Top Ten Ways to Annoy Certain Users of TheTopTens

I made these all up with my own mind, some with a little inspiration.
The Top Ten
1 Kill Luigi - Danteem

This will insult him! He will get really mad at you I'm serious! I hope no one says this to him!

Can I be on with "Praising Aaron Rodgers"?

2 Ask Britgirl On A Date - Keyson and Britboy

I don't know what breadwinners is, but total drama totally sucks. I'm not angry on the element itself but over the fact something outplaced is sharing the element with me! Everyone put your claws away from my girlfriend!

I totally hate this element since it somehow implies I share my girlfriend. You know what, Turkeyasylum? Total Drama is worse than Uncle Grandpa! And Breadwinners is the best show evah!

I Wonder... What would happen if this turned to a dating site...

3 Saying "Stupid H*e" by Nicki Minaj Is The Best Song Ever - PositronWildhawk, SuperHyperDude

I will go nuts when someone says this to me too.
Anyone saying this in front of me are probably digging their graves.

Oh god. I'll go nuts if I heard Stupid Hoe, Sweatshirt, Gucci Gang, and It's Everyday Bro.

Oh no! Why didn't it win any grammies? It should have won like 4 by now!

Extreme sarcasm if you can't tell.

4 Force Him To Watch Big Brother - BigBrotherSucks
5 Force Him To Watch SpongeBob - SpongebobSuxx

If you force me to watch SpongeBob...

6 Praise Jackie Evancho - SelfDestruct

I can get, erm, annoyed by this too. Not too annoyed, but I guess...miffed.

7 Become A Member Of PETA - Nintendofan126

That would annoy me. If I was forced to join I'd Kill em all like the Metallica album.If one of my best friends joined it I actually think I would cry.Pokemon rules over all RPG no questions asked I love Pokemon play it competitively was top 12 in my Us state in quizup in name that Pokemon last month (May 2015)

I just looked it up and it said that they hate both Nintendo and Pokemon. Now I hate PETA.

Why would somebody want me to do this?

8 Say Maroon 5 is the worst band ever and Nicki Minaj is a million times better - simpsondude

I have a friend who likes Maroon 5, and saying this would annoy the hell outta him!

Maroon 5 is the second best band ever.

9 Diss Total Drama and Praise Breadwinners - Turkeyasylum

Breadwinners is the worst Nickelodeon cartoon I've ever seen.

10 Tell Them Why Eminem Is The Best And Why Disney Sucks - Andre56

Eminem is awesome and Disney sucks. Enough said.

Eminem is awesome and Disney sucks.

The Contenders
11 Go to a Zoo - ToptenPizza
12 Make physics against the law - PositronWildhawk

This would be something of an ordeal just to annoy PositronWildhawk.

13 Invade the world with cats - Puga
14 Turn love into a crime - Britgirl
15 Say you're stupid because you like Beyonce - JaysTop10List

Wow. Just for liking Beyonce? Not everyone likes the same genre or singer. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Beyonce is the best female singer. I would be annoyed too if someone told me that.

16 Say Nicki Minaj is the best singer ever - PositronWildhawk, SuperHyperDude simpsondude Turkeyasylum

This would annoy ALL users other than that one girl. Whatever her name was.

17 Diss Bionicle G1 and praise Hero Factory or Bionicle G2 - ChroniclerMan5
18 Say the Best TV Is Total Drama and the Worst TV Show Is Big Brother - Bigbrotheryestotaldramano

He would not like it in the slightest bit.

19 Tell Them Why Spandy Is The Best - Garythesnail

I don't hate the rumor with a passion, but I'm not fond of it.

20 Diss Seasons 1-4 of Spongebob and Praise Season 5 and beyond - Garythesnail

Can we forget I added this? I know I love 1-4 and find 5-9 mediocre but I can respect opinions(though I may question your animation tastes).

21 Make Kirby out of business - GaryTheSnail
22 Tell her why Chris Brown is the best and why Pretty Little Liars sucks - BlueDiamondFromNowhere
23 Say Bionicle G1 sucks - ChroniclerMan5
24 Make Disney out of business - Disney1994
25 Insult Anakin Skywalker - ChroniclerMan5
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