Best Things About Encyclopaedia Metallum

I've already done a list for the worst things about it, so I want to be fair and look at the positives that this site has.
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1 The insane amount of bands featured

This is easily the biggest point in its favor, having over 120,000 bands in it is no small feat.

True. Also, it's the most reliable site for metal. Certainly a gem.

They have many underground bands as well.

2 The comprehensive database for everything on it

As well as having a ridiculous amount of bands on it, each of these has a very large amount of information about them, showing a high level of quality in the overall website.

Easily the best thing about it. It takes just a quick search to find a band that only released one demo in a specific year.

3 The random band button

While this may be a minor thing for some, it is definitely one of the things that I like most about the website, as it allows for the possibility of discovering extremely obscure, yet good, bands. I personally haven't found anything myself, but I could easily see someone finding their new favorite band because of this.

4 They mostly stick to their rules

I'm saying mostly simply because they have the occasional item that I find to be odd, such as the inclusion of Rush in the database. Despite these few inconsistencies, the site is very good with their guidelines.

5 It makes it easier to determine whether a band is actually metal or not

Yes, this website is very useful. I disagree with several of their decisions, but overall, Encyclopaedia Metallum is much more credible than Wikipedia and any other website.

While it isn't a perfect way of doing it, I quite often check this website when I'm curious about whether a band is considered metal or not.

Well, they're not fully accurate. They have Rush and Def Leppard there. That aside, they do a pretty good job.

6 A fairly high level of activity

Every day, there are multiple new submissions, both in terms of bands and updates to information, as well as reviews. This makes it less likely for anything on the website to be dated and ensures a constant stream of new content.

7 They attempt to shed light on new bands with review challenges

These events are essentially where people are challenged to write as many reviews for albums without any reviews on them. This provides more attention to bands that are unknown or severely underrated.

8 Good administration

The administrators are well aware of flaws that the website has, such as easily manipulated scores, and are able to work around many of them. One such way is finding out people who have multiple accounts for the purpose of stat-altering and deleting all trace of them.

9 The reviews are generally of high quality

Despite many reviews being quite biased and hyperbolic, most of them are of fairly high quality, providing valid criticisms and well-thought-out arguments.

10 Accurate and detailed list of the subgenres a band have played
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11 Similar Artists button
12 Four options for band search - alphabetical, by country, by genre, and advanced search
13 The title

I needed another entry, so I thought that I should mention the fact that the title is really cool.

I think the title is visually appealing.

14 Complete and detailed lineup to every album
15 Accurate and useful list of a band's lyrical themes
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