Top Ten Signs You're a Stat Padder

What is a stat padder you may ask? It's someone who is on thetoptens but heavily prioritizes the Quantity over the quality.
The Top Ten
1 You have more lists than followers

Well, I'm not expecting to be followed by 400+ people. That won't stop me from including lists that might help increase the site's contents.

I just think I'm underrated I put a lot of research on my lists but I don't have the list to follower ratio.

This may be true, but it's around 106 followers and 100 lists. I'm sure there are worse ratios out there.

2 You don't care about the community.

This is a grey area here. Some people say "oh, the best users don't care about popularity" However, the people not involved in the community at all, I say is Boring

Yes. Caring for the community means you are supporting other users list and post and just being a good friend.

It may seem like it 'cause I'm not quite outgoing, but I actually care about the community a LOT.

Well, I am heavily involved in the community, yet I am a heavy list maker

3 You message lots of users a link to your list

Even if I think it's a good list, I'm just not the kind of person to go around begging "Please check my___list!"

Yeah. I do this sometimes. I mostly share my list on BAND though.

Don't do that. It makes you seem desperate

4 You've never had a featured list

Yeah. If you make consistent lists and they are high quality, one day you will get a featured lost. I've had about 8-10 featured list.

Especially if you've been on here for two or three years. Luckily for me, I already got a featured list in less than a year.

Having a featured list doesn't always necessarily mean good.

I never had a featured list because my lists are not good.

5 You have twice the amount of userscore than the amount of followers

Userscore: 212
Followers (when I typed this up, anyway): 45. That's actually not the first thing I check when I get on TheTopTens, believe it or not. Although my followers are wonderful people (one's a troll, but you get where I'm coming from,) so are my parents, and my parents both need me for different reasons
Mom: Hide behind 'cause there's a tiny lizard
Dad: Help installing windows.

I have 54 followers and 106 member score for now, but I don't think I stat-pad on my new account...
I used to be stat-paddish on my old account, though, and I actually regret it.

Actually this isn't bad. Having a big user score means you are high quality and you are consistent. It is hard to get followers.

Well I'm at 234 followers and 992 member score points so...guess I'm guilty as charged! Just kidding I mean really I feel this is most users here

6 You have no list ideas that aren't overly specific

No one really cares about say, if someone were to make a list of "Top ten Cities in Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Montana that have a population of over 200,000 and have more than 3 libraries". You get the whole idea. If your lists are like that, You clearly have ran out.

Considering the fact that it's hard to come up with ideas for a list, plus the fact that admin may merge your list if it's not original, I can't blame people for doing this.

Yes most definitely.

7 You make lists that have no comments or visitors

Ah, yes. I find amazing and great ideas for lists I can make, only to find out someone already made a list about it, and it is a boring plain one. What I mean is if you add no comments to share why you added it.

I make a variety of lists. Some gain loads of votes, some do not. But all of them seem to gain at least one or two comments

Actually no. I have made tons of high quality lists and some of them are hits, some not so much.

8 You make copy lists

Its impossible to plagiarize a list, or are you talking about remixes?

I'm pretty sure your list will get merged if that happens.

9 You make letter lists

I made the interesting countries that begin on a certain letter series but it wasn't really much for stat-padding though, I only made them because I love comparing countries

I just despise those wastes of lists.

10 You have lots of posts, but no HQ ones

Kinda hard to tell what qualities make a HQ post. It's just kinda random if it is considered one or not

Well, as of August 1st 2021, I have a total of 50 posts, and at least half of them are HQ...

Yeah I try to make most of my post HQ.

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11 No one feels in the mood for messaging you

Dunno. It's probably more so myself than whoever doesn't feel like messaging me.

Then I get time to work on my post series!

I rarely get messages

12 You make a list about stat padding

I most certainly do not. I didn't even know what "stat-padding" is until I read the description of this list.

Oh, the irony of this one.

13 You accuse others of stat padding
14 You make lots of lists

Define "lots." If fifty-something is considered lots, I agree. If it's hundreds, I'm halfway to one hundred,

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