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Recently there has been a lot of controversy on YouTube over the best basketball players on YouTube. So many YouTubers have made videos about this. I thought I might as well say who my top ten are. This list will include all hoopers besides NBA players. Now A LOT of people are gonna be left out. I'm sorry if I leave anyone out. Feel free to add anyone you think should be on the list and also feel free to remix. No disrespect is intended.
The Top Ten
1 The Professor

In my opinion, The Professor is the best. I don't get why he isn't on anyone's list. He is a hooper, and I don't think being in an And-1 League excludes you from being here. The Professor is a very popular YouTuber. He has the best handles, and a lot of the people that follow him were inspired by his videos.

The Professor is an absolute legend and could be in the league, but decided to go into streetball. That is why he is number one.

2 Filayyyy

An Instagram legend. Out of all these guys, Filayyyy is closest to the NBA. He is a professional and he can ball. He's got a great jumper, elite touch around the rim, and if he wanted to be, he could be in the league. Now, you might say he is more popular on Instagram, which he is, but he is still very popular on YouTube.

3 B Dot

The greatest NBA impersonator ever. B Dot is kinda underrated in my opinion. He is a pro player and, in my opinion, he has the greatest moving shot in the community. If he gets hot, there is no way to stop him. Honestly, there is a possibility he could make the league.

4 AJ Lapray

AJ Lapray is one of the most complete players on this list. I can't see anyone stopping him with his combination of both skill and height. AJ has been recently thinking of going pro. I think it could work out for him.

5 D'Vontay Friga

D'Vontay has recently hit the scene and he is pretty good. He has a bulldog mentality and I would love to see him face the rest of the community. Another YouTuber thinking of going pro.

6 T Jass

T Jass is elite level and has a similar body type to The Professor, which is kinda scary. I wanted to put him higher and I almost did. T Jass is another YouTuber possibly going pro.

7 Marcelas Howard

Marcelas Howard is really good. Honestly, I haven't watched a lot of Marcelas and might have to start doing it soon. From what I've seen, he is fantastic. I also heard he was training to go pro as well.

8 Bone Collector

Another streetball legend, similar to The Professor. Bone Collector has killer handles and no one wants to face him.


LSK is easily the best YouTuber that doesn't train his butt off, depending on how you look at T Jass and AJ. I hate when people say LSK is only good because of his size. That is completely false. LSK has legitimate talent to go with that size.

10 Jesser

Jesser has a really good style. He hits hard shots and he is the definition of a shooter. His one downfall is he never tries.

The Contenders
11 CashNasty
12 J Jones

A high-level scorer at all three levels. He is very athletic and he has great defense. J Jones is also very good off the bounce.

13 ZackTTG

Zack is really good and would be in the top ten if he trained.

14 Hezi god
15 FlightReacts
16 Devinthelab

Devinthelab is a professional trainer. He is really good and could cook anybody in the top ten.

17 Duke Dennis
18 Austin Mills

Another baller. Went to Baylor.

19 Chris Staples
20 Kenny Chao
22 Crs wyt
23 hoop in life
24 CoryxKenshin
25 JLawBball
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