Dedede

This...isn't a Death Battle. And it was a DBX that Dedede won - which is still an accurate result. I don't understand why it's here. - LittleZbot

Spoiler Dedede won.Amy could've won.

40 Vergil vs Sephiroth

Sephiroth won the fight because of his use of illusions and supernova but the thing is
A: Sephiroth has never used his illusions in combat. I don't feel its fair to have a character use their abilities in a way they normally wouldn't.
B: Sephiroth cannot use supernova without going into his safer form which he couldn't even do in the context of the fight. They justify this by saying he uses it outside of his safer form in the dissidia games but those are non canon.

41 Jotaro vs Kenshiro

No kenshiro stomps

42 Peach vs Amy

Someday, that Death Battle might officially exist. And surely, both would not have a Death Battle like warriors. They would have it more like a sexist catfight where they would both easily lose (ex: Princess Peach would only have the most infamous Final Smash the Peach Blossom and Amy Rose would be too dependant on a Piko-Piko Hammer). Then again, they are (I mean were only because Amy Rose actually did grow a lot since 2013) similar to each other as main female characters of big video game studios when ACTUALLY strong female characters deserved to be the female leads.

Other than that, please put "Amy Rose vs. Ramona Flowers" on this list because Ramona would be a LOT more badass and easy to have a relationship with because she wouldn't be as needy or obsessed over boys AT ALL. So yeah, it was inaccurate for Amy Rose to win against Ramona Flowers since it was just people being all like "If you prefer Ramona Flowers over teenage girls that are pissed that guys don't win their ...more

43 Raven vs Twilight Sparkle

A fan of both character, However Twilight should've defeated Raven. Twilight had feats that Raven couldn't do alone. Raven mostly gets one shotted a weak laser pistol and Twilight took a blast from the power the the x4 alicorn. Twilight is in fact powerful enough (especially since she is on the same, if not above, Celestia and Luna. In the true cannon Raven never truly Trigon, She alway had help with beings far stronger than her. to be honest Raven is not even the strongest Titan.

44 Link vs Cloud

Just watch how Link beats Cloud in the end and you'll see how biased it is

Well...I like both characters so it's accurate (not because I like both characters) - ParkerFang

They said Cloud was the deadliest swordsman in video game history!

45 Mega Man vs Astro Boy
46 Captain America vs Justin Bieber

what - RandomUser

47 Sam Fisher vs Solid Snake
48 Ryu vs Jin

They did research in both characters however they seriously underestimated and outright downplayed Jin, they say blood vengeance isn’t canon which is true, but they use the udon comics in ryu’s favor which are also non canon, on top of that if you are a die hard tekken fan you would know that nothing can stop the devil gene not even the power of nothingness, they also forgot a lot of Jin’s powers, such as his telekinesis, healing, and energy absorption, ryu has never shown any resistance against telekinetic attacks, on top of that Jin could’ve absorbed the power ryu had and finished him off, honestly this episode was literally Vergil vs sephiroth all over again, where the stronger person loses and the winner was deemed their title to appese fans and you can tell from a football field away the episode was outright one sided, though in screwattack’s defense the animation for this episode was off the wall

The way you put that in, that means it's like they had a Turtle win against a Bear? - Qryzx

49 Doom Guy vs Master Chief

Literally using the Doom 2016 Guy AKA Doom Slayer in the thumbnail as clickbait but in the said video, it's the classic Doom Guy instead. And to add some extra insult, Master Chief teabags Doom Guy's corpse which is very insulting and triggered a massive flamewar between both Halo and Doom fans. Seriously, this episode really needs to be reworked to ground.

In the end, ScrewAttack are confirmed to be degenerates who deserve to be put on a cross.

50 Godzilla vs Gamera

I do agree that godzilla wins,but eath battle kinda made gamera look like an idiot.

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