Top 10 Worst Types of GoAnimate Videos

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1 Grounded/Time Out Videos

An example is the Levi Ackerman gets grounded series. He does something bad and gets "grounded grounded grounded" for thousands of years.

Obviously. Unfortunately, it's the most common type of video on the website. That's what Go!Animate is known for. There doesn't even have to be a reason for the character to get grounded. Sometimes, the parents take sadistic pleasure in grounding and assaulting their child, especially in the case of Boris from Caillou.

The worst grounded videos ever!
Caillou gets grounded for nothing
Dora gets grounded for nothing
Lily gets grounded for nothing
They are absolutely the worst GoAnimate videos ever!

2 Character Eliminations

Boy, if you thought Grounded Videos, Dead Meat Videos, Punishment Day Videos, etc., were boring and uninspired, just wait until you see Character Eliminations. These could not be any more shameless. Let me give you a basic rundown, as this can be applied to every Character Elimination series ever.

Character Eliminations are shameless BFDI/BFB rip-offs. The only significant difference is that they are mostly made with huge tanks of bias and rigging. The character that is eliminated is not normally voted out. The character that is eliminated is based on who the creator wants to eliminate. So no matter who you vote for, your vote is essentially worthless because no matter who you vote, they'll just get rigged out anyway! Not to mention the creator will eliminate the user/character they dislike the most first. It's sheer bias and rigging. The most notable example has to be Weatherstar4000video. He puts no effort into his content, which automatically makes it worse. Additionally, users that the creator dislikes are portrayed as slaves. They do something good or bad and are killed off immediately afterwards. It's just shameless bias and rigging, that's it. They're BFDI/BFB rip-offs.

3 Punishment Day

These punishments are extreme and murderous. As I've said, it's child abuse. Why not include some realistic ones, like confiscating a child's phone for a period, say, the next 24 hours?

I don't think burying a 4-year-old alive should even be in these videos. If someone did this in real life, they would seriously be in trouble.

How is the epitome of child abuse at spot #21? They are just as bad, if not worse, than grounded videos.

4 Videos Trying to Be Movies

Some movies are actually pretty good, like "Caillou and Boris" by Isaac Anderson. But most other movies just end up being cringe.

5 Character Lists

For me, the worst characters are:
10. Boris - he's evil
9. Uolliac - always crying
8. Barney - idiot
7. Belson - mean
6. Boris (teeth guy) - stupid
5. Caillou clones - pointless
4. Rosie - troublesome
3. Lily - Rosie ripoff
2. Winnie the Pooh - terrible voice
1. Vicky - bitchy girl

My by the numbers list 5000 will come out on December 30, 2019, as my final character list.

6 Grounded/Death Threats

Grounded/Death Threats are also a waste of time. That's why I added that.

7 Dead Meat Videos

These types of videos can be irritating. They usually have characters getting the worst cards after all the good ones have been done, eg: black or red. Which is not fair since the character users don't like get these cards, and they get in "dead meat", meaning they are expelled forever. These videos are not realistic and very stupid. And it is bad to give children a long time off school without permission. These videos are often mean-spirited.

That's not how the school system works!

8 Held Back Videos

What am I thinking?! "Held Back" videos are misleading. They should have been called "Demoted Videos", since the victim(s) are sent back a grade. But "held back" implies staying behind for a period of time. That's just wrong!

Being "held back" means that you repeat the same grade you have done. Not get sent back a grade.

9 Hate Comments
10 Assault Videos

There's a lot of child abuse depicted. Furthermore, many parents are shown celebrating the deaths of their children (e.g., Boris over Caillou's death). This makes it not only extremely disrespectful but also makes the characters extremely unlikable and downright abominable.

The Contenders
11 Behavior Card Day Videos
12 GoAnimate Styled Rants/Salutes
13 Warren Style Punishment Videos

What annoys me so much is that people take these Warren Cook videos so seriously. So what if he makes Fake VHS openings? It's not as if it's some unholy activity. Mostly, people aged 9-14 (some of whom could be autistic) get furious when Warren does what he does and wish harm upon him.

14 Sequel/Prequel Videos
15 Plastic Surgery Videos

That seems more like changing the costume at a hospital. It's not very realistic.

16 Alvin Hung Torture Videos

I've created content like this before, but I won't anymore. If I continue, Alvin Hung will be very angry with me, especially if all of my torture videos about him get shared publicly.

17 Cyberbullying Videos

I can't bring myself to endorse this anymore.

18 Rants

They sound like this:

"Video Games? What? More like Crappy Failure! Oh my god, they suck! They go on failure adventures and eat poop and go to bed late. End of rant."

Should be in first place. Rants are just the same stuff.

A user bashes a show relentlessly while ignoring any of its positive traits. They make personal attacks against both the creator and the show's fans (up to and including saying they should die). The same insults are used in literally every video of this type.

19 Fetish Videos

They even ruined vore. If you manage to mess up the one decent fetish, you know something's gone wrong.

Is GoAnimate even the appropriate platform for that?

20 These Shows Rock and Suck Playlists
21 (CHARACTER) Videos with Copyrighted Material
22 Getting Fat at Restaurants

Who would ever buy 2 million Big Macs at McDonald's? In reality, the person could suffer from obesity, and their life could be at risk.

It is unrealistic to order billions of burgers at a restaurant.

23 These Movies Rock and Suck Playlists
24 Commentary Videos
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