Top 10 Most Inaccurate ScrewAttack Death Battles

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1 Ben 10 vs Green Lantern

They literally contradict themselves when they try to explain the results. Not to mention that they compare Green Lantern to aliens that didn't even appear in the fight, making this entire episode feel like it was either rushed, cut, or possibly even altered last minute.

I like the part where they used screen timing to decide how fast the Omnitrix was vs. the scissors. Like, bro, you can't ANIMATE the speed of light in real-time, so of course, it took "2.1 seconds" for the Big Bang to reach Ben. Major L on this one.

2 Zelda vs Peach

The main reason for inaccuracy is the mega strike, due in part to the fact that Peach doesn't fly towards her opponent to kick them, and also who's to say it isn't just magic? But what people are saying is worse. Normal Zelda and Phantom Zelda are completely different, and composing them and letting Zelda just summon a phantom and jump into it as spirit Zelda right before it disappears would just make this even more inaccurate.

I say summon a phantom because there would be no way to get one in their area. Besides, Phantoms can be stopped in Wind Waker by attacking the red strings at the back of their armor. Try to make it more accurate by including other sources, then Zelda just becomes more illogical and inconsistent than Peach, which really says something.

3 Luigi vs Tails

"Tails is stronger too. He can lift 10 tons while Luigi struggles to lift a radish." The radish thing was just a dream, and Luigi can lift a castle and kick it with ease. Inside the castle was big too, and since Tails is afraid of lightning, Luigi can use his Thunderhand abilities to scare away Tails.

Luigi tanked a supernova and a black hole without a scratch. Mr. L curbstomps Tails too, and they ignored that Luigi fought and defeated Dreamy Bowser, who is universal or multiversal. Bowser also tried to erase Luigi too, and nothing happened. Luigi can scale to Mario, who can harm Dimentio in base form. Dimentio was going to end the whole Marioverse, and Mario fought Culex, who controls time. And in Mario-Kun, Bowser defeated the author of the manga. Yet, Luigi still defeats him. The Pure Hearts and Star Rod would end Tails. Heck, not even Archie Tails could beat Luigi!

4 Starscream vs Rainbow Dash

Honestly, they mention that Starscream is crazy smart and then have him use no strategy. Also, he's done space travel, so he's gotta be fast, right?

Starscream has traveled from Cybertron and back in jet mode on multiple occasions. He is at least lightspeed.

Starscream's intelligence also seemed severely underplayed.

There's also the simple fact that Starscream cannot die, and Rainbow Dash has no way to bypass Starscream's immortality hacks.

Starscream was way more durable to tank any of Rainbow Dash's attacks. They also ignored so many feats of Starscream and downplayed the hell out of him.

5 Mario vs Sonic

They are idiots if they think that Hyper Sonic would be overkill on Mario. Even Super Sonic is enough to beat the plumber.

Plus, inconsistent and very linear research. They clearly only did this battle again so that Mario could win.

The superstar lasted way too long, and Hyper Sonic should have crushed Mario anyway. AND you can only have five clones. Seriously. Sonic crushes Mario easily. The 2011 version is more accurate, for heaven's sake.

Though I don't want to insert a full opinion, as much as I prefer Mario, I think Sonic wins due to a MASSIVE speed advantage and other stuff.

6 Zoro vs Erza

Why did Zoro win? Erza had better defenses and only lost because she took off her armor. Why did she do that again? Zoro is just a guy with a bunch of swords.

7 Sora vs Pit

They didn't do enough research on Pit, saying Sora is faster while Pit is faster and not letting Pit use his full potential.

Especially funny now that Sora is in Smash Bros, and Pit now has Palutena's Guidance on him.

Pit has fourth-wall-breaking skills that surpass Deadpool in some aspects. He has knowledge of many other video game characters that appeared on Nintendo consoles. Sora did not do that, so there is a chance he knows who Sora is and all of Sora's weaknesses.

8 Rogue vs Wonder Woman

"One touch," right, because Wonder Woman has never done a single fight without her full strength.

I'm not sure a split-second of contact would really do anything to Wonder Woman.

