Top 10 Things TheTopTens User Mlpyes_pawpatrolno Should Do

I don't know guys. There are people who are cyberbullying me on this site. I need your help to decide by voting and commenting. Thanks.
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1 Stay Here Forever

Thanks a lot Cosmo! I wanted to start a friendship with her but she's leaving! Geez

Mlpyespawpawtrolno, please chat with me. I want an friendship

2 Stay Here Until MLP Gets Cancelled
3 Reveal a Big Secret About Concerning Me

Did you know that mlpyes made reasons to hate boys? She is the one who sucks and should be hated. She is also ugly and she should have never exsisted.


4 Make Another List
5 Make This Into a MLP Fan Club Account
6 Make One More List
7 Change This Account
8 Come Back

But I think you made the Dirtman account. I'm not being mean or anything. It just looks that way.

I don't know what happened to him?

9 Leave Until Christmas
10 Stop Fighting With Cosmo

Ok. I am starting to get very mad. Let me tell you all something: So first of all my brother was the one being rude to mlpyes. (Ok I've already said that 3 times) He loves playing around with my electronics since I have so many of them and for some reason he plays around with my account on the top tens. So as I will say for the 5th time I DID NOT post those apologies or rude comments to mlpyes. It WAS my little brother! So when I came back to use the top tens I was SHOCKED! I was shocked because users and visitors were telling me to shut up and other mean stuff. can't you believe that? (by the way I think MrWiseguy and Dirtman were mlpyes) So then people were telling me to apologize to her when my brother was the one playing his jokes. He always does rude stuff to others just so that they think I did it and so that they get mad at me. So why is this item on here?

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11 Leave Until Next Year
12 Leave TheTopTens Forever

This is just stupid. This list is supposed to be POSITIVE. STOP adding all of this stuff on here! I never knew mlpyes, but she seemed like a great user. MsWiseguy, stop bragging about your intelligence, nobody here cares!

Why should you leave because of some faceless, mindless fools? Don't leave for this reason. Stick it out and show these idiots they're not getting to you. Besides, the friends you make easily outnumber anyone else.
Stay. Please? :).

I think She left was becuase she never beleved Cosmo, there were stupid choices on her lists (just because they talk and drive cars doesn't mean the show sucks! ) And she NEVER RESPECTED others opinions. Not wiseguy's fault.

As for Minecraftcrazy and Britgirl, get over it.(no offense)

13 Hate My Little Pony
14 Like Paw Patrol
15 Make Cosmo Apologize

Apologize for what? It was my brother being rude to mlpyes.

16 Invite Spongebob to a Party

Sorry! I just had to add this. I was hoping you would want to invite him

17 Travel Through Time in a Time Machine

This would be cool. I wish to travel through time.

18 Report the Bullies

Shut up to all the pairs, I fell down the stairs, No one cares. My name is Jeff. Twenny-Wan. If you want a burger eat a burger.

19 Breakdance
20 Dance To Beyonce 7/11
21 Perform In Front of Every User of TheTopTens
22 Watch Dinosaur Train While Eating a Pickle Sandwich
23 Go to Puga's House
24 Watch Robot and Monster at 2:00 AM While Eating a Hot Dog

G-GROSS! I will never stay up at 2:00 AM and eat a hot dog! Who is the devil who put this here?
-HeartMLP (mlpyes)

25 Make EpicJake Apologize
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