Top 10 Worst Things About DeviantART

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1 Terrible Fan Art

I used to rp on instagram with deviantart until I got tired and quit with an anxious passion. Now it's getting to the point that every time I play any video game or do anything, I would think about it all day and get really angry thanks to idiots ruining my childhood. There's also some art that proves that males are just pervs and females and better. As a clean male person, I've tried my best to prove to them that not all boys are like that. They don't listen. Now I hate deviantart.

Unfortunately you can find some examples of unacceptable adventure time fanart on deviantart. I mentioned a few in my comment in "most annoying fan bases" and those people can't be considered real fans because of what they did to my tender love marceline!

2 Inflation

Why do so many people think inflation a bad thing? It's not like it's pornographic or anything. (Yes, it's true that some inflation art can show the character naked, which can qualify it as porn, but NOT ALL inflation art involves nudity or indecent exposure.) A fully-clothed character whose torso has become spherical, and is ONLY EXPOSING THEIR BELLY does not depict any sexually inappropriate implications whatsoever (mainly because the belly is not a sexual body part like the privates). People really need to re-evaluate their standards.

3 Crappy Crossovers

Crossover shipping is the worst offender.

TLK/TLG/KH crossovers with other series never make sense. Enough said.

4 Recolors

A bad etablished fan-character is an obvious exemple of recolor,

I remember AniRP, most profiles were filled with flashy haired/fur haired or else.. characters,

when most of those FCs are obvious stolen works of a franchise (mostly cartoons and animes), pretty sure the site still don't care today, also, these characters could be used for ero-profiles.

How come the site still up?

5 Hate Art

Okay, hate art is just dumb! Stop it people! We've heard enough! The hate needs to stop ASAP!

6 People Keep Commenting "Cute!" on Art That's Not Cute

I've seen some inappropriate art involving inappropriate things. It's so disgusting and vile and wrong.

(Sees extremely disturbing picture that will give you nightmares for weeks)


How in any way is blueberry inflations of Foxy Loxy from Chicken Little while she is crying cute?!

7 It Ruins Your Childhood

It made me less able to play some pokemon on my switch because thanks to the cringe art, now I have to look at cute pokemon as they remind me of cringe. This is bad!

Such "art" can't ruin your childhood if you're a teenager/adult.

Never watch Fatclubinc. They ruined female characters in DBZ and make gross vore.

8 There is No Real Art

There is actually some really talented artist on deviantart. Not even some a lot you've just been paying attention to the bad artist

There is some real art just most of it is terrible drawing.

9 Cartoon Porn

Disgusting and vile. Some stuff shouldn't be allowed and some people (normal people) should report about these things.

MLP-porn is major example of this... and I hate it. I hate people seeing and putting porn everywhere. It is disgusting.

A lot of deviants are perverts. They even cross the line.

10 Sonic Fanbase

It full of toxic shipping fans and Sonamy has the worst of toxic shippers.

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11 Girlsvoreboys

The fact that she even made an accont called "Boysvoregirls" means that she'll ruin twice as characters.

12 When You Draw Something Awesome and Get No Recognition

I always draw good things, and I barely get any comments. I even get ignored sometimes. Once I commented on a drawing, and didn't get a reply, while everyone else did. I even made an ask booth and it's been out for months. And I get nothing. Real bummer.

How to get lots of views: Simple, just draw some MS Paint inflation and get heaps of hits, but draw some epic Adobe Photoshop art and get like 10 views.

I remember experiencing this when I drew "Rocko's Rebirth".

13 Fetish Art

Going once, going twice, fetish art of celebrities creators sentenced to death row!

I don't know, but there are so much terrible fetish thingy on there.

This is Deviantart in a nutshell.

14 Boring

It's worse than boring. It's nasty!

15 Sexualized Drawings of Young Cartoon Characters

True. I once saw a disturbing pic of Chica.

Ya! Because I see sexy pics of leni loud form the loud house but shes only 16 years old not 28 years old

16 Perverts

There is one person I see on devaintart that goes on vore arts (which are real life vore, which is scary) and comments "eat me", and his profile picture looks like a guy that is going to prison!

Hate them. DeviantArt is trash because of the sick trash-minded creeps on it.

17 It's an Ad Filled Nightmare
18 Users that Can't Take Criticism

I Hate Everything once told a story about how he made a little joke comment on a Halo drawing he saw, and how that short sentence resulted in the user shutting his account down. He went to say his comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously, and how people have gotten so butthurt about it.

Constructive criticism is fine, but negative/destructive criticism is awful. Also, not everyone likes to be criticised.

The criticism that MasterInternet1 gives to people are awful. MasterInternet1 is a bully who deserves to suffer to death.

19 Weirdos
20 OCs

They are great if you balance their character.

Yet again, that version of Rosy.

21 Anti-Stamps

Ugh! Those things suck! They need to stop! One time, I actually saw one of those. It's a picture of my favorite cartoon couple and a user anti-stamped it. I got really mad. When I saw it for the first time, I placed my iPad on the floor and stomped on it. I'm still angry about that as if today! It's hurtful to lots of people. REMOVE IT NOW!

Especially against different users.

What do you mean by anti stamps?

22 Ridiculously High Amount of Fetish Art

I hate these! No one wants to see Dora the Explorer inflated, Manjimutt in a dirty diaper, or FNaF characters in hideous Sonic forms swallowing each other! It's just gross!

Seriously, it's disgusting! No one wants to see Nicole Watterson inflated or Rainbow Dash in a dirty diaper!

23 It's Stupid
24 Everyone Supporting Another's Horrible Art

Nothing on internet is more horrible than to see a lot of people supporting a shaming adventure time fan art!

Deviantart is full of horrible adventure time fanart and unfortunately many people praise it although it's offensive to the show!

Why do a lot of dimwits support porn, fetish, and that kind of stuff?

25 90% of the Art is Unoriginal
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