9 Vegeta vs Shadow

Shadow was heavily downplayed. DB claimed that the super form can only last a few minutes, even though that's false. Sonic was able to stay in his super form for days in Sonic Advance. They also left out Shadow's feat in defeating the past version of Solaris, who was a super-dimensional deity that was going to devour all timelines in the Sonic multiverse.

Even then, they had Vegeta win simply due to plot-induced stupidity. When Shadow was teleporting Vegeta, he could've just teleported him into the sun, and the fight would be over.

10 Goku vs Superman 2

I never understood why people think Superman can beat Goku. Doomsday literally destroys Superman, although he is significantly slower than him, and Goku has extreme strength just like Doomsday, being faster AND being a better fighter. How did it ever make sense for Superman to win?

They took Pre-Crisis Superman feats but were fighting with Post-Crisis Superman. They also low-balled Goku by not including that in his fight with Beerus, he nearly shattered a universe nine times bigger than our own in SSG.

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11 Gray vs Esdeath

Gray was immune to cold in his devil form. This was confirmed in Fairy Tail.

12 Hulk vs Doomsday

The reason for giving Doomsday the victory is that he will wear down Hulk's healing factor and thus weaken him. This is all under the assumption that Doomsday could compare to Sentry and Zeus, but both would crush the Kryptonian monster. Doomsday has never been shown to be immune to being killed by brute force.

I think what they meant was due to Doomsday's superior speed, his attacks would "outrun" Hulk's healing factor. However, Hulk has shown to have feats such as destroying an entire planet and surviving a supernova, so I suppose Hulk could put Doomsday down before his healing factor is overtaxed.

To make it short, Hulk should have won as soon as he went Worldbreaker. At least they didn't include the healing factor shtick in Hulk vs. Broly.

13 Goku vs Superman

How is this one so far down? Whether you think Superman should've won or not, this DB was fraught with poor research. They cited multiple canons, non-canons, and used feats from Saiyan Saga Goku, calling Superman "limitless" even though he's not.

Again, not necessarily implying that Goku should have won, just that they wanked Superman to the point of borderline omnipotence while using speed feats from early DBZ for Goku. If you are a DBZ fan, you have the right to be upset at this gross misrepresentation of the character you favored. And if you are a Superman fan, you should be dissatisfied by the hollow victory presented in this Death Battle, because if Superman really is the better player, then you deserve a true victory.

14 Pikachu vs Blanka

Generally hated the match-up in general. Not much correlation other than electricity, decent animation, and a flat-out illogical death. Wasn't funny, either. Still better than Yang vs. Tifa, in my humble opinion.

God, I hate this battle. Not only was it unfair, unfunny, and a terrible matchup, but Pikachu should have stomped. He defeated legendary Pokémon when he was trained by Ash. Who was Blanka trained by? Dan Hibiki!

This is a difficult one to measure, and they shouldn't have done it because there is no direct power scaling.

15 Yang vs Tifa

Okay, I know that "the animations don't always portray how the fight would actually go," but they had Yang get smacked up by a FULL limit break and live? Yeah, okay, that thing had enough damage to kill the Red Dragon three times over, but Yang survives it barely dazed and still with enough sense to get mad over her hair? This is an ad disguised as a fight, but the fight is just three ads in a trench coat.

This is easily the episode I despise the most, not just because of the inaccurate outcome but because of how Yang is portrayed in the fight. She behaves like a violent sociopath during the fight and kills Tifa for doing her job. Worse still, instead of punching Tifa into oblivion (which would have been a much better KO), Yang snaps Tifa's neck, straight up murdering her.

DB got everything wrong here: the math, the lore, and the characters. Plus, looking at the music that played and the stuff in the background, it's obvious they were favoring Yang and promoting RWBY.

16 Ivy vs Orchid
17 Pokemon vs Digimon

Okay, I like both, but Pokemon is not necessarily "better" than Digimon unless you're comparing the games. Digimon has a better anime with new villains, while Pokemon anime adds new villains, but they don't even battle Ash because of repetitive Team Rocket. I just hate Team Rocket already, and I ALWAYS hated Meowth.

