TheTopTens Users Who Are Unfairly Attacked

In My Opinion Nobody On The TopTens Should be Unfairly Attacked I Think That Everyone should be the treated the same.
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1 Dreamformusic

I don't get why she's called overrated by some users. If users can make repetitive lists on SpongeBob and still get praised, I don't know why some users say she is overrated because she sometimes makes repetitive lists.
Everybody makes repetitive lists sometimes. No one is an exception.

Since when did liking a girly show that is hated by this site become a crime? Winx Club isn't even that bad.

Its those stupid visitors with no accounts that attack her just because she like Winx Club.

2 Puga

He gets attacked for stupid reasons. I've never seen a person who hated him for actual valid reasons.

Agree with visitor. Never seen anyone hate me with an actual valid reason.

3 Selfdestruct

I disagree. He started a fight with me a while back, and blew it beyond proportion. I've been able to put it behind me, but really, he brought it on himself.

4 Wolftail
5 Sevenlizards

He hates Arthur. So what? I'm not a hater of Arthur but he's my friend. Puga too.

Lol still remember. Visitor calling Lizards an idiot and Jake kicking off while Simpsondude and SHD kept shutting Lizards down. Those were the days.

6 Ihaskitty1234
7 Andre56

He's hated because he doesn't like Eminem. I am one of his fans, but it's his opinion in the end of the day, I know he's biased at time, but he gets attacked for not being an Eminem fan. I hope he comes across this

He's a controversial user. While he is kinda boastful (no offense), he is probably a nice user on the inside. I don't really know because I haven't really messaged him.

Since when was it unfair for someone to attack him?!

8 Horrible_Username
9 Turkeyasaylum

He gets attacked by BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO only because he loves Total Drama. I never get hate for loving Pretty Little Liars as much as he loves Total Drama. This is unfair!

What is wrong with liking total drama? It's a good show.

10 Lovemusic
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11 Mrcoolface
12 iliekpiez
13 Britboy
14 ZootopiaFan
15 TopTenJackson
16 Funnyuser

She is so lovely and bubbly. Why anyone would dislike this bundle of fun and energy is beyond me.

17 PatrickStar
18 B1ueNew
19 BigBrotherSucks
20 LarrytheFairy
21 LeotheGangstacat
22 VideoGamefan5

Okay. The opinion bandwagoning was annoying. By that I mean clearly he was bandwagoning off other people's opinions. I did see a comment from him saying Zootopia was a GOOD movie. But he's changed now, and isn't that guy he was before.

23 DCfnaf
24 DatIrishman
25 christangrant
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