Why Most Comparison Lists on TheTopTens are Terrible

Comparison lists can be good if people didn't abuse the idea of making them. Here's some reasoning of why they tend to be really bad.
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1 They compare two things that have nothing to do with each other

It would make sense if the two things that are being compared are actually relevant to each other and make sense to be compared. For example, when someone was explaining why Negaishipping is better than Amourshipping. Same fandom, similar concepts. Doesn't sound irrelevant in the slightest. But no, we often get lists of two things that have nothing to do with each other and would be a lot better being compared to something else. Like Ojamajo Doremi being compared to a magical girl anime that has a similar concept and message in mind instead of something like Madoka Magica, that obviously does not.

2 There are other ways to make a thing look good without bashing something else because the creator hates the said thing they are bashing

As much as I hate Serena and Amourshipping I will not make lists comparing them to something else unless it can be related to those said things. I usually make characters look good or bad without having a list based on comparing it to something else. I argue for it or against it by itself. I may have comments on how something similar did better but it's not the center focus of the lists.

3 They say this certain character is better than this certain character without any reasoning
4 They are very offensive

Top Ten Reasons why The Doors are better than Pink Floyd. Although both are very similar it would make a good comparison list, but it's the reasons in the list that make it stupid and offensive. The Doors Never had Pink in it's name? The Doors are American? This list was probably made to offend as many people as possible.

For example, The Doors > Pink Floyd comparison list has reasons such as "The Doors Never Had Pink In It's Name" and "The Doors Are American." These Reasons Are just stupid and offensive to British people.

5 The concept is so overused to the point that comparison lists can be considered nothing but filler
6 They are very biased
7 They use outer appearance as a reason why a character is better than the other

Appearance means absolutely nothing in how a character is better than the other one and isn't even a logical defense of why a character is actually good and shouldn't be hated.

8 The reasoning doesn't usually make any logical sense

Like saying one show is better because it has more episodes... What..? How does that make sense as an argument.

9 The creator misrepresents what the thing they are attacking is supposed to represent in its content

I think the list about Ojamajo Doremi being better than Madoka Magica. The OP of the list kept mentioning the Ojamajo Doremi is funnier when Madoka Magica has absolutely nothing to do with comedy.

10 Broad points why something is better than the other thing without any reasoning

"This character isn't annoying why this character is" "this character is better than this one" "This character is more a pointless protagonist than this one" "This show is boring while this one isn't"

All of these things said are often said with no reasoning whatsoever. There is nothing to convince the reader except that the creator is expecting the readers to already agree or disagree.

I could just as easily have a list of why Justin Bieber is better than Green Day and say that Purpose is a better album than American Idiot, Justin Bieber has doesn't have filler songs on his albums like Green Day or that all of Green Days songs sound the same.

The Contenders
11 Sometimes they have several reasons that are just different ways of saying the same thing.
12 They compare one praised thing to a hated thing
13 Too many lists involve Justin Bieber

I believe this was the downfall of comparison lists.

14 Some would compare other characters to Princess Peach
15 The users who make comparison lists often can't take opposing opinions and criticism
16 They sound ridiculous
17 They don't make sense
18 Too many lists involve the hatred of Frozen, The Lego Movie, and Zootopia
19 They are Trollbait
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