Digimon doesn't have as many good games compared to Pokemon, but still, Digimon are stronger than Pokemon. They can digivolve into something much more powerful than Pokemon's evolution. Now, don't get me wrong, I like Pokemon and its games (kind of its anime), but NOT Pokemon Go. I just don't like that game. I am NOT saying that I hate Pokemon Go or anyone who plays Pokemon Go. I am just saying that I don't like Pokemon Go.

ZeedMillenniummon could beat all of Pokemon.

P.S. I am not a huge watcher of anime, but that does NOT mean I hate or dislike anime. I just don't watch it that much.

18 Kratos vs Spawn

How would Kratos win this exactly? Infinite strength and speed Kratos with absolutely nonsensical narrations and indirect media? Oh wait, they already did the same thing to Dragonborn.

This was also right. Spawn destroys Kratos.

Spawn survives a supernova unharmed and climbs out of a black hole.

Kratos makes transparently false boasts.

19 Kirby vs Majin Buu

I agree that Kirby would defeat Buu (assuming you don't powerscale Buu to ridiculous levels that are far superior to anything he's displayed, as the DBZ community loves to do). However, the explanation was weak at best.

They mention Kirby is physically equal and, at points, superior to Buu. While this is likely true (he did punch a moon-sized meteor so hard it was sent flying away four thousand times faster than it arrived, defeated an omnipotent being in what was basically an arm wrestle, and threw a monster out of the galaxy), they showcased none of these feats. In fact, the only two they mentioned were both of them surviving planet explosions (and somehow thinking it meant more for Kirby than it did for Buu) and Kirby throwing a 3-ton monster at escape velocity, a feat Buu has already far surpassed.

I love the animation, but the explanation could have used plenty of work. Heck, they didn't even mention that Buu was weak to positive energy, which Kirby is literally composed of.

20 Batman vs Captain America

If they've read both of their comics, they should know that although Batman defeated other super soldiers, Captain America actually fought other soldiers that are 2 to 10 times as powerful as he is. They downplayed the super soldier/leader of the Avengers while giving the Dark Knight too many advantages.

Despite the fact that he could beat other skilled combatants, he isn't the individual who can beat powerful or close-to-powerful beings without having or using their weaknesses (e.g., he can't beat Superman without using or having Kryptonite).

21 Yoshi vs Riptor

Yoshi is my favorite game character of all, but I seriously think they loved Yoshi too much and just wanted to keep him alive. Riptor is a brutal fighter who would have killed Yoshi right away.

This is also right. Yoshi effortlessly kills everyone in Killer Instinct.

Yoshi couldn't even fight Toad. That's how weak he is.

22 Batman vs Spider-Man

In the Batman vs. Iron Man fight, Batman uses his Hellbat suit, which they completely left out of this fight, and which would have decapitated Spider-Man in a single hit. Batman would destroy Black Panther as well with the same suit.

Nope, this one is right. Batman is just some rich dude with some fancy toys. Spider-Man, on the other hand, is not. He's got superhuman strength and abilities. And two words: Spider-Sense.

23 Toph vs Gaara

Yup. A guy who can intercept Amaterasu, catch a meteor, and block a city buster after it detonated loses to a girl much slower than sound who once held a sinking building and once fell in a hole and could barely hold a couple of tons of dirt and rocks from caving in. If they both tried to fight over the same grain of sand, Gaara wouldn't even notice the amount of force she can apply... if she were fast enough to apply any before she died.

Remember the part where Rock Lee dropped the weights and STILL got outsped? Remember the part where Rock Lee was fast enough to make Naruto lose sight of him? Remember the part where Toph moved anything faster than human sprinting speed? Oh, you DON'T remember that part? Huh, that's wild!

24 Thor vs Wonder Woman

This one was incredibly dumb. They should've put Thor against Superman instead. Wonder Woman isn't like Thor anyways.

They lowballed Thor just so Wonder Woman could win.

Thor probably wins. I'm not an expert, though.

25 Terminator vs Robocop
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