Worst Things About Surprise Egg Videos

Surprise egg videos are one of my least favorite kinds of videos on YouTube. I'm glad that my sister stopped watching these crappy videos, they suck A LOT. If you let your child watch surprise egg videos, all their brain cells will get killed. Allow me to explain why Surprise Egg videos suck. If you want to know more about why surprise egg videos suck, check out iDubbbz' content cop video on them.
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1 The titles are extremely dumb

Here are some GENIUS surprise egg video titles:

- 30 Play-Doh Toy Surprise Eggs - Nick and Disney Jr. - PJ Masks, Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
- Paw Patrol Play Doh Surprise Eggs Toys for Kids! Chase Marshall Rubble Kids Costume
- Play Doh Kinder Surprise Eggs Peppa Pig George Mummy Pig Daddy Pig Toys For Kids Children

I feel dumber just by READING these titles. And the people who make these videos are ADULTS. They can't even make proper video titles and just cobble a bunch of words together and call it a day! Either they are lazy, really dumb, or are trying to make these videos more marketable to the masses.

2 They're everywhere

I literally can't look at the toys of Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, Peppa Pig, Doc McStuffins, Dora, Shopkins, Barbie, Frozen - pretty much any very popular or overrated kids' franchise - without thinking "Surprise eggs."

Anytime a movie gets a few toys here and there, they will instantly get 10,000,000,000 surprise egg videos in the next 10 minutes. Plus, if you search PJ Masks on YouTube, you will instantly get surprise egg videos.

They actually popped up in my recommendations. I don't have a YT account, but I usually watch cs188, Disney's Hercules, and listen to songs. These videos will appear with other videos on the right saying "recommended for you."

3 The thumbnails are ridiculous

Not a surprise egg one, but once I saw a video with a picture of a Baby Alive doll's naked butt with a cartoon pile of poop photoshopped onto it, along with an image of Minnie Mouse from the Disney Parks holding her nose. That is very messed up.

I know adding your own custom thumbnail makes your video look nice, but the thumbnails are way too bright, cringe-worthy, and just plain dumb.

4 The people in these videos have high-pitched grating voices

If you want to market these videos to babies, then why not make said videos easy on the poor children's ears? When my sister watched these videos, one of the channels she watched was called Baby Big Mouth. The man who hosted those videos has the most fake and annoying voice ever. If there are hostesses, they shout and scream all their lines and act way too happy and peppy.

5 They are boring

All it is is taking a bunch of random cheap toys out of eggs. It's also kind of ironic that these days so many kids would rather click on these videos to watch someone else play with toys than do so themselves.

Seriously, nobody wants to watch a video about people unboxing things! How about watching videos on YouTube that are actually WORTH watching?

6 They are sometimes disturbing

Some people take it too far. I've seen thumbnails for surprise egg videos having to do with butts, poop, pee, syringes, and pregnancy. Keep in mind that these videos are marketed towards CHILDREN. I plan to never watch those types of videos, and you shouldn't even search them up.

The only thing way more disturbing than these videos is that one extremely creepy Kinder Surprise advert from the 80s that features a very human-like Humpty Dumpty. Do NOT search it up if you want to get scarred for life!

Do they have huge fetishes or what?!

7 The children are spoiled brats

The people who make these videos often have their own children in their videos, and they are extremely bratty. Whenever they go shopping, they beg and scream for the toy of their choice.

8 They are cringe-worthy

The surprise egg video makers also make cringe-worthy videos starring popular characters, such as having Poppy and Branch get married. This also ties into the #6 entry.

9 They invented the crackship Elsa/Spider-Man

Whoever ships Spiderman and Elsa needs to get their brain checked. The surprise egg channels also make videos that have Elsa and Spiderman in love. People dress up as them. They even make marriage videos of them.

Why would people ship a Marvel superhero with a Disney princess/queen?

10 The surprise eggs aren't always shaped like eggs

True. Sometimes when they don't have an egg, they get something that looks like an egg, cover it in play-doh, and claim it's an egg.

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11 They are overrated

This ties into the #3 entry. They get way too many views and likes.

12 They're made by greedy people
13 They to trick kids into buying products in the eggs
14 They have annoying crying
15 They are immature

Keep in mind that these videos are made by ADULTS! They play with them and make up dumb scenarios with the toys.

16 They are cheesy
17 They are just one big ad
18 They are cash grabs
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