Top Ten TopTenners with at Least 1,000 Member Score Points

As of the time I make this list, there are now currently at least 10 users on TheTopTens that now hold a member score of 1,000 points or more. As someone who may eventually garner 1,000 member score points, I feel obliged to make a list counting down the top ten TopTenners with at least 1,000 member score points.

If you see or become someone that manages to gain 1,000 member score points, feel free to add them or yourself to the list.
The Top Ten
1 htoutlaws2012

Htoutlaws2012 currently has a score of 3,849+. There's no denying he's the heavyweight champion of stats on TheTopTens. If his lists, remixes, and posts are anything to go by, they're high in both quality and quantity. And the quality aspect is certainly improving every day, if I say so myself. Keep up the good work, htoutlaws2012!

What's funny is I was going to make this list by the time 10 came around officially.

2 Metal_Treasure

Metal_Treasure currently has a score of 2,504+. The guy's very knowledgeable, and it truly shows with his numerous lists related to music, food, animals, etc. While not all his lists may have detailed descriptions, when he does, the descriptions are both detailed and concise to the point. It also helps he uploads images with his items, so they always make his lists more interesting to look at.

3 christangrant

Christangrant currently has a score of 2,412+. Admittedly, the guy may have gotten some heat for stat padding, but regardless, I'm sure the dude's still done some mighty fine work with his lists and music reviews. He may not look back on his older content with as much glee as his newer content (let's face it. We all have old content that we regret making.), but the guy's got effort and spirit.

4 egnomac

Egnomac currently has a score of 1,113+. I'm glad he finally came back last year after such a long absence. And from the recent lists he's pumped out, it goes to show he's still got it when it comes to making lists. Can't wait to see what future lists he has in store for the future.

5 anthonybecerra831

Anthonybecerra831 currently has a score of 1,008+. While I'm not a fan of all of his content, I'm at least sure anthonybecerra831 is somewhat passionate and dedicated to making the lists he wants to make. Regardless, I can only congratulate the dude for finally making it to over 1,000 points in member score.

6 Alexandr

Alexandr currently has a score of 1,246+. While he's no longer active, Alexandr made quite the achievement of being one of the few TopTenners up to this point to have ever reached 1,000 points in member score.

7 MatrixGuy

MatrixGuy currently has a score of 1,131+. Like Alexandr, MatrixGuy is also one of the past (and now inactive) TopTenners who has ever reached 1,000 points in member score.

8 zxm

Zxm currently has a score of 1,122+. While he seldom comes on here on rare occasions, his lists really show what hard work he's done in his prime.

9 PositronWildhawk

PositronWildhawk currently has a score of 1,088+. While college may be keeping him busy, Harry is almost like a celebrity on this site for his humor and brilliant intelligence. Those two traits alone are what make his lists and posts stand out the most. Throw in hard work and effort and you can see how he managed to get to that milestone of a 1,000 points.

10 xandermartin98

Xandermartin98 currently has a score of 1,119+. The guy's pretty enthusiastic in his video game interests, and his video game reviews are quite possibly his most high-quality content. Disregarding his fetish lists, xandermartin98 must have at least done some hard work in making it to this point.

The Contenders
11 Randomator
12 PrinceZarbon
13 Userguy44
14 Martin_Canine
15 westofohio
16 ModernSpongeBobSucks
17 NuMetalManiak
18 darthvadern
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