Top 10 Worst Things About the Creepypasta Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer's story begins with a young boy named Jeff, who moves to a new town with his family. In a series of unfortunate and violent events, Jeff gets into a fight, gets burned, loses his sanity, and eventually becomes the disfigured, murderous figure known to many. With hollowed eyes, a wide, permanent smile, and an insatiable thirst for killing, Jeff's character has been both intriguing and horrifying to readers around the world.

This unsettling figure is embedded in online culture, known for his grotesque appearance and spine-tingling story, but like many things on the internet, it's not without its flaws.

Maybe it's the inconsistencies in the plot, the lack of depth in the character development, or perhaps the uneasy feeling that the story tries too hard to shock rather than genuinely scare. Or is it something else that irks you? Something deeper, maybe tied to the overall presentation and execution of the story itself?
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1 The Story Has No Emotion

I literally felt nothing for any of the characters, even when Jeff was being hurt. I still didn't think much. He wasn't feeling any pain demonstrated in the story.

Ticci Toby's story actually made me feel sad. I can't say the same for JTK, though.

2 It's Unrealistic

I know it's a fantasy story, but three kids in the suburbs walk down the street and decide to pull out some guns and knives and pick a fight? If the story took place in a city, it would make sense, but this is just stupid. Also, at the second fight, adults were around. Why didn't any of them try to stop it or call the cops? And how exactly did Jeff burn his eyelids only, not the rest of his body? And cut off his lips with no blood?

Jeff got set on fire and looked white. That does not make logical sense.

3 It's Overrated

Words alone can't explain how overrated he is. Not even scary in the slightest bit! Other Creepypastas like Eyeless Jack, BEN Drowned, Laughing Jack, Slenderman, 1999, etc., deserve Jeff's spotlight because they're more well-written, more realistic, and scarier (even though they're not too scary, at least they're scarier than Jeff).

Terribly, a story about a bunch of kids with no emotions who are pretty much psychopaths already, then they fight amongst themselves, one kid decides to burn his eyelids off and cut his lips off, and then go kill someone. The end.

4 There is No Character Development

Jeff has no motivation to snap. He just flat out snaps because he wants to be a Joker ripoff. Also, the other characters have no motivation either. BASIC WRITING 101: Make your characters actually have a motivation to do something. If you don't, then it comes off as lazy, and that you're not even trying at all.

It's okay to have the main character a villain, but at LEAST make him interesting. Can anyone explain Jeff's personality? (Before he became a psychopath) Before Jeff's fall to insanity, he was one-dimensional, and it's hard to explain him to someone. His brother was pretty one-dimensional, although going to jail for his brother was his only development. Every other character was very flat and cliché, like the stereotypical boy gang (leader, skinny guy, fat guy).

5 The Fans

I'm sorry, but somebody has to address the elephant in the room. The fangirls turn him into an emotional, lovey-dovey angel with abs who would fall in love with some random girl. I mean, have you SEEN the Jeff the Killer x Reader stories? They're bloody awful! It's like he goes, "Hey, you're cute, wanna make out?" The real Jeff would kill you without an inch of remorse. So to fangirls everywhere: Get your head out of your *ss, and realize that even if he was real, HE WOULDN'T CARE ABOUT YOU!

Hopefully, they won't find out this list...

6 The Fanfiction Makes It Worse

A typical Jeff fanfiction works:

1. Draw Jeff, except make him smile with bright eyes, and try to make him as hot as possible and nothing like he would look in real life.
2. Add in a completely irrelevant character.
3. Draw her poorly.
4. Have them locked up in a room together.
5. Make them have sex after 2 minutes of knowing each other.
6. After having a one-night stand, Jeff gets emotional and leaves her for her protection (as if psychopaths act like that).
7. The girl cries.

The end.

7 Forced Dialogue

Everything seemed forced and formal, like Jeff's dad calling him "son" in the 21st century? And kids using "illuminated" or "ominous"? What?

8 The Original Photo of Him Allegedly Came from a Girl Who Committed Suicide

Really!? That's messed up that they used a photo of a girl who killed herself for a serial killer.

9 The Title is Bad
10 The Beginning

It is very misleading. I thought it would be some sort of murder mystery or police files, but it turns out the only thing it did was spoil the story and be pretty pointless. If the boy was giving details, police investigating, and eventually Jeff's story unfolds, that would be better.

The Contenders
11 The Endless "Does Jeff Like You?" "How Does Jeff Feel About You?" Quizzes

Jeff is a psychopath! He thinks nothing of you, or anybody else. He's a psychopath! What is so attractive to female fans about a psychopath who goes around with a permanent smile and burned-off eyelids that likes to kill people? ATTRACTIVE? Out of curiosity, I took one of those quizzes, and it came out as "He Loves You," and I'm like, what? And it turns out we have sex. Psychopaths can't feel love for someone, (especially after, like, five interactions) and then want to have sex with you because he loves you and not lusty things.

12 He is a Copy of the Joker

I thought it was an oval-shaped white cheese with paper eyes and black string hair.

13 Portrays Psychopathy Unrealistically
14 He is a Kuchisake-Onna Wannabe
15 It's Cliche
16 It’s Inappropriate
17 The Popular Story Isn't as Good as the Original Story
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