Top 10 Websites to Experience Augmented and Virtual Reality

In a world where brands struggle to keep themselves different from the rest, augmented and virtual reality was born to serve the brands just what they needed. There are many websites that give real time experience of augmented and virtual reality to the consumers. Here are a few based on their ranking. They are ranked on the quality of their experience.
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1 Web A R

This is a simple website where the designer has openly said that the website is a result of his little researches. There are 7 tests in total, which you can select from. All you have to do is print a marker to interact with the application and allow the activation of your webcam. You can use all these tests to experience augmented reality at various levels.

2 Active Media Innovations

This is rated at the No. 1 Augmented reality site. Loved by the public for its innovation and simplicity, it provides you with a glimpse into their powerful motion sensor technology on their home page itself. Allowing the webcam to turn on, you can navigate through their website only by moving your hand in front of your computer screen. The crisp design of their webpage is attractive and they promise interaction, engagement and experience, which they deliver. They provide an experience that makes an imprint on the user. Their prestigious client base includes McDonalds, Hyundai, Vodafone, Godrej, Tata, Visa, Standard Chartered and many more. Going by the brands and the word of mouth in market, they are simply the best out there.

Great website, couldn't believe a website can have such mindblowing features.

3 Ray Ban Virtual Mirror

This site gives an opportunity to test Ray Ban sunglasses on you. You can choose the frames and their designs apart from choosing the glasses and their color. There are all the aviators, wayfarers etc. to choose from. They have innovative lens category ranging from polarized, radiant to special and classic. It is very simple to use and gives a good perspective of the glasses before buying them.

4 Modiface Makeover

This site is very interactive providing you with a whole make over before actually going for it. All you need to do is upload an image of yourself and follow their guidelines to help them recognize your face completely. Once that is done, you can select the eye make up from shadows, mascara, liners and brows or make up for lips from their complete package of varied colors and brands and check out your new look. They have similar stuff for hair and skin care as well. The women are sure to spend a lot of time on this one.

5 Augmented Reality Demos

Having a lot of projects in their kitty, they provide augmented reality demos with two applications (both using flash). One is a real looking 3D Timex watch that a person can virtually wear and check how it looks on his hand or how he can carry it well. The other one is a 3D airplane viewer with interactive and animated parts to experience the magic of augmented reality. The languages in which these AR programs are written are Actionscript and XML giving a good experience of the virtual world to the customer. Their simple web design makes it very easy for you. Like them? Hire them!

6 In2ar Web Demo

They provide augmented reality at a better price in just three steps- get image ready, allow webcam to be connected and then show the image to the webcam in order to do anything from watching 3D animation movies to controlling a game.
Their AR engine does not necessarily require a black and white fiducial marker; it does natural features recognition and tracking. They support multi- marker, marker buttons and cross platform.

7 Try Live Eyewear Online Demo

All you have to do is make sure that your webcam is plugged in and turned on. The rest is taken care by following the simple guidelines that this website offers. The options for sunglasses and optical for men and women are varied and can be checked on yourself before buying. It is also possible to adjust the pupil distance after clicking a photograph of yourself for better understanding. They have options that split the screen into two or four which helps you look at yourself wearing different frames for easy judgment and selection. The module is built for easy integration with your E commerce website.

8 XR.+

Free plan, easy to use

9 Sanal Ger├žeklik
10 Meta
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11 iBoson Innovations
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