Top 10 Ways the Internet Has Changed Our Lives

Well I think it’s safe to say that the Internet has rapidly changed the way we function as a society. It’s become more and more mainstream to the point where you wonder what can’t the internet do? I think the Internet has not only evolved and innovated since it’s earliest days in the 80s and 90s but it has evolved us with it. and that’s especially true in this era of COVID-19 we are living through. Technically you don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want to.
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1 Social Interactions Have Become More Online Based

I feel like most of my generation (Gen Z) uses some form of social media to connect and communicate. It's becoming more and more viral. I mean, have you seen how popular TikTok has been? There's also YouTube, Snapchat, and others that all have large numbers of people on them.

People use social media to interact, especially since we have to stay indoors. Anyway, that's why games like Among Us have been going viral and becoming the newest trend.

Indeed, the Internet has changed our lives and made our interactions online-based. Social media has become more and more common.

2 Streaming Services Becoming More Prominent

With COVID-19 affecting movie theaters, streaming services have come into play, and they may wipe out theaters for good. Why go to a movie theater that's already super expensive? Why bother to go when you can have a personalized experience at home with thousands of movies in your library to pick from?

Streaming is not the same as the movie theater at all. Sure, the prices are different. Cinema is all about quality sound and massive size. Streaming is simply on a big TV screen with the click of a remote to pick anything else.

3 Access to Almost Anything Through Search Engines Like Google

The Internet has made access to information quick and easy. With search engines, we can find almost anything anywhere, thanks to the power of Google. Gone are the days of having to look through a dictionary or books for that matter. Now you can search for anything. The possibilities are endless.

4 Online Shopping

If you don't like going shopping, then now you don't have to worry about it. You can get literally anything from Amazon or go to a specific store's website and order there. It's convenient for you to order anything, anytime, anywhere.

5 Online Food Delivery

If you thought fast food was a game changer when it became a thing, this is going one step further. Now you can get whatever you want whenever you want. Uber Eats and DoorDash have become popular ways to get food. So technically, you don't ever have to leave your couch to get food.

6 Online Banking

With Venmo and CashApp, there are ways to check on your finances without going to the bank. You can deposit, withdraw, or transfer funds on most apps, and you can also invest in the stock market and other things like that. You can even pay directly from your phone, which is nice.

7 Offices Can Now Become Virtual

With the era of COVID-19, most businesses were forced to shut down or go online. Naturally, they had to adapt to the circumstances for the time being, of course. I think everyone is familiar with Zoom at this point. Some people could actually just do everything from home. That's part of it, just like Darwin suggested: you have to adapt, and it's survival of the fittest.

8 Easier to Connect with Loved Ones

Before the Internet era, your only options were to physically go see someone, send a letter, or give them a phone call. Now you can email them a million times faster, and on top of that, you can text, call, or FaceTime them. There are more ways to stay connected, which is a good thing.

9 Online Classes Have Become More Common

With COVID-19 limiting schools in person, we now might be able to skip going in person altogether. Most teachers use Zoom and have online classroom pages already set up. Plus, college courses have been available online long before this pandemic. After the pandemic, I would expect to see online learning becoming more common as opposed to traditional classroom settings.

10 Dating Apps/Websites
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11 More Distractions

I've found people who are attached to their phones more than to the real world. Combined with the pandemic, I've seen people find it hard to socialize without being glued to their own digital world. Worse is that they struggle to keep up a conversation thanks to how we are indulged in the internet today.

Very true when it comes to social media, and it shows. This explains why most people tend to have short attention spans.

12 Reduces Self-Confidence
13 More Jobs Can Be Done at Home
14 Higher Levels of Anxiety Among Teens
15 Easier to Find New Friends

Initially, I didn't expect to find so many friends on TheTopTens. I've been a member for more than two years and have found a fair amount of friends. On the other hand, I only become friends with people I trust, but I think we can all agree on that.

16 Online Library
17 More Misinformation
18 Provides a Platform to Create Content

The Internet has become a platform where anyone can create anything and speak their mind or whatever they want. Just look on social media, YouTube, or almost anywhere. Even this list right here on TheTopTens is an example of creating content online for the world to view.

19 Online Meetings
20 Online Laboratories
21 Online Graduations
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