Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Whose Lists You Always Look for on the Newest Lists Page

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1 PositronWildhawk

Of course his lists always come up on the website. No wonder why his lists come up. He is really popular whereas I bet nearly no one checks my lists. No wonder I am so hated on.

I always look for a PositronWildhawk list. They're clever, intelligent and extremely funny. Can't fault this gentleman.

I can honestly say I always look for a list by Positron and can always point one out by just the title.

My BFF on this site. He helps me with everything.

2 Britgirl

Frankly, I just look out for her ridiculously funny lists, and PW's lists. I keep an eye for these two, they're so good at the job. Kieretsunu, hhjj, and keyson are the ones I like the best. Britgirl lists are a pleasure to the optical nerve. God bless!

Amazing and intriguing brilliance which is unlike anything on this site. That is what keeps me hooked.

I don't have to explain why I kept Britgirl in the 1st position.

Such a beautiful person, always writes positive comments.

3 Kiteretsunu

I agree with Curtis! Some of his lists are so funny that they are much better than antidepressant pills!

Some Really Good lists I can always know it's gonna be good!

He is a good user which he inspires me for the username. Thank you Kiteretsunu

4 Matrixguy

He's smart, kind and tolerant! MatrixGuy is one of my best friends here. I love his lists

5 kormo

Thanks the anonymous user for your compliment.

I always look for him

6 subhashahu

Thank You! All of you who have voted on my lists or going to vote on my lists.

7 keyson

He really makes good lists on a variety of topics. His lists concern human values and music.

I really think keyson is one of the best, by far.

8 Ajkloth

He makes about 6 to 7 lists daily. I hope he beats Alexandr.

9 Egnomac

His lists are very interesting to read. If I see a egnomac's list on the newest page, I can't miss it.

10 BKAllmighty
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11 NerdyPweeps

I always wait for her awesome lists (especially her anime lists).

12 Blue_Devereaux

I don't know why Blue_Devereaux has been missing from this site lately. I truly miss this username at the Newest list page.

I agree with you, K. It's only been a short time and already I miss Blue_Devereaux.

13 happyhappyjoyjoy

It Always Truly Amazing when happyhappyjoyjoy makes new lists they are always great.

Her lists are heartwarming and they give me a smile.

14 Turkeyasylum
15 Moldysock

Her lists are always fun to read. And her comments is what I look out for at the newest lists page.

16 PetSounds

He has semi-retired, but he does make lists once a week. His music lists are superb.

17 Curti2594

His new series on best music artists is superb!

18 JaysTop10List
19 Southparkfanhh
20 Metal_Treasure

His lists are often there.

21 TopTenJackson

Well, even if I'm not higher ranked, I'm still happy with the lists I make here!

22 Sloth21

I've had 9 lists at number one and at a time, over half of them (12) were my lists. Don't know how admin decides what lists go there but I'm glad to say that mine usually do!

He had 3 lists on there at one point.

23 JandS3000
24 BradenC123
25 zxm
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