Top 10 Inaccurate Death Battles

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1 Zelda vs Peach

I agree, was the Empress Peach move really that necessary to include in a Death Battle? Screwattack should have a rematch and take out this move.

Phantom Zelda would own and all she has to do is die to use it plus she can heal from an arrow to the chest and phantom are invincible for that was how he made them.(unless you have a phantom sword) plus oot sheik jumped vast distance in dessert colossus and lake hylia!

This was correct. Zelda never in fought at all in canon, while Peach has.

Two words: phantom zelda

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2 Starscream vs Rainbow Dash

This is the worst death battle, after Mario vs Sonic! Starscream, could have possess Rainbow Dash. - nintendofan126

Even though I don't hate mlp fim I think starscream should of won - VideoGamefan5

3 Mario vs Sonic

Uh no. Sonic definitely beats Mario. Why is this number 3? Realistically if Mario and Sonic fought, Sonic would win in less than a second. - RandomUser

Death Battle gets so many battles wrong, and a correct one is first? I mean, the reasoning could be better, but I overall agree.

Those Mario idiots are... well, idiots.

You guys are just triggered. It's just a non canon battle. Who cares if Mario lost? - ParkerFang

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4 Yang vs Tifa

Somone on Screwattack actually did the math and PROVED this wrong. Look up "Yang vs. Tifa: filling in the blanks"

Agreed - ParkerFang

5 Vegeta vs Shadow

Nope, Vegeta deserved to win. Although maybe the explanation is inaccurate as seen by others.

Vegeta effortlessly defeats most of Sonic.

6 Luigi vs Tails

This one is accurate. Mario may be a better series overall, but the Sonic characters are stronger in nearly every way. - LarkwingFlight

Much like Mario vs Sonic, this battle had to many flaws. - nintendofan126

7 Kratos vs Spawn

This was also right, Spawn destroys Kratos.

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8 Terminator vs Robocop
9 Batman vs Spider-Man

Nope, this one is right. Batman is just some rich dude with some fancy toys. Spider-Man on the other hand is not. He’s got superhuman strength and abilities. And two words: Spider Sense

10 Yoshi vs Riptor

Yoshi is my favorite game character of all, but I seriously think they loved Yoshi too much and just wanted to keep him alive. Riptor is a brutal fighter who would have killed Yoshi right away. - LarkwingFlight

This is also right. Yoshi effortlessly kills everyone in Killer Instinct.

Worst Death Battle ever.

"Yoshi effortlessly kills everyone in Killer Instinct."
Excuse me but, no.
Gargos can fly so it can avoid Yoshi and it can also use fire on Yoshi and Eyedol can smash Yoshi with his club.
I am not saying I hate Yoshi but, Killer Instinct characters are not super weaklings that Mario characters can beat.
TJ Combo could beat up Yoshi and Cinder could burn her.
Glacius can disappear and appear close to her (Yes, Yoshi is girl because she can lay eggs and so can Riptor) and uppercut her.
Fulgore can use his eye laser on her
Chief Thunder can do his Ultra Combo on her
Spinal can transform into any of other KI characters if I am sure but I seen the video where he turns into another character and he does a combo
Sabrewulf can eat her up
Maya can cut her up
Tusk can kill her
Kim Wu can kick her hard

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? Sam Fisher vs Solid Snake
? Captain America vs Justin Bieber

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11 Justin Bieber vs Rebecca Black

You seriously have to put that old joke here?!?! - PositronWildhawk

12 Boba Fett vs Samus Aran

Really, if Boba Fett got his ass owned by a blind Han Solo I'm pretty sure Samus Aran could beat him. Not to mention Samus has a wider arsenal than Boba. - RandomUser

Samus destroys Boba Fett in every way shape and form.

13 Toph vs Gaara

Yup. A guy who can intercept amaterasu, catch a meteor, and block a city buster after it detonated loses to a girl much slower than sound who once held a sinking building, and once fell in a hole and could barely hold a couple tons of dirt and rocks from caving in. If they both tried to fight over the same grain of sand, Gara wouldn't even notice the amount of force she can apply...if she were fast enough to apply any before she died.

