Worst Moments in YouTube History

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1 Logan Paul suicide forest video

Absolutely disgusting, and him making a crappy apology video (that was MONETIZED! ) made things worse!

Cause of this channel was literally gonna shut down.

Worst way to end 2017 and start 2018 in YouTube, at least until Peluchin dethroned Logan by the successing year.

To hell with him

2 Death of Angry Grandpa

Absolutely sad, and horrible. Angry Grandpa will be missed.

3 Active shooter in YouTube headquarters

This predator went on a shooting spree at their headquarters because her videos kept getting demonetization. Let that sink into your head.

Oh god...that's horrific. Did they find it who did it?

Kill all of them

4 Edd Gould dies from cancer

I'm telling you, if Edd wasn't affected with leukaemia, then the show would definitely be running still.

Edward 'Eddsworld' Gould needs a verification stamp, but YouTube becoming the 'Internet Communists' they're trying to be, won't let the late Edd have one. (Besides, he inspires another YouTuber I've heard of to do what he can. The YouTuber Edd inspires is a small creator by the pseudonym 'T_StreakMLP'.)

Man this sucked. I love Eddsworld, and the show was never the same without him.

Even though I didn't know him, it is sad to see that he died so young

5 YouTube Rewind 2018

Baby by Justin Bieber used to have more Dislikes, but thanks to this pile of vomit, it apparently removed a ton of the dislikes for that dumb song.

Are you able to actually watch YouTube Rewind 2018 even if it already happened or is it a live thing only?

Horrible video, but it has a great redeeming quality: Logan Paul and Jake Paul were NOT featured.

It's the most disliked video in YouTube history!

6 Filthy Frank quits YouTube
7 PewDiePie says the “N” word

I thought this whole thing was blown way out of proportion. Sure pewdiepie said an offensive word, but he continuously and genuinely apologized for his action, yet people still called him a nazi and a kkk member

PewDiePie isn't racist. He just ended up reacting to something and saying that word. He didn't use the hard R, and he didn't directly say anything rude to black people

This isn't worth getting angry over at anyway. YouTube even overreacted themselves by punishing the dude.

People overreacted in my opinion.

8 Susan Wojcicki becomes CEO of YouTube
9 Peluchin Entertainment abusing and killing his own cat Jason
10 SuperMarioLogan crisis

His videos got age restricted and demonetised and now his content has to be family friendly just so that he can make any sort of income and I'm not a fan of his family friendly material whatsoever. YouTube have ruined my favourite channel and that's all I have to say.

Yeah, when clearly Markiplier, jacksepticeye, etc. swear a lot and say inappropriate stuff, don't get me wrong they are awesome youtubers and I love their content but that's unfair to Logan

"Crisis"? I believe it was mostly justified. However, I do agree that Logan deserved it more.

I think Logan deserved it, he should stick to making semi-family friendly "Mama Luigi" videos

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11 Major demonetisation
12 Caleb Logan dies
13 Keemstar makes elderly game cry

Keemstar is an elite rustler and miles superior to Scarce.

14 Breadwinners become an actual TV show

Breadwinners started out as a YouTube video?

...that explains a lot

15 "Mother forces baby to get tattoo!" Video

How could Youtube even allow this?

Not like I have seen this but how TF is this below rewind 2018? (Which I thought was ok)

16 Ksi vs Logan Paul Fight
17 RiceGum vs iDubbbz feud
18 T-Series blocks Bitch Lasagna and Congratulations in India
19 Anthony Padilla leaves smosh

Yup,that's where Smosh became a complete garbage. I mean the "SHUT UP" intro has disappeared. Now they just make the worst and most generic vlogs of all time.

20 YouTube Heroes
21 Jake Paul says the “N” word
22 Amanda Todd Commits Suicide

I'm sorry, but what was Amanda Todd actually famous for?

23 Sam Pepper fake killing friend prank
24 Luka Magnotta's murder of Lin Jun
25 Logan Paul's apology
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