Top Ten Vocaloid Questions to Ask to Users of TheTopTens

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1 Who is your favourite Vocaloid?
2 What is your favourite vocaloid song?

1. A Hero's Armor is Always Crimson
2. The Escape of Salmhofer the Witch
3. Swear and Oath that Bridge (I don't know if those translations came out wrong oops)
4. The Fifth Pierrot
5. Capriccio Farce
HM: World is Mine

Cantarella, Rolling Girl, Two faced lovers, WORLD'S END DANCE HALL, Unhappy Refrain, Electric Angel, Servant of Evil, World Is Mine, Migikata no chou, Just be friends, Ai Kotoba, Melt, Six Trillion Years and overnight, Shooting star, You're seriously mad? I'm not mistaken here, Saw and Pendulum, Ellie, Elsa Maria, The Fox's wedding, Your Heart and I becoming one, The spider and the Kitsune like lion, My seventh Celebration, The Clear Demonic Mirror, Beheading Dance, Kagome Kagome, Wil O' The Wisp, Ageha Glow, God of Marie, Outburn Kamikaze, Gigantic OTN(The beats. The BEATS), Ergonomic Hero.

3 How are each vocaloids' personalities and relationships in your mind/personal fanon?

Miku: Very sweet and cheerful but arrogant. She pretends to be overly confident but is extremely insecure on the inside and gets angry easily. She also suffers from depression. She's values her friends over anything else however she can be a bit rude to the less known Vocaloids. So, in short, a Tsundere. She previously had crushes on Luka, Len, Haku, and Kaito but is currently dating Rin.

Len: Very easygoing and well-liked but also cocky and perverted. He tries to flirt but fails badly most of the time. He enjoys video games and anime. While he finds Rin annoying he would do anything for her and occasionally goes along with her pranks. Despite usually going for girls he's currently dating Oliver.

Rin: Hyperactive and cheerful. She enjoys pranking/bothering the other Vocaloids (usually Len lol). However she can be soft around her loved ones (mostly Len and Miku). She tends to get lower grades than Len but she isn't dumb, as she spends a lot of time scheming. She loves her ...more

Will try not to make it to long...
Personality: Kind, Caring, A bit egotistical at times.
Rin: Lovers
Len: Bestfriends
Luka: Good friends
Kaito: Friends
Meiko: Friends
Gumi: Good Friends

Personality: Nice, Fun, Loud sometimes,
Miku: Lovers
Len: Clone
Luka: Good friends
Kaito: Acquaintances
Meiko: Friends
Gumi: Best friends

Personality: Fun yet introverted, Kind, Selfless,
Miku: Best friends
Rin: Clone
Luka: Basically his adoptive mother
Kaito: Good friends
Meiko: Basically his mother
Gumi: Best friends
Piko: Probably Lovers

Personality: Caring, Introverted, Genorus,
Miku: Good friends
Rin: Good friends
Len: Basically her and Meiko's son
Kaito: Best friends
Meiko: Lovers
Gumi: Good friends

Personality: Nice, Airheaded, Caring
Miku: Friends
Rin: Acquaintances
Len: ...more

4 What ship do you ship the most?

KaiMei, FukaFlower, RinKu, and Banana Bird

5 How do you see Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len's relationship as?

Borderline twincest.-.
A lot of songs portray them as twins but many songs also portray them as lovers. I'm so confused. So I decided to see them as twins who have a borderline "closeted incestous" relationship.

Lovers who were reborn as twins.

6 Which vocaloid do you hate the most?

"Sakine Meiko" or High pitched meiko because my ears bleed when I here her high pitched.

I don't really hate anyone now.

7 What is your favourite vocaloid song series?
8 Who Is your favourite vocaloid producer?
9 Do you like the popular ship, KAITO X Miku or hate it?

Eh, It's not my thing but I don't hate it. As long as you Head-canon kaito to be younger and such.

I don't like it, to be honest. That would be pedophilia, honestly.

10 What's your favorite vocaloid not made by crypton?
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11 What Vocaloid song can you see a certain group of people would dance to?

I can see the perverted boys in my class dancing to gigantic otn or soap lagoon.

12 What's your favorite vocaloid outfit?
13 What is your favorite underrated VOCALOID?
14 What got you into vocaloid?

YouTube recommendations gave me the song "Karma" and I found it nice so I went to the channel and found more songs, found them a jam to and yeah.

15 Who's your favorite derivative?
16 Which upcoming vocaloid are you exited for
17 Which vocaloid are you neutral to most?
18 What do you think of MMD?
19 What is Your favorite Project Diva Game?
20 What is your favorite Non-Japanese VOCALOID?
21 Who is your favorite Chinese VOCALOID?
22 What is your favorite English VOCALOID?
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