14 Mega Man vs Astro Boy
15 Pikachu vs Blanka

God, I hate this Battle, Not only was it Unfair, Unfunny, and a terrible Matchup. But Pikachu Should of Stomped, He defeated Legendary Pokemon and when he was trained by Ash, Who was Blanka trained by? DAN HIBIKI!

Generally hated the match-up in general. Not much correlation other than electricity, decent animation, and a flatout illogical death. Wasn't funny, either. Still better than Yang vs Tifa in my humble opinion.

Just because someone has electric powers that doesn't mean you have to compare them to Pikachu!

In my opinion, it was the most unfair battle. Seriously, why would you put Pikachu against a guy resistant to electricity

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16 Batman vs Captain America
17 Pokemon vs Digimon

Pokemon is better not Digimon - Goatworlds

I prefer Pokemon over Digimon but honestly I agree that Digimon wins. Wargreymon should've been way bigger in the actual fight making it near impossible for Charizard to even hurt him. - RandomUser

Absolutely right.

Ok, I like both but Pokemon is not that "better" than Digimon. Unless if you compare the games.
Digimon has better anime with new villains.
Pokemon anime adds new villains but they don't even battle Ash because of repetitive Team Rocket.
I just hate Team Rocket already. And I ALWAYS hated Meowth.
Digimon doesn't have that much good games compared to Pokemon but still, Digimon are stronger than Pokemon.
They can digivolve into something much more powerful than Pokemon's evolution.
Now, don't get me wrong, I like Pokemon, and its games! Kind of its anime. NOT Pokemon Go. I just don't like that game. I am NOT saying that I hate Pokemon Go or anyone who plays Pokemon Go I am just saying that I don't like Pokemon Go..
Zeedmilenniummon could beat all of Pokemon.
I am not huge watcher of anime but that does NOT mean I hate or dislike anime I just don't watch it that much.

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18 Bowser vs Ganondorf

They totally forgot about Giga Bowser

Than what was Bowser transforming into at the end of the fight. - RandomUser

They actually fell for the Holy weapons NLF. Seriously. Are they saying Ganondorf can tank hits from the likes of Galactus, Pre-Crisis Superman, Thanos, Emperor God Doom, Beerus, Dimentio, and Darkseid just because they don't have any "holy weapons"?

And the corruption they mentioned Ganondorf used on the Deku tree.. was a giant parasite. Not magic.

19 Zitz vs Leonardo

Zitz can turn into ANYTHING.

20 Bomberman vs Dig Dug

Bomberman was criminally under-researched in my opinion.

Guys, we have a problem. No one, and I repeat, NO ONE has voted for this massive dud in Season 1, yet I see a vote for a nonexistent "SpongeBob vs Pikachu" on here. Why is this a problem? Because the research for this fight was a complete mess. First of all, just because Dig Dug has better mobility in the ground doesn't mean anything. Especially when Bomberman is stronger than Regulus, who smashed the Omni Cube so hard it destroyed galaxies. Strength isn't everything, sure, but that doesn't mean Bomberman doesn't destroy Dig Dug in other categories too.

Bomberman's taken a planet-sized explosion at the end of Bomberman Hero, and no it's not subtle unlike other feats of durability, it's right in front of your face. Not to mention, he's not as dumb as rocks as portrayed in the fight. He's taken out other, more experienced bombermen, especially Black Bomber. The only reason they considered him stupid is because he can get trapped with his own bomb, which is player error. ...more - nerffan8000

21 Scout vs Tracer

While I do think Tracer rightfully won, there is so many problems with this, that it's down right disappointing.

1) They did a horrible job of explaining Scout. The facts they mentioned were inaccurate, for example, they said if you use the Force-A-Nature with the Bonk! Atomic Punch, you get more mid air jumps. Two problems here. One, The Force-A-Nature does not give you more jumps with Bonk. The gun they're talking about is the Soda Popper. Two the soda on the Soda Popper is the Crit-A-Cola, not Bonk.

