Underrated TheTopTens Users of March 2018

Here is the list of underrated TheTopTens users you may like to a gander for yourself. I've seen plenty of activity of users in between this one month alone, and some of these users kinda fall from the radar a bit well for me at least.
The Top Ten
1 SamanthaW

Here's a user going in an old method in which follow nobody, but then in reverse psychology users come follow you. Next thing you know the more active she has become the more I'm fascinated by the taste she prefers is a bit mixed, but highly respect why that is the case. Perhaps more to come with this one... I anticipate you make a splash very soon then expected.

2 hiphopgod

Of all the newer gen 18 users... I find hiphopgod to be the most humble of them all. Ryan's music taste I find to be very old school like even with the suggested video games even are aimed on the old school genre. The type of guy I can get a liking to.

Well thank you! I don't know what to say. I would give you a handshake if I could.

EDIT: Now I'm number two. Don't worry boys, we gonna grind harder to get to the top. Once we get to the top, we gonna grind even harder to get farther

He's a good brother when you don't tick him off. I don't see why you'd want to considering he's bigger and stronger than anyone I've ever seen.

3 MarioNinja101

Hmm... this a interesting one, and why is that you say? A Nintendo video gamer meets a Jehovah's Witness? Well we welcome all religious newcomers maybe you'll up bring our spirits that need blessings in this world you go sister.

4 Hermione_Granger220
5 KROCK3891

Very recent entry of all of these, but based on the content he maybe that next sports expert which again I like more diversity in sport opinions. It kinda gets repetitive after awhile hearing one voice who can be positive, negative, or neutral to the topic he (me) brings up the table. New breed brings in a whole new world of ideas.

6 MissRWBY202

When she has the time to be on she can become a great quality contribution, and she has seen the works, and eventually applied it onto attempts to enjoy the power of remixes can overtake a position of items as now you come to witness the true control of high quality writing is all about.

7 TheFourthWorld

Awe yes, she was #1 on my list for this month, and I thought about having her near the top of the list, but the other 5 I argue are more obscure then her well to me. I do notice the content coming together somewhat slowly, but to a point where she finally understood my methods, and lookout because don't be surprised if she ends up being like what badlands is now for all the right reasons.

8 BlackDiamonds

I hate repeating myself, but this is just stating what needs to be said ''Another potential new star in the making, and by that I mean the Big Brother Queen expert who knows more than I intriguing. Now I want to know more about you're style of quality.''

9 MrCoolC

He may do as much as he once started out, and said to me. Yet... is it possible to see him become the role of when I was young and restless?

10 THC13

Yeah he is your typical metalhead somewhat newcomer, however for being one he has a background of retro classic rock I notice. He does show he has a rounded taste of subjects, and that may either know more of, or stay the same overtime.

The Contenders
11 Ananya
12 Kiyomi
13 Disneydude

Somewhat of the apprentice to MegaSoulHero in a way... to the point where yeah the blog posts are not perfect, but even I myself have made calculated errors before as well so progress may developer for you I just know it.

14 xandermartin98
15 Adventurur2

Since returning she has attempted to make high quality lists which is a step in the right direction keep it up!

16 BlazinWraith
17 awesomedp900
18 Sugarcubecorner
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