Top Ten Usernames On TheTopTens That Could Be Film or Song Titles

Some of them, such as SmoothCriminal, happyhappyjoyjoy and EvilAngel already are, but who's to say you can't get some titles from them?
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1 MoldySock

Sounds like a comedy movie. And if it were a song, it could start with "Slipping Moldysocks..." as it says on her profile page.

2 DontTouchMyPogoStick

Don't know about this one; I just love the username. It makes me smile, then laugh, then use the toilet!

Dear God a weird porno...

3 Britgirl

Think of all of the possibilities here...

Britgirl. Yum. Britgirl the Bond girl.

Could be a superhero

4 BKAllmighty

Wow. I honestly didn't expect my name to be on here at all! Thanks for adding me. This just made my day

You could use his username for some kind of action packed film.

5 MatrixGuy

Mine is already an album and song, so I won't add it.

Could definitely see this as a Bond villain and film. Goldfinger, Moonraker, Octopussy, Goldeneye, and Matrixguy. Perhaps Atilla Matrixguy?

Excellent list!

If this does become a movie, do not see it as a spoof to the Matrix. If it's a song, let it be a Bond theme!

6 moonwolf
7 Overdose

Overdose sounds good and cool if you use it in movie and song titles!

I imagine it being an overdose of love or medicine! Laugh out loud!

This very well could be a suicide movie.

8 onlyway

There's onlyway you can sing a particular song.
But there are many songs which has 'onlyway' in them.

This may easily be a song or film title that I haven't heard of.

This sounds like it can be a nice romance film with drama!

9 SmoothCriminal

This is already a song

10 Atlasuniverse

Great username. It could be a great film, most wanted science fiction I guess

The Contenders
11 IaMayMrFire
12 Evilangel

This could easily be both, too.

13 City Guru
14 Selfdestruct
15 Irina2932

A true story of a most wanted criminal code-named Irina2932 who police all around the world are hunting. At last it comes out that Irina2932 is not a girl, but a boy. Not an adult, but a teen. Not someone unknown, but the hero's own son. And he knew it all along...

WOW HezarioSeth wrote a very intriguing story. I like it. And thanks so much for adding me

16 Arpstaamy333

Actually, if she were a performer, this could be her stage name.

17 Angelofdarkness
18 Jake09

If he were Jake009, he could almost be a James Bond!

19 Clevername
20 Cerealguy
21 Blackdarkers
22 YouTubeGamer
23 Kiteretsunu
24 PositronWildhawk

It would be hard to come up with a movie or song with this username.

25 happyhappyjoyjoy
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