Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Whose Lists You Always Look for on the Newest Lists Page

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1 Britgirl

Frankly, I just look out for her ridiculously funny lists, and PW's lists. I keep an eye for these two, they're so good at the job. Kieretsunu, hhjj, and keyson are the ones I like the best. Britgirl lists are a pleasure to the optical nerve. God bless!

Amazing and intriguing brilliance which is unlike anything on this site. That is what keeps me hooked.

I don't have to explain why I kept Britgirl in the 1st position.

Such a beautiful person, always writes positive comments.

2 PositronWildhawk

Of course his lists always come up on the website. No wonder why his lists come up. He is really popular whereas I bet nearly no one checks my lists. No wonder I am so hated on.

I always look for a PositronWildhawk list. They're clever, intelligent and extremely funny. Can't fault this gentleman.

I can honestly say I always look for a list by Positron and can always point one out by just the title.

My BFF on this site. He helps me with everything.

3 Kiteretsunu

I agree with Curtis! Some of his lists are so funny that they are much better than antidepressant pills!

Some Really Good lists I can always know it's gonna be good!

He is a good user which he inspires me for the username. Thank you Kiteretsunu

4 Matrixguy

He's smart, kind and tolerant! MatrixGuy is one of my best friends here. I love his lists

5 keyson

He really makes good lists on a variety of topics. His lists concern human values and music.

I really think keyson is one of the best, by far.

6 PetSounds

He has semi-retired, but he does make lists once a week. His music lists are superb.

7 Turkeyasylum
8 Ajkloth

He makes about 6 to 7 lists daily. I hope he beats Alexandr.

9 kormo

Thanks the anonymous user for your compliment.

I always look for him

10 Blue_Devereaux

I don't know why Blue_Devereaux has been missing from this site lately. I truly miss this username at the Newest list page.

I agree with you, K. It's only been a short time and already I miss Blue_Devereaux.

The Contenders
11 happyhappyjoyjoy

It Always Truly Amazing when happyhappyjoyjoy makes new lists they are always great.

Her lists are heartwarming and they give me a smile.

12 BKAllmighty
13 Moldysock

Her lists are always fun to read. And her comments is what I look out for at the newest lists page.

14 Southparkfanhh
15 subhashahu

Thank You! All of you who have voted on my lists or going to vote on my lists.

16 Curti2594

His new series on best music artists is superb!

17 JaysTop10List
18 Metal_Treasure

His lists are often there.

19 TopTenJackson

Well, even if I'm not higher ranked, I'm still happy with the lists I make here!

20 Sloth21

I've had 9 lists at number one and at a time, over half of them (12) were my lists. Don't know how admin decides what lists go there but I'm glad to say that mine usually do!

He had 3 lists on there at one point.

21 Cityguru
22 Egnomac

His lists are very interesting to read. If I see a egnomac's list on the newest page, I can't miss it.

23 JandS3000
24 BradenC123
25 zxm
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