2) The Tracer in the battle used two specials. I don't know too much about Overwatch, but from what I've heard, this isn't possible.

3) In the battle, Scout was able to attack under the use of Bonk. That isn't possible. Plus, Tracer survived a taunt kill.

4) The Tracer "dodged" a bullet feat was bull. Widowmaker was not aiming at Tracer to begin with.

5) They go on, and on about how Scout runs and is fast. It's true. So why the hell does ...more

I think this is honestly the worst. It should have been a stomp for Scout if they actually correctly researched him. There lies so many problems in the battle in reasearch.

1) They just keep going on and on about how fast Scout is. When it comes time for the battle though, he stands still most of the battle. The battle is more like Heavy vs Tracer. Even after saying how fast he is, fast enough to outrun automatic fire, they just lowball it and say he’s only 2mph faster than your average human.

2) They’ve got the concept of Bonk wrong. They say the Bonk makes Scout invulnerable from damage, which is correct and can’t use any guns which is also correct. The thing is, this also restricts the Bat, which Scout uses while under the effects in the battle. You can taunt kill though.

3) They mention that Scout has the Sandman which can stun enemies. Alright sweet, we know that Tracer is heavily walked by stuns. In the battle? Haha, nope. Scout doesn’t even use it. ...more

22 Naruto vs Ichigo

Well it all depends on which version you go with. As a fan of both series I think they are both on par with one another, at their strongest. Naruto with all the tailed beast chakra and ichigo in his epic god mode form are both in a sense the gods of their own universe at the time. The difference I think here is that naruto would probably never have to face ichigo alone as in the series he rarely fights alone. Even in the final battle with madara/kaguya he has help from Sasuke.. which if you consider the two of them one character they make the sage of six paths (god basically) I wouldn’t have matched these two for a fight in the first place.. naruto would most likely fight ichigo until they are both nearly dead and then still try to talk ichigo down and with some plot armor they’d be best friends eating ramen in the end..

They admitted to doing little research on Bleach. Ichigo got downplayed so hard in that battle. They said he was hypersonic speed in the fight yet they never showed his speed in the actual battle. Mugetsu also defeated a FOURTH DIMENSIONAL BEING (Aizen).
Naruto needed all of his chakra for the moon attack while Ichigo with ALL his forms (they left out the Vasto Lordes form) would BLOW HIS CHAKRA OUT OF THE WATER.
Ichigo is faster and can tank nuke attacks like breaking a toothpick.

Of course Narutards will say all of this is wrong without actually providing sources, like they always do.

23 Goomba vs Koopa

Seriously, Koopa Troopa could live as Dry Bones after falling in that lava

24 Goku vs Superman 2

They really should have waited until after Resurrection F came out. As of that movie, I feel like Goku would actually have a shot. - TwitchandVinegar

25 Darth Vader vs Doctor Doom

Vader would instantly murder Doom, end of story.

26 Hulk vs Doomsday
27 Sora vs Pit

They, didn't do enough research on pit, saying sora is faster, while pit is faster and not letting pit use his full potential.

28 Goku vs Superman

When I made this list, I did NOT say that it would include accurate ones. Superman would beat Goku.

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29 Link vs Cloud

Well...I like both characters so it's accurate (not because I like both characters) - ParkerFang

They said Cloud was the deadliest swordsman in video game history!

30 Kirby vs Majin Buu

Sigh, The Episode that made The Death Battle Fanon Wiki think Kirby is the Strongest Character, And HE'S NOT!

Did you not watch the analysis? Have you ever played a Kirby game? This one is accurate, Kirby would win. - LarkwingFlight

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31 SpongeBob vs Pikachu
32 Knuckles vs Donkey Kong

If one of them can punch a Super Saiyan out of Super form and rob them, it's obvious who should've won.

33 Amy Rose vs Dedede

Spoiler Dedede won.Amy could've won.

34 Buttercup vs Rainbow Dash
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