Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Girls

Tested these out. None are taken. So hurry up and use them before they do! This is if you want to start an MSP account, but don't have name ideas. I provided a backup just in case.
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1 DivaBlueGirl;)

If you like the color blue, or you're a diva, or if you're a girl (of course!), get this username!

Divas aren't a bad thing at all. It's just that this name catches my eye because divas are mostly in trend, and on MSP, that's the kind of look most people want. Cool vibes. It really gets through to my heart.

So my friend used that name for Dutch, and she loves it so much she got 175 friends within a day! AHH, I'm on Canadian, though.

2 Cookie Monsta :D

When I hear "cookie," I think of little girls, which makes you seem cute, because little kids have sweet tooths. I like how it's spelled "Monsta" instead of "Monster." It shows that you've got spunk, sass, you're funny and weird.

This is an awesome name, and I used it for my sister because she couldn't think of a name. It should be number 1!

Maybe... I got hacked, so I must make a new account, and I think Cookie Monsta is a great idea.

3 Cutie Swag

This is good, but if you want to create an account, it won't work. Just a heads up!

I think this is a nice user name because it isn't inappropriate or disgusting in any way or shape!

I like this name because it represents me. Thanks for the idea!

4 SparklyStuff

I think it is a really cute name, especially since my main is called SparkleGirl5217, so it will be a perfect name for my backup on the UK server. You could also put in some symbols to make it look even better.

I love this name because I love sparkly stuff. Sometimes when I buy things that are sparkly, it gets all over the place!

I love this name, even though I don't like sparkly stuff. That should tell you how cool your name is!

5 IzzieLicious<3

I think this is a really cute username. I am making an account for my sister, so I think this will make the guys like her. Thanks to whoever made this.

I think this one is cute and is the right name for me. Thanks for the advice!

Love it! It sounds like a lovable, leading, cute, popular name!

6 LilAngelxox

This is so awesome because all the others are girly and not AWESOME like this one. I can't even think of or find one. Please, can I have it?

I just love that name. It's amazing.

I made that account, and lots of people added me. People were messaging me, saying, Add me, please!

It's a cute name, first of all, and it'll show how adorable and innocent you are. It's so adorable for a name, even for me or you!

7 <>DimondRainbow<>

I used this name, but it was taken. Then I made it <>Emerald Rainbow<>. It wasn't taken, so I used it. These names are just so awesome!

This name is great, but I can write it like this: ><Rainbow>Girl#02>3. It's a good name for me, but you can take this name from YouTubers like Mero>3>. And Lena#1... Also, I speak German.

I love this name because it makes you think of a diamond rainbow and it makes me happy!

8 $strawberry Popsicle$

It's a lovely username, but I'll use Strawberry Popsicle. I prefer it that way, but I still love the name!

It's cute and catchy! I added my own extra touches to spice things up a little.

Love it! I'm going to do something like this.

9 Pumpikan

It's cute and reminds me of fall, which is my favorite season!

I love this username. I'm going to use it, thanks!

It is adorable. I would use this.

10 FashionistaRock$$$

I love it because it's a cool name, and plus, I'm always picky about what to wear. Another thing, I want to be a designer!

This is amazing! Love this user. I am using this user on my next account.

I love fashion, so I pick this for my friend. Thank you so much!

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11 aizzy

This is a great name. It doesn't sound childish, so it's a great name for someone over 11!

It just sounds... unique, which is something I look for.

This is so amazing! It's so cute and unique, but taken!

12 MickeyMinnieCutie

It's really cute, especially if you have the right outfit!

This is a great username for girls or boys who like Disney! It's so cute.

It's a cute name, suitable for both boys and girls.

13 GomezSwift2o

Okay, this is okay, like I like it because it has the last names of two favorite singers of mine, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, but I don't think it's quite good enough, so yeah...

My God! I love this name because if your favorite singers are Selena and Taylor, it would be a great name to show your personality!

I totally love it because I like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

14 Monster Chiick x!!

Thanks for the great name. I really love it and it suits any hair and outfit ideas on Movie Star Planet.

I like Monster Chiick x! It's really cute.

I think this name is awesome and scary.

15 <3 Monsta <3

I changed it up a bit! Thanks for the idea! I like it!

16 {ThatOneGirl}

And that's what I call a creative, cool username. I love it! Hopefully, it's not taken for MSP. I love it, thanks!

The name is so cool. That's why I chose this one.

Like! I love it! I needed a name for a YouTube channel and here I have it! Thanks!

17 Beauty swag girl

I like it because it makes you feel yourself, but if you're a girl and you have swag, go right ahead!

This is the best! I used this name and bang, I was in.

This sounds like a 5-year-old made it.

18 ItzKrystal

Even though it's so plain, I love the fact there's not much to it and it's easy to remember. If your name isn't Krystal, you can change it to anything like ItzFrankie.

I really like this name, but my friend won't let me use it because she wants us to be twins! Ugh, can't I pick my own name? We have to be different.

Best one on this website, to be honest. All the other ones are HORRIBLE!

19 Violt3443

I really love that name because it is short and easy to remember.

20 ToffeeMary

Nice name, but I think Toffexx is a good name, but nice name -! Pink bows!

I think it's just unique, as in something stylish for the perfect girl.

21 xxxxxQueenElsaxxxx

It reminds me of the movie Frozen.

This name is awesome, considering I am Elsa, and nobody else shall use this name because it is my name.

I've always wanted my name to be Queen Elsa. Plus, I watched Frozen four times!

22 Cutie Chick

I like it because first of all, it's the only properly spelled name on this whole page, and second of all, it's kawaii. Simple as that.

This is a good name for any girl who wants to join Movie Star Planet!

23 [CaptionThis]

Honestly, I think it's great, but there are pros and cons. People might call you "caption" or "this," which makes sense. On MSP, I have a username that does not include a name, and people call me "sweet" or "tea" because my username is Sweet-Tea. It gives your friends a way to call you something they want. I love it. I might use it for my backup. Thanks!

Honestly, this was great for my sister's username. I had to help her find one that would fit her, but of course, she deleted her account after about a month. Still, she loved it.

24 hot girl999

Yes, because that name will get all the boys!

25 !!Badgirl!!

If you want that bad girl look, you need a name to fit it. This will be awesome!

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