Top Ten Weirdest WikiHow Articles that Actually Exist

There are over 200,000+ articles currently existing in the WikiHow website. Despite its shoddy quality given by its contributors, some of the articles can be informative and put into use. WikiHow does have a weird side when you dig deeper to the rabbit hole. This is the result when you allow any internet user to freely contribute in a website.
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1 How to accept that your computer is slow

buffering wait... Pretty buffering wait... useful buffering wait... in buffering wait school buffering wait... buffering wait They buffering wait... have buffering wait... the buffering wait... worst buffering wait... wifi buffering wait... buffering wait... it's buffering wait... also buffering wait... useful buffering wait... in buffering wait... the buffering wait... 90s buffering wait... because buffering wait... wifi buffering wait... was buffering wait... was buffering wait... crappy buffering wait...

The title is pretty weird itself. As a person with a cheap laptop, all you have to do is become patient or be careful about what you click on. Get used to the sluggish performance of your device.

2 How to apologise to a cat

A weird title on its own, but it could be pretty helpful to consider if your cat has a disobedient demeanor lately.

This one is actually useful. Not for me, though. I'm a dog person.

A cat can't understand our language.

3 How to calculate pi by throwing frozen hot dogs

While there are many ways to solve a math problem, this method of calculating pi is a specific yet bizarre way to do so. The most surprising thing is that some people find this helpful. This method can pretty much apply to any food that you're throwing. Despite the humorous title, it's pretty informative and can be worth a read if you're looking for more ways to solve math problems.

Actually, this is kind of interesting, although I'm sure you could use a pencil rather than hot dogs. No use wasting delicious food, huh?

4 How to Avoid Becoming a Sexual Predator
5 How To Breathe

Just breathe! Otherwise, this article is pretty much helpful if you want to breathe "better," or consider if you are stressed and have really no clue how to relax.

Oh no, I forgot how to breathe! Thank God I found this article. It took me 40 seconds to find, so I can spend 27 minutes reading it!

This article is useless. By the time you think about Googling it, you've already died from asphyxiation.

6 How to Avoid Becoming a Weeaboo

Normal option (highly recommended if you want to stay sane): Keep yourself in check. See how insane weeaboos act and try to avoid acting like them. Respect other people's opinions. You can still watch anime, but avoid going into the fandoms, or at least avoid the degenerate parts of anime fandoms. Every anime nowadays has a bad side of their fanbase. It's inevitable. Also make sure that you don't become a rabid anime hater since that's just as bad as a weeaboo.

Paranoid option (please don't follow this you'll become worse than what you swore to avoid becoming): Avoid everything anime-related. Purge most of your knowledge about anime. If you start becoming curious about anime related stuff, don't follow it. Avoid talking about anime and anyone who talks about anime often.

7 How to be annoying

I annoy my mum by picking her hair or talking about Raditz.

Shout or do anything provoking. That'll do it.

Scream for no reason. Simple yet effective.

8 How to shower with a lemon

Looking at the title of this article can be weird at first, assuming you're taking it literally. Surprisingly, this article explains a good alternative method of scrubbing your body with lemon, since citrus is a substitute for soap.

My way:
Step 1: Decide to shower with a lemon.
Step 2: Walk to the fridge.
Step 3: Find a lemon.
Step 4: Get the lemon.
Step 5: Grab the lemon.
Step 6: Hold the lemon.
Step 7: Walk to the shower.
Step 8: Get in the shower.
Step 9: Turn the shower on.
Step 10: Enjoy how clever you are.

I wrote this article. I shower with lemons and they speak to me in the dark. They have voices and I am the only one who can hear them. Do you hear the voices too?

9 How to Be a Christian Emo
10 How to buy nothing

Simple, just buy "nothing," literally. Despite the slightly humorous title, it's surprisingly informative if you have a major spending problem. Otherwise, the word choice of the article could have been better.

Step 1: Decide when you don't want to buy anything.
Step 2: Put your wallet away.
Step 3: Be proud of yourself for saving money.

And this is how to buy nothing:

Step One: Mission Accomplished! You've learned how to buy nothing!

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11 How to Practice Nudity in Your Family

I almost peed when I saw this. Does anyone do this? I don't understand why someone would do this. Unless your family is into things like that, this article is useless. I've never heard of this before.

Honestly, why would anyone do this? No one would really like to see anyone naked in their family.

12 How To Eat Food

Dang, I'm 39 and I've never tried eating food. Good thing I can just search up how to eat!

I usually swallow food because I'm too lazy to chew.

Like other people said, this is pretty useless.

13 How to Be a Furry

I already know because I am a furry.

14 How to stop an adult disposable diaper addiction

Perhaps one of the weirdest articles to exist on WikiHow so far. Most adults, teenagers, and preteens don't really bother about diapers when they move out of their toddler phase, unless they are a parent of a young child. Yet, this specific article treats diaper addiction as if it is a normal problem.

15 How to seduce your professor

Some teachers can be considered hot by some students, but this kind of "teacher" obsession takes it to the next level. You don't really need to seduce your professor in order to perform well in school. This obsession is pretty unhealthy if you ask me.

Ah, darn it! I wish I knew this article existed sooner. Now I don't have a course with her anymore...

Why would you possibly do that? Chances are they are like 20 or something years older.

16 How to Stop a Wedding

In general, a pretty pointless article, unless you are a jealous party pooper and want to ruin someone's wedding. But otherwise, it's a helpful one if you strongly think the wedding seems illegal, such as child marriage, which is illegal in some countries.

Reminds me of that episode of The Looney Tunes Show where Daffy claims he hasn't crashed a wedding in a month.

17 How to determine if you're addicted to wearing diapers as an adult

Addicted is a strange term for it. I mean, some kids take longer than others to grow out of it, but I have never heard anyone describe it as an addiction.

The sequel to the adult disposable diaper addiction problem.

I fainted when I saw this. It's too funny!

18 How to Be Human

Mark Zuckerberg might need this.

19 How to urinate in the ocean discreetly

Yeah, "discreetly." In most situations, you have enough time to reach the bathroom from the beach. Just consider this specific article when going to a beach where there are no nearby bathrooms to be found.

Honestly, no one would notice anyway, especially in the age of social distancing.

20 How to Be Real

The real question is: is this article really real?

I don't know how people do it! It's just so hard!

21 How to listen to music

Warning: These steps are incredibly hard to follow.

Step one: Open Spotify, YouTube, or any other streaming service.
Step two: Search for your favorite song.
Step three: Click on it.

That's how you listen to music!

A pretty pointless list. Just go with the beat.

Useful for deaf people, I guess.

22 How to fight with a stick

As if you're pretending you're in an RPG game, but it actually makes sense considering you're in an emergency situation such as a bear attacking you on a hike.

I gave up fighting with a stick - the stick always won.

I gave up fighting with the stick - the stick always won.

23 How to Prevent or Survive a Monkey Attack

A specific article, but pretty helpful if you are planning a vacation in a place that has monkeys. The article does have somewhat hilarious images, however.

Oh no! Curious George is on the attack! Look out!

24 How to get to sleep on Christmas Eve

Pretty specific in a weird way. Some of the advice in this article could go the same if you want to sleep more easily.

I can't sleep on Christmas Eve because I'm too excited for Christmas Day!

It's pretty hard, especially for younger folks.

25 How to Have Fun Being Naked

You might want to ask yourself why you should really enjoy being naked, especially if you plan on doing that in public. Otherwise, just a weird article unless you are an insane person that dares to do this.

I sometimes get naked in my room and go on the computer or just sit around.

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