Top Ten Reasons Why Dcfnaf is a Good User

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1 He Gives Haters A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Eh, hate and insult me all you want, but you can't make me care. Thanks for the list Ultron123!

2 He Respect Other People's Opinions

Well, despite the drama involving Mr. DC on the topic of XXXtentacion. He is a great user! We should forgive him. I've had a friend who used to be so dark on an artist and she apologizes, and DCfnaf is aware that he did something wrong on his comments about how the other users were right and so on.

I use to hate Daisy for stupid reasons and I used to bully her fans, but now I've apologized and I don't care about their opinions. Plus, I like Daisy now. As long as your opinions have good reasoning and are plausible, they're well respected.

3 He Has Good Reasons To Hate Something

I don't hate things simply because they're overrated or because of their fanbases. I try my best to think of legitimate reasons. I don't like Foxy because the character is bland and boring to me, and because he's very aggravating in every single game he's in (not counting Mangle/Funtime Foxy). While I do hate the fanbase and they cement my hate in, I don't use it as the main reason to hate the thing I am hating. I don't like Rogue One because it is fanservice and everything about it was generic. Yeah, you get my point. Obviously I have exceptions to the rule, since I really don't like Toy Chica because of her design and her...interesting fanartists. But either way, I try my best to think of legitimate reasons.

4 He Can Keep His Cool When Haters Desperately Try To Get Him Upset

Oh, so someone hates me? Meh, I don't care at all. Tell me that I should jump off a cliff or get certain areas of my body burned off. I'll sit there not caring.

5 He Puts A Lot Of Effort Into His Lists, Posts, And Remixes

More so my posts and remixes, as I work on those more rather than getting more votes on lists. I decided to start posting my reviews on here to get ready for the future and all of that jazz. Also, the detail is so people understand why I have said opinions.

6 He Has Good Reasons To Like Something

I like things based on the gameplay, story, characters, graphics, and more. I don't like things because it's popular to like them and I don't like to put my own bias ahead of me when reviewing things. Why do I think Wario is such an amazing character? Well his appearance is meant to be comical and he's very developed as a character. He was an orphan as a young boy and was never shown the proper way to act and any sort of love. He grew up with the jealousy of Mario and Luigi being the cool and popular dudes in town...but he was alone and was never treated with respect. And he's hilarious. People hate him because he farts and acts like a fool, but that's because he's supposed to be funny. Fight me all you want, but I love toilet humor and it's my opinion.

7 He Inspired Many People

So far your probably my favorite user.

Well, I've inspired you, DaisyandRosalina, Wereweegee, and...who else? Heh.

8 He Likes A Good Amount Of Games Ranging From FNAF To Mario
9 His Lists Are Brilliant
10 He Is A TopTenner I Want To Be In The Future
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11 He likes Fall Out Boy
12 He hates metal

He doesn't hate metal. And if he did. That wouldn't make him good or bad. Content and Personality is what matters. Not what type of music they prefer. I'm sick of people only liking/hating users for there taste in music or movies or etc instead of their content and personality. DC is good because he's got a cool personality and has good content and good lists and remixes.

He prefers pop music and oh well it's his opinion so deal with it.

13 He's The Creator Of The First List I Saw

DCfnaf is a good user but this isn't really a reason.
If the first list I saw was a mean list, it doesn't mean the maker is good.
But DCfnaf's lists are good

14 He’s Nice
15 He likes Twenty One Pilots

DC's a amazing guy but how does liking certain music make you a good user?

16 He Agrees that Mario Isn't Mental
17 He likes Camila Cabello
18 He's Funny
19 He's Sarcastic
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